Monday, October 12, 2009

I am so Hungry

This will be by FAR the most Random, Insane, and maybe you might want to x out now, before your jaw drops and you think "omg, what is WRONG with this girl".

Warning? You still here?

Lets get started. Today, I had a half-day at school, so I came home early. I ate a cup noodle thing. Being a growing 17 year old and all, I decided to cook a can of soup. The smaller one for 2 people. I ate the whole thing. Then, I realized, that I'm still hungry.

Yes, I said it. Still hungry. How am I still hungry after a cup noodles and a can of soup? I donno. So, I reach into the cabinet and get out a granola bar. I chow that down and decided, hey no more eating.

Dinner rolls around, and I'm STARVING. It's not like this lunch was hours ago. It was like 3 hours ago. What.... I'm sitting there watching the food channel, and this program about BBQed chicken wings comes on

And silly ol' me is about to ATTACK IT. So my i find an egg tart (chinese pastry) and I eat that. So, dinner comes, I eat a bowl of rice, like 30 snowpeas, a chunk of beef the size of a small steak, soup, and a granola bar.

Is this girl full? NO. I ate more cashews, and stopped.

Now, it's late at night, 9:30. I'm still hungry. I popped out 2 of those indian pancakes, cook them and eat them. Voraciously. My mom thought that maybe I didn't eat enough? NOT EAT ENOUGH?! Geez, I just basically ate a steak for dinner. For lunch, I ate enough for 2.

Hey, I'm pretty small. I barely reach 5 ft 4. I rarely find things that fit me in Old Navy becuase sometimes I need an XXS, which they don't sell. So, why am I chowing down this food?

Crazy story that's true: Once, I was with my friends for my BFFs b-day party. So, we ordered one large pizza from dominos, got sodas, chips and a cake. you know what i ate? I ate half of the dominos pizza, 3 slices of cake, half the bag of chips, 9 cans of soda. What the hell. And I was still hungry.

STILL. HUNGRY. AFTER. THAT. I know that dominos pizzas are small, but combined with everythign else? Thats gross

Im not sure why I'm talking about food, becuase I'm trying to not think of it right? Well, it keeps my fingers busy and away from the popcorn in my cabinet.

Anyone, does this hunger craze happen to you?



~tHiAmErE~ said...


im also like often times...
i dunno why though, but that's to blame when i gained weight...but the temptation is just so great!!!!

im not one to preach because i hardly practice this..hehe
but you might try chewing slowly. as what some people say, that's the secret behind french women being slim despite them having a passion for food. they are said to savour every bite & not gobble it down (like i do!..hehe)

Y said...

Hmmm. I should try that! Thankss thiamere! LOL I tend to gobble things down too!