About Me/Contact

Who am I? I go by just Y. I'm a student at Carnegie Mellon University just blogging about her beauty excursions, and the trial errors of my DIYs. I don't claim to know more about life, beauty, sewing, or anything else than the average person off the street. This isn't an encyclopedia. It's merely a collection of my thoughts on beauty and experiments with DIYs.  

Why do I remain (or try to remain) anonymous? In one way, this is my alter-ego. This is the side of me that's obsessed with beauty, fashion, and all things vain. With that being said, I'm still honest. I want to just keep a small sense of mystery in a world that's obsessed with gossip and social networking. This is my small haven to get away from the lack of privacy that is inherent in today's society. 

Contact me for anything: Reviews, ads, whatever!