Thursday, December 27, 2012

DIY: Furry Earmuffs

I friggin LOVE earmuffs! I also have leftover fur from my fur vest project

Cost: 3$ (Bought the headband on sale from payless)
Time to Make: 1 hr (not including glue drying time). 

1. Cut out circles of fur and lining. I used a foam cup as a guide. 
2. Glue the fur to the outside of the headband. Then glue the lining to the fur, like a little sandwich. 

3. You want to wait for the glue to dry completely. I used Aileene's Jewel It Glue so it took like 3 hours to dry completely. If you use hot glue, then it'll dry in like 1 second. 

4. With another round of fur and lining, whip stitch half of it together. Then, stuff it with a big of fluff, then sew it shut. 

5. Sew it onto the headband. This should be on the inside of the earmuff. It's like a little pillow that protects your ears from the headband. 

Finished project: I promise to do an outfit with it!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Inspiration for Always

The cover of Vogue is GOLD. I love gold. I love gold everything. I love Gwen Stefani. 

I'm going to make that gold sequined jacket. 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Coach Gramercy Coin Purse: Thanks to my sis

Thanks may may! I love my little sis! She recently gifted a small coin purse to me. 

My sister has excellent taste. I generally don't like Coach because of it's splashy bag designs. It's really not necessary to display COAAAACHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH IIII WEEEARRR COOOACHHHHH on your clothing. However, this is more understated because the logo is embossed on, it doesn't scream Coach logo.