Friday, September 11, 2009

Wavy Hair Tutorial

hey ladies! I've been super busy lately because of school, but hey, I can still update on the weekend! Being a straight haired girl, I've always been slightly envious of those girls with long, wavy or curly hair. And I do have a curler, but it's pretty damn tiny. Like the barrel is only 3/4 of an inch? Maybe less? I don't know.

Anyway, I've been experimenting for a long long time on how to make my hair curly without a curling iron. I've tried braiding, putting hair up into a bun, whatever. I've always ended up with a mass of curls on the bottom of my hair, and straight hair on the top. Ew, gross. I hate it. But now, I've developed a new way!

1. Wash your hair and dry it slightly. It should be damp, not dripping. Add Sunsilk- waves of envy gel/cream twist. I really like the smell of this. I'm not SURE if it really works, but I'll update you on that. I mean, the waves in my hair stayed for a long time.... Maybe it does? I'll try again without it.

2. Take sections of your hair and twist. Then, wrap the twist around the back of your head and clip with multiple bobby pins. Do it evenly on both sides. Keep twisting in like.. layers so that in the end, you have everything pinned up and wrapped around your head.

3. Now, just let it air dry, or blow dry. You can sleep with this in your hair. If you bobby pinned it tightly, then it won't fall out. To make sure that your bobby pins won't fall out, criss cross them.

4. Take out all the bobby pins, and brush it out slightly. You can add some hairspray or whatever to combat the humidity. Voila! Your own waves for those straight haired gals.



Askmewhats said...

I use the bobby pins method too and it works like a charm :) thanks for sharing!!!

Y said...

ooo yay! I'm glad that someone else also uses this method too!