Sunday, June 28, 2009

Tag: What I Love/Hate

So, the Beauty Brat ( was having a tagging thing and she tagged anyone with a blog, and so I decided to do this too! I tag whoever wants to do that.

1. Lips
LOVE: A really red lip. I really love red lips, like red lipstick, cherry stained lips, whatever. It also needs to be immaculate. I hate it when people have weird feathering lipstick. I don't know. It's kinda gross
Hate: No, it's not the feathering lipstick. I actually have a tie.I hate it more when people wear dark lipliner with something like clear gloss or with pink lipstick. It's gross! Please either use a clear lipliner or don't use it at all. Thanks. I also hate lip gloss. I know, I'm a wierdo. I don't like how you have to reapply. I'm too lazy to. xP

2. Face
LOVE: I love clear skin. I think that it's so great. Period.
Hate: ORANGE NESS. wtf. I hate it so much when people feel the need to spray-tan, fake tan or whatever themselves orange. It's gross. I know these people in my school who instead of coming in brown, they come in orange. It makes me want to puke.

3. Hair
LOVE: Long, lush, wavy hair that is soft, shiny, whatever. Just healthy and bouncy hair. I envy my friend who has just such thick hair. And it's so shiny too....
Hate: I hate it when people just don't care for thier hair and neglect it and let it just form numerous split ends. If you have split ends, CONDITION and just chop off your hair. Seriously. I know this one girl whose a close friend but she just has a million split ends. Like her hair was split ends. Yuck.

4. Eyes
LOVE: I love brightly colored eyeliner. I don't usually wear it because I'm too chicken, but I love it. I think that it's so much fun and it's just so happy!
Hate: There is this really nice lady at CVS I see all the time. She's so nice, except I hate how her eyeshadow is a pastel blue and just goes all the way up to her brow bone. I think that it is really unattractive.

5. Body
LOVE: Graphic tees and just anything with wild patterns.
Hate: Low rise jeans that fail to cover one's butt crack.


FOTD Tutorial: Making Bangles

So approximately one month ago, I was at Macys in New York to look at the flower show. My family and I were looking for some jewelery and I found this really really cute bangle. I look at the price tag and wtf? 60$?! That's incredibly expensive. So, I devised a new way to make one that is similar and for less than 10$.

What you need:

  • 1 wooden like bangle/bracelet. I used a wooden letter O that you can find in craft stores like AC Moore. You can find wooden bangles for crafting online at websites such as
  • Some Yarn or embroidery thread. If you use embroidery thread, don't pull apart all the strands into tiny threads. I used some yarn.
  • Decorations. You can use anything! Mini Roses, beads, whatever. I used some beads found at AC Moore.
  • Hot glue gun. The glue stick things are like 10 cents a piece and you can get a small glue gun for 2.19 at AC Moores


  • Put a bit of glue on the bottom of the bangle, stick the yarn on and start wrapping it around the bangle itself. Then if you want to, use some glue to glue the yarn to the bangle. This dries really really fast so only put glue on a small section, glue the yarn and keep wrapping. This is what it should look like.
  • When you're done wrapping, put glue on the inner part of the bangle and secure the end piece of the yarn there.
  • Now, add your decorations. Use the hot glue gun to do that. Then, you are finished! Pictures below

Thursday, June 25, 2009

R.I.P Michael Jackson

R.I.P the King of Pop.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Finally... school's over!

Well, Well, Well, what do we have here? A new blog! I FINALLY got around to finding a new template with the 3 column format. Thanks so much giselejaquenod! The layouts are great. Go and check her out at

Anyway, school is over! Well, actually it doesnt officially end until tomrrow, but because I can't update then, I'm updating now. So what does it mean for my blogging-ness? It means that I have time to update more frequently. It also means that I won't be blogging only about makeup and such. I'm forcing myself on a very strict diet meaning only swapping will bascially get me makeup. Let's see how long this lasts.

Since I have more time over the summer, I'm hoping to really pour more time into hanging out with friends (after all, this may be one of the last summers where I'm free you know?) and into gardening. Yeah yeah, I have to do this college course in psychology at BCC (community college) and I have to study Calculus BC/Physics, but whatever.

What are you ladies doing over the summer? Let me know!

Toodles <3

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My hair is attacking my face

Usually, I would never post something in orange because orange is possibly my least favorite color. I hate orange-red, orange clothing, orange eyeshadow, etcetcetc. It's just not my color. So why am I typing furiously (not that you can see that =0=) in orange? Because the Dove Intense Heat Therapy Spray is in an orange-red bottle. It's not an obnoxious green like the Garnier-Fructis products, but whatever.

This is why I got this bottle:

Dude, this is gross. I am usually an ardent supporter of curly/wavy hair but this isn't good. It's only wavy on the bottom, making my hair poofy on the bottom and you know, if I were to put a rubber tie right where my chin is in my hair, it would be like a little circle of hair. Kinda like a poodle. See the resemblence? It's like a monster coming to eat me! ARGGGG

Okay, so it's not THAT bad. I'm sure that there are worse out there. But it's enough to make me cringe after I wash my hair and let it air dry. It gets worse after I blow dry it.
I bought this for 4.49 at Stop and Shop. It wasn't avalible at my local CVS.
Claims: For hair that is exposed to frequent heat styling damage.
Solution:Heat Defense Therapy System
Lightweight Heat Activated Mist helps defend the internal structure of your hair from the damaging effects of blow dryers, flat irons & curling irons.
Leaves hair feeling conditioned, soft and shiny.
Beautiful hair begins with protection & repair everyday.

Ingredients:Water (Aqua), VP/VA Copolymer, Dimethiconol, PEG 40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, TEA Dodecylbenzene Sulfonate, Trehalose, Polyquaternium 6, Glycerin, Dimethiconol/Silsequioxane Copolymer, Fragrance (Parfum), Laureth 23, Cyclomethicone, PEG/PPG 20/15 Dimethicone, Ammonium Carbonate, Adipic Acid, Cetrimonium Chloride, Citric Acid, DMDM Hydantoin, Methylisothiazolinone

What I say: Meh, I'm really cautious when products like shampoo or conditioner say that it delievers SHINEE. Because usually I don't see it. I like this ENOUGH. It doesn't make my hair SUPERSUPER soft, but the ends are softer than if I were to just straighten normally w/o anything. I like this enough. Plus, it keeps the frizzies and fly aways to a minimum. If I were to iron normally, my hair would have a huge mess of fly aways and be a bit frizzy and dry looking. I would normally use my Garnier smoothing milk to calm that down. Now, I don't feel like I need it (assuming minimal humidity outside ladies).

I'm not ready to prounounce this HG. I don't like to call anything HG unless I've tried a lot of it's brothers/sisters/cousins. Aka, I haven't tried enough heat defense things. My scientific side of my brain always makes me want to try new things just because it could be better. I don't know. Haha.

No more hair monster! Toodles<3

Saturday, June 20, 2009

New show: I hate shows with stupid names

Hello ladies! I'd like to give a shoutout to Pink Sith for her rant against Target and thier clothing color names. Who the hell names a plus sized clothing color manatee grey?

Anyway, I'm just updating on my day before lunch. So yesterday night, my sister and I were watching some TV and this ad for a new show came up. They're like:
"The average sized woman is between sizes 10-12 (something like that). The average reality show woman is a size 2. How is that reality?"

Then they go on to describe this show that is kind of like a spinoff the Bachelor the Bachelorette or something like that. It's about this guy who wants to get a wife on reality TV. All the women on the show are plus sized I think. Okay, whatever.

Side note: HOW DO YOU GET A SPOUSE ON REALITY TV?! That is beyond insane. I mean, do you think that people are going to be really honest about themselves on national TV? When thousands of people are going to be watching and picking them apart? I think that this is ridiculous. I don't know.

Back to my topic. The show is called "More to Love". More. To. Love. My sister and I were shocked. At first glance it's like.... omg, did they just diss these women? I mean think about it. We thought that they were saying there's more of a actual PERSON to love. You know? That's horrible! A subtle diss against those who aren't a size 2!

After thinking about it for a while, I was like OH. They mean there's more of a person than outer appearance.

DUHHHHHH. Well, at any point, those producers really screwed up the name. WHAT were they THINKING?!

Thoughts anyone?

Friday, June 19, 2009


I am a complete idiot when it comes to computer/HTML/whatever you do to make layouts. So, I decide to get a layout. I like this one, but I want something that will give me two columns. One on either side of the blog post body. Something like Askmewhat's blogspot.

So, obviously, i go to and go search for a layout. I find a nice one, and I plug that into the HTML box whatever thingie. And what does it say? XML things aren't good?!?!?!!? What's that?

well, what I mean to say is that I can't do this all on my own (haha scrubs). Someone? Please help me get a new layout! with the 2 columns!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

FOTD: Purple

I gotta say, I'm pretty impressd with myself this week. I've been posting a whole lot these days. I'm not sure why.... Maybe it's because I have a lot of time so do so, so I keep posting.
Well, today, I also had math finals. Very depressing. It's also raining a lot outside. It's supposed rain for 5 days straight. OMFG. WHY?!?!?!?!??!?!??!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!? Why can't it be sunny?! Well, I hoep that it stops sooner or later. It's getting so gross outside.
So, I decided to post my eyelook of the day using the new Kitschmas pigment that I got. Meh, I'm not a huge fan of it at all. I don't think that I would get this as a full sized jar.
Here, I used, NYX jumbo pencil in Yogurt, Frosted Lilac shadow by NYX, Revlon Matte shadow in Rich Sable, HIP cream eyeliner, Plum Reflection by Black Radiance
I cannot get this layout thingie straight. I want to have 2 columns of stuff. One on each side of the post things. Anyone care to tell me how to do that?
Toodles <3

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Swap mini haul/NYX depot journey

Hello lovely ladies. Today, I decided to switch my font from Arial to Trebuchet. That was random, but I decided to say so anyway.
So, I recieved my swap items from awsumchick07. She is the best swapper ever because of fast shipping and great extras. I got a bare minerals glimmer eyeshadow in envy, MAC pigment sample in Kitschmas (funny name isn't it), Chanel lotion sample, and a Bond Girl 09 perfume sample.

so, anyone see something wrong in the picture with the bareminerals glimmer eyeshadows? Hmm? Because I do. Isn't there supposed to be a sifter there? Well there is. Isn't a sifter's job to make is less messy and keep all the eyeshadow from just plopping out? Well, look at that. There is a sifter in the jar, I checked. But, all the eyeshadow is on top of it. That defeates the whole point of a sifter! I'm not going to dump the eyeshadow out, take out the sifter and put the eyeshadow back in because this stuff isn't cheap. I believe that its what, 13$ at Sephora? I can't go out, buy 10 of these, and still have money. So, I'll just deal with that. I love both of these colors. Kitschmas is a nice lilac color, very frosty and light. INNER CORNER and highlight! Envy is also very frosty, but I think that it's okay to put that as an all over color.. as long as you tone it down with a matte color. I should do eye looks on these. I need to get a blending brush. If you want to swap with me, Pnkxsparklexstar on makeupalley!
Used wet, these eyeshadows are great! Used over a base, still great! Not used on a base, Kitschmas gives a lot of fallout. Chanel lotion was used up today. The smell is very very strong. It's not a bad smell, but not that pleasent either. I really liked how moisturizing it is. Perfume will be used later. I still have another perfume sample that I still need to use. Ugh, whatever. It is FUKC brand perfume from a different swap.

I HATE DEPOTTING NYX JUMBO PENCILS. I love those things. They are cheap, come in many different colors, but seriously? It took me forever to depot into a new jar. So, let's begin.

If you can see, the lid on this jumbo pencil is like cracked and gone. It's gross. I used up the lotion, so now, I have a new jar to depot into! Yay! Also, i don't have a sharpener, and I don't want to get one. Depotting is cheaper, and (I thought at the time) cheaper. So, obviously, you melt this thing with heat

It's now 7:30, I decided to do my old trick: use my old trusty incandescent lamp that produces a lot of heat to melt. I use this for melting lipsticks, depotting eyeshadow, etcetcetc. So, why not use this to depot Jumbo sticks

8:00 PM-- STILL NOT coming out. Now, I'm pissed off. I take out my flat iron, set it to high, waited one minute, and held it around the pencil. I thought, well, maybe it's becuase everything inside needs to be melted right? Not working. I turn the thing off, and decide to go to plan 2.

I rip off the top metal part, which is a huge ordeal in itself. Wow, that's hard to take off. I used pliers and made a mess.

8:30-- now, I've tried heating this thing AGAIN. NOT WORKING. I decided to now step downstairs and shove this in the microwave. And guess what? It melts in like 5 minutes. WTF?!?!?!?!??! Maybe it needs a higher temperature? It needs to be heated all the way through? I considered using a blowdryer, but that is so noisy. I hate blowdryers in general because of the noise level. I don't like to use a microwave because I feel like I get a lot of lost product. Oh well. Does anyone else have this issue? Or is it just me? o.0

Toodles <3

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

FOTD Tutorial: Aqua Eyes

I'm currently on a tightened budget. I am only allowing myself to spend money on swapping, which is actually more economical if you think about it. I won't (or will try not to) buy any more makeup or stuff and save my money for a new digital camera (mine sucks atm because it just doesn't photograph details too well), curling/flat irons, brushes.

So, you can see that my camera isn't too good with details. You can't see the inner corner color, and no, my skin isnt that pale. I had to play with the lighting a bit because if I do flash, it washes everything out. You can kind of get an idea of what this look looks like, but ugh.

I like this look for the beach, party, whatever. I don't think that it's school appropriate, but it's fine for the mall. I also used low cost products so if you are just starting in makeup, this is for you! Actually, it's for everyone so just scratch out that last line.

1. Use a base. I used Lumene eyeprimer base. I depotted it into a BE foundation container thing that I swapped for. It is currently discontinued in the USA, but I think that you can get this in other European countries.

2. Apply Revlon Matte Eyeshadow in Venetian Blue all over the lid. Gently, because this is a very pigmented color. I'm using this as a light base for the next couple colors. The brush that I'm using is Essence of Beauty eyeshadow brush. It's nice and large and fluffyish. Good quality.

3. Use the Spirited HIP duo. It is a metallic(?) duo. It has a nice light blue and a dark blue with shimmer. Take the light blue and put it in the inner 1/3 of the eye, the part nearer to the nose. Then bring it above the Venetian blue just a little bit, stopping in the middle of the eye. Then, using the other side of the brush, use the dark side and brush it in the outer 1/3 of the eye. Bring that up lightly into the crease. If you don't have a crease, like me, then make a v shaped thing. I am using the EoB concealer brush, large one.

4. Then, take a pencil like brush (I'm using a crease brush, again by EoB) and use a gold eyeshadow and put it in your inner corner. Blend it into the Spirited eyeshadow in the upper lid and bring it into the lower eyelid. I'm using Gilded, another HIP metallic duo.

5. Now, take the same brush as before, dip it into the Venetian blue and brush it into the lower eyelid. Really try to pack it on, because you want this to be bright and vibrant. Then take the dark side of the Spirited eyeshadow duo and put it on the outer corner, connecting it with the same colored shadow you applied earlier on the top lid.

6. Use a blue liquid liner on the top and bottom lid. I used Mark by AVON chrome liner in chrome blue. Be careful with this because it takes some time to dry.

7. Highlight with the second color in the Kerry's Bronzes palette by L'Oreal. I'm using the EoB eyeshadow brush.
8. Use an eyeliner brush and take a black eyeliner to line your waterline. I'm using the L'Oreal HIP cream color truth eyeliner. This is great but expensive for a drugstore product. You can use Jane's gel liners instead.
9. Curl/use mascara blahblahblah.

And voila! You're done! That was easy. The cost of everything:

Brushes by EoB: 9.99$ for a mini set with everything that i've used.

Chrome Liquid eyeliner: 5.50$

HIP cream eyeliner: 12-14$

HIP duos: 7-8$

Revlon matte blue: 5$

Mascara: 7-9$


Total: 68$ This seems like a lot, but with this money, you can only get 3 MAC pigments, 4 Sephora brand brushes, 2-3 foundations at Clinique, or maybe just 2 eyeshadows from Dior. It's not too much to spend on a lot of products. Also, I got some of these for BOGOF, and swapping. So this decreases the price significantly especially if you pay a smaller amount for shipping!


Saturday, June 13, 2009

HIP shadow sticks revisited

Just a quick update on this shadow stick

So, after ranting about how I hated this thing in a different posting, I decided to give this one more shot and crush this thing. Now, it works. Let me explain

First, I crushed this thing. It's not easy to crush you know. It has this almost filmyness on the outside of it so it's not easy to get it into a fine powder. And even when you crush it, it's not very fine or powdery. I used a bottom of a concealer stick. Then, when you use your eyeshadow brush to use it, swatch it on your hand first. Notice how there's kinda eyeshadow-y granules. You need to crush these with your brush. I mean, really work your brush and the product into your hand. Then, you'll realize that there is actually product to be used!

I'm still not going to buy this again. WTF? You need to take so much time to just... use this thing. Which, sucks btw. It gives a blue based silver.

Toodles <3

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bodycology: Coconut and Lime!

Hello Ladies! Wow, this is quite a shocker for me. I usually never post like 3 times in a row. Must because I got a lot of samples in the mail and I wanted to review them

So, first up, Bodycology in Walmart. It's this new brand of body stuff. They sell anti-bacterial soap, lotion (hand and body) and a cooling body mist. I got a sample in Coconut and Lime smell

I love the smell, well not LOVE LOVE like how I love Velvet Tuberose from bath and body works. But enough. It's very lime-y smelling. Good for the summer. It really reminds me of the beach. The cooling spray is so refreshing. I really like it. The scent though, can be overpowering. It gave me a headache

The lotion, I found so thick and creamy. I really like how it feels. I think that this lotion really moisturizes my skin. Usually, I am a no scent in lotion girl. I don't like them too much. I feel like they dry out my skin more as compared to unscented lotion. That was a bad sentence but I'm not going to change it. Anyway, the sample was also so generous.

Soap is soap is soap. Seriously? I'm not a fan of anti-bacterial soaps. Those things breed super-bugs to which we don't have a cure for. My advice, just use regular soap to wash off bacteria. No need to pummel them to death.

I think that this line is really worth looking into. They have a million scents out right now.

Toodles <3

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Irons, Irons, Irons

Many girls out there, including me, are obsessed with straightening, curling, making those crimps/waffle wave things, getting blowouts, etcetc. So, obviously, we need good tools.

Right now, I own a Vidal Sassoon wet/dry 1 inch iron. I admit, this was pretty cheap in Taiwan. I bought this in 7th grade, when I wasn't too crazy about my hair. When I rediscovered the miracle of straight hair, here I am. I'm obesessed with it. I basically straighten my hair every two days.

Now, that I'm more picky, I hate this iron. It's cheap and good for those who have already straight hair and just need a pick-me-up. I've been looking at the Bed Head TIGI brand. I heard good stuff about it. Also, I've been looking at the CHI, GHD etcetc.

I'm not willing to just plunk my money down because of course, I don't have much. I need to save. So, anyone want to tell me about thier experiences with these products? I'm all ears


Monday, June 8, 2009

L'oreal Bare Naturale Eyeshadows...?

I would just like to say, right now, that I love L'Oreal. I think that this brand is one of the best drugstore brands out there. Yes, it may be expensive, but often times there are many sales, and it becomes surprisingly affordable

So, when my CVS was having a 75% off sale on these eyeshadows, I decided to pick them up.

As much as I love L'Oreal, I hate thier packaging choices. I don't understand why there is this pseudo-brush here. It makes the packaging bulky, and hard to just store in a purse. It's awful. Also, the sifter sucks. The powder is so fine, that when you go to knock some shadow out, it always flies everywhere, wasting product. This thing also isn't cheap. It's 10 bucks. 10. Freaking. Bucks.

Hello! We are not exactly in an economic boom atm! I have a nagging suspicion that most of those 10 dollars goes to funding that packaging. Its 10 dollars for 1.7 grams.... I believe. Something like that. You can always go to (My fave. place to get information and swatches) to check.

Going off on a slight tangent. L'Oreal, why must you make packaging so horrible? Let's count the ways

1. HIP eyeshadow duos. Those things are great. Great pigmentation, I have three. BUT.BUTBUTBUT, the stupid packaging is like an inch thick. You know why? Becuase the bottom 3/4 of an inch goes to one flimsy little sponge.... thing. It rattles around in there. Just ditch the sponge and the slim down the packaging and save us a couple bucks.

2. HIP Cream Liners/pigments. I love the cream liners. They are the best. But what's up with that shoddy excuse for a liner brush?! I understand that they want to cater to those who need one, but why not make a separate line? Save us some money, and just ditch that thing. It's going to be thrown out anyway.

Can you think of anymore? I mean there are some GOOD innovations out there. Take the Smashbox Halo Hydrating Powder for instance. It has this thing that you can twist to get the perfect amount of powder. The rest apparently stays pressed on the bottom. Now THAT is an example of good packaging

Back to the review. Let me say, I love this stuff. I find it to be incredibly pigmented for a drugstore product. It doesn't excuse the price. Well, if there were more, then the price would be excused, but I digress. I bought Bare spice, Bare Gold, and Bare Nude.
Going from left to right is Bare Spice, Bare Nude, and Bare Gold. The Bare Gold is a very interesting color. On my hand, it swatches as a salmon pink, but when i pop that in the inner corner of my eye, it's like a gold with a pink undertone. I think that's great for looks that are soft or neutral looks. I have HIP duo in gilded. It has a great gold color, but it's more of a yellow gold. I like that for more bright looks. Bare Nude is a nude shimmer color. Great for girls just starting with makeup. My favorite is Bare Spice. It's a nice taupe-y color. I love it

Overall, great product, Loose powder that is soft, blendable and finely milled.

And if you hate sifters like me, take out the sifter. Obviously it is easier said than done. It's so hard to pry those things out. I used a pair of scissors. Now, I need 5 gram jars and empty eyeshadow tins! Anyone on want to trade? I'm Pnkxsparklexstar. Trade with me!

Toodles <3

Sunday, June 7, 2009

My shoes are slipping!

One of my biggest pet peeves has to be my high heels that cannot grip the ground and that slip. I hate it. I have a pair of mules by Fioni (at Payless) and they're very pretty. Green and pink. Except, the stiletto part and the front part where your toes are cannot grip anything. It's so annoying, especially if the floor is marble or shiny or not carpet. Then your heels are going to slip all over the place.

So, I looked at this article in, and voila! An article. Actually, it was about making socks slip-proof, but I'm sure it applies to shoes as well


The author recommends a rubber piece to cover the heel and toe area. Well, I'm going to have to try this! I will update about this probably at the end of the week!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Heat Defense for the Hair!

Yesterday, I straightened my hair, as usual, but I also used the Tresemme Heat Tamer Protective Spray. It comes in a sleek black bottle with a red spray nozzle thing. It also has a black clip that needs to be taken off. It's to prevent people from spraying the thing everywhere. I keep mine so that way if I have to travel, then it wont spray and soak my clothing.

What it claims:
Protects hair while styling with a flat iron or curling iron
Conditions for soft, shiny hair
What I say: At a first glance, it seems pretty nice. I checked the inside. It looks like shampoo-ey water. It also smells like a hair salon. I would have liked the mist to be finer. Like, my hair feels wet after applying, so my flat iron sizzled when ironing.
No. I don't see anything. It's not harming my hair, but I'm not sure if it does very much as well. It doesn't create a shine, it doesn't make my hair softer, it doesn't do diddly-squat. Is it becuase I have to use it for a long time? Am I using this thing wrong? I don't know. I'll keep this and use it up, because I'm sure it won't do any harm if I do. Maybe it's just for the customer's peace of mind...
Overall, I'd give this a 3. It's not good, it's not bad. I really would like to try V05 Heat defense, Dove Heat therapy, Got2Be protectant spray, Nexxus Protexx spray, etcetc. I won't be buying again.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Swap Update!

I am INCREDIBLY happy with my 2 swaps this time. I have swapped with these super generous people. I have to do a lot of reviews on some of these things.
Swap One: 2 nail polishes (I forgot which) for 1 sinful colors in Forever Pink, 1 WnW polish in Ice Pearl Blue, Almay lipstick in Plum and Milani eyeliner in Blue Blaze

I decided to do the swatches on a piece of paper because well, I hate putting nail polish on my skin. It's gross. I hate how the swatches came out because my camera is sucky and the flash is really strong. So when I do flashes, then everything is washed out. Ugh, anyway, moving forward.

I don't think that I will be using the Almay lipstick anytime soon. It's extremely dark for daytime and for school. Also, it smells kind of wierd, maybe it's expired? The eyeliner, I have to try it out tomrrow. It's really really creamy, but this means that it'll probably smudge everywhere. Ugh.

Swap 2: 2 half used Victoria Secret body spray for 1 NYC lipstick in Wild Orchid, Black Radiance loose eyeshadow in Plum Reflection, and a bunch of earrings.

Well, this picture is really wierd, but I'm really not going to take the time to fix it because I don't know how! So, well, that's annoying. Anyway, the Wild Orchid is a YLBB color for me and I am incredibly impressed with the pigmentation from this drugstore product. Unfortunately, it is discontinued. But oh well, I'm sure there are many alternatives to this. I think that this will last for a very long time for me because the 4 gram jar was filled to the very top. It's also not "loose", but that's because it's so filled that it's compacted.
Toodles <3