Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Almay Haul for 8 dollars!

Recently, I went to CVS (like yesterday) to find that there was a BOGOF sale on all Almay items. Naturally, I decided to buy a new mascara and something else. I found that there was this double package where if you buy an eyeshadow, there was this eyeliner attached onto the package. I got the Intense I-color eyeshadow trio for blue eyes and there was a Brown Topaz I-color eyeliner attached. I bought a lengthening mascara in black, non-waterproof. Onto the review!

This was the eyeshadow trio. The eyeshadows are so soft! I love them! Except for a tiny problem, I sort of have dupes for them already. Let's see them.

Going from left to right, Almay eyeshadow, Revlon matte eyeshadow in Rich Sable, and a sample of a Estee Lauder quad eyeshadow. You can't see it but the Almay is a nice, bronzey color that doesn't go orange on my skin. I would like it to be more shimmery but it isn't matte like it it looks here in this picture. It's a nice color that I like to use over the eyeliner (review in a second).

On the left is the Almay and on the righ is the physicians formula Baked Smokes, darkest color. You can see that the Almay is slightly BLUER than the baked smokes. I don't like the baked smokes as much because they aren't as soft.

The bottom is the lightest color in the Baked Smokes trio and the top is the Almay. It's a nice frosty white. I love it so much. It'll be good as a inner corner color.

Eyeliner time! I love the color so much! I wish that the eyeshadowe was like this. It's a really bronze, shimmery color. It's a automatic twist up so no more sharpening. The formula is nice and creamy, but surprisingly, it didn't melt all over my face (I use eyeshadow over eyeliner all the time). However, it did decrease in intensity so I'm slightly disappointed by that.

I know that it looks nasty here, but I swear, it's better than that. Think of UD baked. I think. Now, for the mascara. I got the lengthening one, and it claims to lengthen by 70%. I really think that it does it's job. It's pretty smudgeproof for a non-waterproof mascara, which is nice because my eyes water like CRAZY. It's ridiculous. The brush is this humungous thing that is larger than L'Oreal's Voluminous mascara. The brush reminds me of the L'Oreal collegen mascara. Very nice.

Overall, I'm very pleased with my 8 dollar purchase of eyeliner, shadow and mascara. Personally, I will definiately get this mascara and try out new shadows. The eyeliner, well, if there is a BOGOF sale or it comes in a double package again or if it's clearance. I don't think that it's worth 8 dollars. If it were like 5, sure, it's good enough for that. Anyway, good job Almay! I'll definately be trying new products.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Curel+ Mini Tiny Tiny Haul that should not be called a haul.

Hello lovely ladies! How is everyone today? Last weekend I went to CVS and bought a new hand lotion even though it was completely and utterly unnecessary becuase well, I already have a hand lotion. Whatever. It was free becuase I had a coupon!

I bought the Curel hand lotion. It costs around 5 dollars for 3.5 fl oz.

What it Claims: Immediately softens hands and cuticles 200% and helps prevent broken nails. The experts at Curel Skincare understand how important it is to have soft, smooth hands and cuticles. Curel fast- abosorbing hand and cuticle cream provides immediate healing relief to dry, uncomfortable hands with a rich, creamy, stisfying formula that workds fast and goes deep, leaving skin soft and smooth- never greasy. With vitamin E, this powerful formula noticeably leaves hands doft and smooth all day - even though several hand washings- so they're ready to take on whatever task comes thier way.

What I Say: I love this stuff. First off, it smells really nice. It kinda has a citrus-y smell but goes away quickly if you don't like scented products. It's definately fast absorbing, more so than my Neutrogena. It's pretty thin, but it somehow still moisturizes. I have pretty bad cuticles, and so far, so good. My Neutrogena doesn't seem to keep them down all too well! As soon as some go away, more appear! I can't say too much about the nail splitting. I usually moisturize my nails (Yes, i know, strange) after I take off my nail polish because for a while, I didn't and my nail, started to split in layers, like mica rock. It's gross. I'm not even going to go into detail because it's just something that NOONE should ever experience. Definately 5 stars from me

I also went Halloween clothing shopping with my friends. We're going to be the characters from Scooby Doo and I'm going to be Daphne. I bought a skirt that used to be part of this suit set, but I somehow convinced the guy to let me buy the skirt separately. This skirt is a nice purple (blue toned) color and it's not blue. My stupid camera doesn't pick up reds too well I guess. I also shortened it to a miniskirt. It's high waisted. I bought it at the thrift store for 8 dollars.

Also, what do you ladies wear with miniskirts? I meant leg-wise. Obviously in the winter (here) you wear tights because well, it's like 0 degrees farenheit outside. But what about the winter? Maybe patterned lacy tights? I feel kinda weird and uncomfortable without something underneath becuase well, um the skirt is short and I feel like really exposed. Idk. I haven't work skirts in a while actually. I wear like really short shorts, but it's different. What do you guys think? What would you do over the summertime because I'd like to add new stuff to what I normally wear.

Monday, October 19, 2009

I am Brea....out

Okay, this is going to sound pretty weird and freakish, but I have been breaking out on my forehead... only. It's really strange, but after I started using the Biore, I've been breaking out on my forehead only. I mean, before, I was starting to break out there, but it was like 1 or 2 pimples. Okay make that like 5. Now, its like 10 million.

They're not red, they're just skin colored, so it's not like HEY TAKE A LOOK AT THE MINEFIELD ON MY FOREHEAD. HEY, YOU OVER THERE!! TAKE A LOOK AT MY UGLY ASS FOREHEAD! And I've got senior picture day coming up. Great. But they have complementary blemish control, so it's okay.

How is it that only my forehead reacts to the moisturizer? It's like if I can only use my beloved Neutrogena hand cream on my hands, except for my pinky finger. Or if I can paint all nails except my big toe.

Maybe, it's from all the stress from school, and the Biore is just a coinkydink. I don't know. I'm going to leave that alone from my forehead and go back to my old regimin of just sunscreen. Or you know what? I bet it's because I'm not using my Neutrogena Deep Clean Invigorating Scrub.

I SWEAR. this is a miracle. Once, in Taiwan, I stopped using it, and my face was gross and disgusting. I've tried like Clearasil, the Morning burst beads things, Dove, everything. And this works. My backup if I can't get this is the Garnier Nutrionist deep clean one. It's like a green version of this. I swear, if Neutrogena discontinues this, I will like, rage and clear out the stores of this stuff. and hoard everything

Enough of my ranting. Do you guys like short and frequent posts or long and less frequent ones? I kinda like these short things, because they keep me busy for a bit then, I can concentrate better on other things laterr.


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Monday, October 12, 2009

I am so Hungry

This will be by FAR the most Random, Insane, and maybe you might want to x out now, before your jaw drops and you think "omg, what is WRONG with this girl".

Warning? You still here?

Lets get started. Today, I had a half-day at school, so I came home early. I ate a cup noodle thing. Being a growing 17 year old and all, I decided to cook a can of soup. The smaller one for 2 people. I ate the whole thing. Then, I realized, that I'm still hungry.

Yes, I said it. Still hungry. How am I still hungry after a cup noodles and a can of soup? I donno. So, I reach into the cabinet and get out a granola bar. I chow that down and decided, hey no more eating.

Dinner rolls around, and I'm STARVING. It's not like this lunch was hours ago. It was like 3 hours ago. What.... I'm sitting there watching the food channel, and this program about BBQed chicken wings comes on

And silly ol' me is about to ATTACK IT. So my i find an egg tart (chinese pastry) and I eat that. So, dinner comes, I eat a bowl of rice, like 30 snowpeas, a chunk of beef the size of a small steak, soup, and a granola bar.

Is this girl full? NO. I ate more cashews, and stopped.

Now, it's late at night, 9:30. I'm still hungry. I popped out 2 of those indian pancakes, cook them and eat them. Voraciously. My mom thought that maybe I didn't eat enough? NOT EAT ENOUGH?! Geez, I just basically ate a steak for dinner. For lunch, I ate enough for 2.

Hey, I'm pretty small. I barely reach 5 ft 4. I rarely find things that fit me in Old Navy becuase sometimes I need an XXS, which they don't sell. So, why am I chowing down this food?

Crazy story that's true: Once, I was with my friends for my BFFs b-day party. So, we ordered one large pizza from dominos, got sodas, chips and a cake. you know what i ate? I ate half of the dominos pizza, 3 slices of cake, half the bag of chips, 9 cans of soda. What the hell. And I was still hungry.

STILL. HUNGRY. AFTER. THAT. I know that dominos pizzas are small, but combined with everythign else? Thats gross

Im not sure why I'm talking about food, becuase I'm trying to not think of it right? Well, it keeps my fingers busy and away from the popcorn in my cabinet.

Anyone, does this hunger craze happen to you?


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Biore: Dual Moisturizer Review

So today, I went out to CVS and bought a new moisturizer. Since, I had a coupon for 1.50 off anything (CVS Extrabucks) and a 2 dollar off any Biore Skin Preservation Dual Fusion Moisturizer + SPF 30. Phew, that's one long name. So, as I was waiting in line, a CVS person came up to me and was like "free sample"? I was like HELL YES. I love free samples. And this sample is actually kinda large for a "free sample". It's not like this one time use thing, but this 5 time or so usage thing! It was the Caress Evenly Gorgeous body soap. It's kinda caramel-y in color and has a lot of scrubby beads. I've used this before, and let me tell you, I couldn't use this on my lower back for some reason. It just hurt too much... but on the rest of my body, it was okay. Perhaps I just have really dry skin there? It's okay now... LOL.

Anyway, back to my ridiculously long and convoluted story. Notice how I made a separate paragraph so you won't feel like you're reading wayyyy too much? Nice. Anyway, I was on line and I gave the cashier dude the mosturizer/ whatever else I was buying. It turns out that the box of my moisturizer had a 1 dollar off coupon. Yay! More money off! I gave him my 2 dollars and 1.50 off, but it turns out that I couldn't use the 2 dollars off becuase you can only use 1 manufacture coupon per item. Awwww darnnnn. You know, it only seems like very little, 2 dollars off, but at CVS this thing that's 1.7 fl oz (or as big as my hand) costs 15 dollars. Ugh. It's 14 dollars at Target, 18.99 on Amazon (but currently on sale for 12.37), and 14 again at Is it pricey? Well, kind of. I'll have to see how long it lasts... Perhaps an update 1 month from now? I'll try to remember. ONWARDS to the review.

Claim:Double benefit, exclusive formula.
Dual Fusion™ Moisturizer gives you exactly what you want: a nourishing moisturizer in one chamber and sun protection in the other. Together, they strengthen & defend your skin without ever making it feel greasy.

What I say:Hm, I'm not sure becuase well, I've only used it for one day. But it feel so nice. Like not greasy, absorbs easily and smells amazing. It's so calming. Before, I used the Neutrogena 15 SPF one, which was supurb, but sometimes I felt like it sat on my face instead of soaking in right away. This thing is like BAM it's gone. Whoa. I like the dual chamber thing (green for moisturzier etcetcetc), but it doesn't work too well. I read about stories where one chamber would pump and the other wouldn't. Since this is so expensive, i decided to take matters into my own hands and make that not happen. First, I popped the lid part off. You kinda just yank it off. Then there are two pole like things where the liquid comes out. You just pump each side until the product is up to the top! Note: It takes FOREVER. LIke 20 pumps for me. Ugh. But now, you'll always get an equal amount!

You only need a very little bit.

Will I buy it again? Sure, if it's on sale. My skin feels great, not oily. I'll check back in a month if I see any acne popping up...

Thursday, October 8, 2009

OMG my first blog award!

Thanks so much to Lizzard who nominated me! I'm so happy to recieve this award!

The Rules:

1. Link the girl who awarded you and thank her!

2. Put the picture of the award on your blog

3. Award 7 beautiful bloggers and award them!

4. Tell them you awarded them

5. Tell us all 7 interesting things about yourself!

My Interesting Things:

1. I love to garden. It's my hobby. I love plants... and

2. I would love to be a cosmetic chemist who works with plant material to make "organic" makeup.

3. I have this love for quail eggs

4. I never leave the house without my Swatch watch.

5. I always carry 3 things in my purse. My phone, house keys, and pencil case with my Ti-84 Plus. It's my beloved baby. I know, weird.

6. I love math, biology, chemistry and statsitics to death.

7. And, i sometimes wish that my eyes were a different color other than brown. like purple or grey.

I nominate...

1. Ti_Amo @ Diamond in the Rough

2. SweetShugaHon @

3. Christine @

4. Cris @

5. Askmewhats @

6. Thiamere @

7. Gracie @

Phew, thats long. Someone want to tell me how to do that link thing? I cant seem to do it...


Monday, October 5, 2009

Flower Power! ~~ Flowery Headbands ~~

Hello everyone! It seems that yesterday, I found some time to make a new tutorial on these headbands:

Let's begin the tutorial! First of all, I won't be workin on the same headband at once, so heads up.
1. Take apart the flower that you want to use. It should be "flattish" so no tulips or those large fake lilies. Just pop off the green bottom and then separate the petals, leaves etcetc. you want to just keep the petals, and maybe the inside thing that represents the pistil/stamens. Everything else should either be thrown away or cut so that it lays super flat.
Flower Before:

Where to pop the flower apart:

Flower After:

2. Start gluing the flower on your headband. Just position it where you want and start by using a hot glue gun and gluing on the first petal, or the bottom leaves. Then, glue the next set of petals, next one etcetc. Until you get to the top. Make sure that you really glue the flower on very tight and flat.

3. Now, glue leaves onto your headband part. As you get towards the end of the headband to the ear portion, you might want to trim the leaves a bit to make it more comfortable for wear. You can overlap the leaves if you want.

And you are done! I plan on doing more things with fake flowers, becuase I just got a bunch from my sis. Make sure to comment below and give some more ideas! I love them!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Random Ramblings

Hi everyone! I know that I haven't really been posting lately becuase frankly, I've been swamped in work. I've got projects to do, essays to write, tests to study for.. So no time to purchase (I know right?) anything or even make anything.

No time to purchase anything?! how?! It only takes like 2 seconds, well more like 20 minutes. Pick the item up, walk to the cash register, pay, leave. Well, I've been trying to save my money for these items:

Shadow pans, 5 gram jars, pleather jacket, black tall suede boots, thin long sleeve sweaters, dresses, things to make jewelery, NYX stuff if i have a CHANCE to get to ulta in the first place, etcetcetc.

I don't buy things online becuase 1. I don't have a credit card, and 2. I don't use the pay pal thing. I'm not 18 yet, and I'm not sure that my mom will be willing to let me BUY shadow pans or 5 gram things... If anyone wants to trade shadow pans/gram jars for something I can pick up easily in the USA or for cash, please let me know.

Anyway, classes for me have been supurb actually. I'm in my senior year of high school, so college is looming! I'm not too worried because I've gotten my Early Decision application in, and my safety schools in too, so I'm just waiting on interview appointments. How have life been going for you ladies? I wish my followers in the Phillippines the best!! I hope that all you ladies are okay!

I will work on trying to find something beauty related to post on, but for now... sorry, I've got nothing. Maybe if I get tagged again, I'll do that. If anyone has any ideas, do let me know!