Friday, September 25, 2009

Clothes+Makeup Haul!

Today, I went with my friends to the mall to celebrate my birthday. I got a few things.

Rings from Charlotte Russe

A dress from Old Navy!

My favorite purchase, a pair of suede boots from this store called Square One. I LOVE THESE. I've been looking for a good pair for like EVER. They only cost 15$ too!

My friend bought me a MAC Cool Lips trio from the Trip collection. It contains Sprightly lip gloss, Mlle (Madamoselle) and Maribu Pink lipsticks. Unfortunately, my camera couldn't really get those swatches well. Ugh. PInk Maribu looks just like Wild Orchid by N.Y.C. In the USA, it only costs a dollar. The Wild Orchid is a touch purple-er but on your lips, it looks exactly the same as Pink Maribu.

I swear.

Bottom is Wild Orchid and Top is Pink Maribu


Sunday, September 20, 2009


Yes, it's early, but I decided to end it thus anyway, since noone else seems to be joining.

Winner was chosen by

The winner is... IMM !!

You have 5 days to contact me at

And, missmercurylady is having a giveaway as well.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ruby Lipstick!

Hello ladies! This is going to be a very short post! Today, I bought a sheer red lipstick. It's called Ruby by N.Y.C


It's more of a Pink-Red then just a red. If you blot it a lot, it gives a nice berry-ish stain.
Alert! There are just a couple more days to enter my contest! If you or someone you know would like to enter, let them know!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Has anyone watched TV lately?

I support Taylor Swift at the MTV VMA awards. I am shocked that Kanye would even go up on stage to diss her. Seriously. That was HORRIBLE. What the hell was he thinking when he got up on that stage? Oh, yes everyone will support me as I diss Taylor? She looked so upset standing up there.

IF I were her, I would be pissed. I would have called him out on it. Beyonce didn't look all so happy about it either... so it's not like Kanye was doing her a favor.

People need to grow up and be good losers. Kay? kay.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Wavy Hair Tutorial

hey ladies! I've been super busy lately because of school, but hey, I can still update on the weekend! Being a straight haired girl, I've always been slightly envious of those girls with long, wavy or curly hair. And I do have a curler, but it's pretty damn tiny. Like the barrel is only 3/4 of an inch? Maybe less? I don't know.

Anyway, I've been experimenting for a long long time on how to make my hair curly without a curling iron. I've tried braiding, putting hair up into a bun, whatever. I've always ended up with a mass of curls on the bottom of my hair, and straight hair on the top. Ew, gross. I hate it. But now, I've developed a new way!

1. Wash your hair and dry it slightly. It should be damp, not dripping. Add Sunsilk- waves of envy gel/cream twist. I really like the smell of this. I'm not SURE if it really works, but I'll update you on that. I mean, the waves in my hair stayed for a long time.... Maybe it does? I'll try again without it.

2. Take sections of your hair and twist. Then, wrap the twist around the back of your head and clip with multiple bobby pins. Do it evenly on both sides. Keep twisting in like.. layers so that in the end, you have everything pinned up and wrapped around your head.

3. Now, just let it air dry, or blow dry. You can sleep with this in your hair. If you bobby pinned it tightly, then it won't fall out. To make sure that your bobby pins won't fall out, criss cross them.

4. Take out all the bobby pins, and brush it out slightly. You can add some hairspray or whatever to combat the humidity. Voila! Your own waves for those straight haired gals.


Sunday, September 6, 2009

I've been Tagged by Thiamere!

First off, I'd like to say, Thanks to Thiamere for tagging me! The topic of this tag is your daily Makeup/nonmakeup routine!!

First off:

From left to right. First off is Pond's Cold Cream. I use it to take off my makeup after a long day. I like it but sometimes it can feel a bit greasy. I think that I want to try the Neutrogena one next. Next, is my Neutrogena oil-free moisturizer. I like this very much, and it has SpF 15, which is nothing for me because NEXT is my sunscreen! SPF 55. I like to use sunscreen even though it smells funny. I just cover that up with some perfume. Lastly, my Garnier Fructise Cleanser. THis is like the Neutrogena deep clean one (like a blue gel). I like this because it feels tingly around my oily areas.

Makeup: I'm predominantly an eye makeup girl. I don't use face makeup at all. I use these items on a daily basis.

I use HIP cream liner, Maybelline Sky high Curves, Rimmel Glam E'yes, Lumeme eye base, and eyeshadow. I've divided them into neutrals and not neutrals.


Eyeliner brush, Concealer used as shadow brush, larger shadow brush, pointy crease brush, and smaller concealer brush for misc. cream stuff.

LASTLY, lips.

My eyelash curler because I forgot to put it in other places, NYC lipsticks in Pink Petal, and Wild Orchid. Swatches beloww

I tag!
And anyone else who wants to join!

Friday, September 4, 2009

IMMs giveaway!

Enter there to possibly win a LaCross eyelash curler!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

I love to draw for my college supplements

Recently, I was taking a look-see at the Tufts supplement so I can start preparing to apply, regular decision. Most of the mini essays (50 or 200 words) were standard like, why do you want to come here, describe yourself, how does your family influence you blahblahblahblah. Then, I saw the optional essay, and there were like 8 choices. One of them was to create something out of a piece of paper, 8 by 11 inches. Or, printer paper.

I was pretty damn excited when I saw it because, I enjoy drawing. I've also decided to just start drawing a couple drawings and then choose one to send in as part of my supplement. So, I'll be periodically posting up some of my drawings. Feel free to comment~ any criticisms will be super helpful!

This is my first drawing that I finished a couple days ago. I was inspired by a scrap of wall paper that I found in my room. Tell me what you think! I would LOVE to know.

Girly-Tomboy's makeup giveaway!

Ends Sept 30th!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Blog Problems? Posting pictures? I don't know

Hello ladies! As you might have figured out, or not, I'm a complete idiot with computers. So, you might have noticed that my older posts had been missing pictures. In fact, all the pictures behind the post about the necklace dupe were deleted or something. They just didn't show up. I was really upset because ever since my computer crashed, I like, don't have a lot of pictures... So yeah. Those are gone.

I reloaded pictures, but I need to know, is this going to happen again?

Should I use photobucket instead? I just signed up just in case anyway. I mean, if I need to move my pictures to a different computer, is it going to just make all my pictures just... go away? Because I don't have time to just keep reloading pictures day after day after day.

Tell me, how do you guys upload pics? Directly from your computer? From photobucket? I really need to know. Leave your comments below~


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

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