Monday, October 26, 2009

Curel+ Mini Tiny Tiny Haul that should not be called a haul.

Hello lovely ladies! How is everyone today? Last weekend I went to CVS and bought a new hand lotion even though it was completely and utterly unnecessary becuase well, I already have a hand lotion. Whatever. It was free becuase I had a coupon!

I bought the Curel hand lotion. It costs around 5 dollars for 3.5 fl oz.

What it Claims: Immediately softens hands and cuticles 200% and helps prevent broken nails. The experts at Curel Skincare understand how important it is to have soft, smooth hands and cuticles. Curel fast- abosorbing hand and cuticle cream provides immediate healing relief to dry, uncomfortable hands with a rich, creamy, stisfying formula that workds fast and goes deep, leaving skin soft and smooth- never greasy. With vitamin E, this powerful formula noticeably leaves hands doft and smooth all day - even though several hand washings- so they're ready to take on whatever task comes thier way.

What I Say: I love this stuff. First off, it smells really nice. It kinda has a citrus-y smell but goes away quickly if you don't like scented products. It's definately fast absorbing, more so than my Neutrogena. It's pretty thin, but it somehow still moisturizes. I have pretty bad cuticles, and so far, so good. My Neutrogena doesn't seem to keep them down all too well! As soon as some go away, more appear! I can't say too much about the nail splitting. I usually moisturize my nails (Yes, i know, strange) after I take off my nail polish because for a while, I didn't and my nail, started to split in layers, like mica rock. It's gross. I'm not even going to go into detail because it's just something that NOONE should ever experience. Definately 5 stars from me

I also went Halloween clothing shopping with my friends. We're going to be the characters from Scooby Doo and I'm going to be Daphne. I bought a skirt that used to be part of this suit set, but I somehow convinced the guy to let me buy the skirt separately. This skirt is a nice purple (blue toned) color and it's not blue. My stupid camera doesn't pick up reds too well I guess. I also shortened it to a miniskirt. It's high waisted. I bought it at the thrift store for 8 dollars.

Also, what do you ladies wear with miniskirts? I meant leg-wise. Obviously in the winter (here) you wear tights because well, it's like 0 degrees farenheit outside. But what about the winter? Maybe patterned lacy tights? I feel kinda weird and uncomfortable without something underneath becuase well, um the skirt is short and I feel like really exposed. Idk. I haven't work skirts in a while actually. I wear like really short shorts, but it's different. What do you guys think? What would you do over the summertime because I'd like to add new stuff to what I normally wear.

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