Thursday, July 9, 2009

Swap Haul! Perhaps my last?

Happy happy happy happy summer hauling! I love hauling except for the fact that.... I DON'T HAVE MONEY TO SWAP REALLY! Why? Well, I have to take the bus to my class. I take the same bus back and forth and it costs 4.30$ per day. I go to class 4 times a week. It costs 17.20$ for ONE week. That is harsh people. That is enough for a MAC eyeshadow and change. This could be my last swap haul... until September!

I swapped a Rimmel Extra Super Lash Black and waterproof, a black hair clip for 3 covergirl eyeshadows. She has a blogspot:


Ahem Ahem! Don't I already have 2 dupes of Golden Sunrise? Tapastry Taupe? YES! Golden Sunrise looks JUST LIKE the 3rd color in the Kerry Bronzes palette from L'Oreal. I swear. They are exact replicas. This doesn't make me happy because I don't like the copper color. Sigh. The Tapstry Taupe is a good dupe of Bare Spice(which I absolutely LOVE). They aren't twins, but I think that they are close enough so that if i run out of Bare Spice and I don't have enough money to buy it again at its full price, I will happily use Tapasty Taupe. I think that Bare Spice is softer and has more of a almost purplish sheen. Don't quote me on that.


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