Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday Updates with Miss Mika

Hi lovely ladies! Today, I was able to hang out with my friend Mika. We went to my house and we pressed pigments! It was her first time pressing pigments and personally, I think that she did a great job! Pictures below:

Miss Mika looking very lovely.

The one on the left is Mika's and the one on the right is mine. Then there's also a closeup. Obviously I decided to omit how dirty everything became because well, I didn't want to dirty up my already old and dying camera! But you know, pressing pigments are always a horrid hassle! If you don't put the coin DIRECTLy in the middle, the stuff just comes flying out! Also, please make sure to seal up the eyeshadows with some Visine or something. Because minerals don't have binders of thier own.

Well, tell me, how do you spend your Fridays? Going out to the movies? Staying at home? I would love to know!
Toodles and does anyone know why i can't make the heart sign anymore?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

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The Body Shop Cheek Bloom in Desert Rose
TheBalm set Holiday in Balm Springs

Friday, January 22, 2010


This sweetie is having a blog contest here: there are so many opportunities to get extra entries so go and win!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My goodness! a SLEW of giveaways Click there to win a TON of the blogger's personal skin care line. there is so much stuff here Chance for 1st and 2nd place prizes. You could win NYX stuff, ELF stuff and Shisiedo eyelash curler Can win a NARS shadow!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Jeweled Thumb 50th person giveaway! Click there to win a whole ton of stuff from ULTA! Open Internationally and ends jan 31st

2nd Giveaway- Happy Martin Luther King Jr. B-day! CLOSED

So, I'm not REALLY doing a contest giveaway in honor of MLK. I mean he was a great man. He basically led the entire black rights movement so I have a feeling that hosting a blog contest on a makeup/crafting related blog isn't really honoring MLK. I'm actually doing the contest because I was feeling bored yesterday. In short, the contest is ON MLK day instead of BECAUSE OF MLK day. Ya know?


Rules to Enter:
1. Must be a follower
2. Leave a comment below answering this question: What is something funny that happened to you? This my story:
Once, I was volunteering at a hospital. It was exactly one week after my 16th birthday. As I was showing the way for a lady who was visiting her friend, she asks me how old I am. I say 16, and she looks surprised and says "Oh, I thought that you were 12 or 13"! OMG isn't that funny? I nearly DIED there. But please lemme know what funny things have happened to you! It doesn't have to be a novel. Just a few sentences is fine.

3. If you are a winner of either of the 2 prizes, email me within 5 days at chunkyxmunki(@)gmail(dot)com

Extra Entries- What fun would it be without them? It's time to ramp up the competition!
1. Add me to your blog roll. Please state in your comment that you have done so.
2. Repost this contest in your blog
3. Repost my blog sale in your blog (link is in the right side bar)
4. Comment ONCE on any blog post and please tell me the name of the blog post that you have commented on. Commenting on this blog post doesn't count!
First Place Prize

- 1 small Handmade bag (by me. Is that too redundant?)
-2 Neutrogena Soaps
-1 Almay Eyeliner- midnight black
-1 Sally hansen Nail pen- Silver
-2 small pins

Second Place Prize

-1 cute cosmetics case
-1 soap with cherry imprint
-1 small lady bug pin
-2 sally hansen quick click nail pens in Sand Shimmer and Green Chrome
-1 Almay eyeliner in Jade

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Review: ALMAY intense i-colorTM mascara with light interplay technologyTM

Geez, what a long ass name. Seriously. I know that it's part of the I-color or intensify your eyecolor collection, but do they REALLY need some sort of "name" that resembles the Almay VOLUMIZING I-color mascara? Every time I look this mascara up, I get the old I-color volumizing mascara. Maybe it's because it's so new. Maybe it's because Almay is touted as a high-end drugstore item so it's not really too popular. Or, maybe, Almay needs to change the name to something like "Almay I-color... lengthening" or "Almay I-color SUPREME" I don't know! Anything other than "mascara with technology'. That can go in the description. THIS IS BAD MARKETING 101. my gawd.
Okay, they don't claim that the mascara is lengthening. They only say "double the number of lashes" and "intensify your eye color". But, I happen to think that it's a lengthening/volumizing. I bought Black Flash and Black Emerald. I cracked the Black Emerald first. First off, I hate gimmiky stuff like "DRUGSTORE COLORED MASCARA" because they seem to be geared towards people with light colored lashes. And this mascara, IS NO DIFFERENT. Here's some pictures. You can see that the black isn't black, but it has a green tint to it. The brush, is huge. But I can manuver it. I compared it to a Estee Lauder Projectionist brush.

Now, let's talk formulation. I love it. It dries quickly so it holds a curl OKAY. not supurb, but it's alright. It gives great length and great volume with 2 coats. I like this as much as I like the Estee Lauder mascara. Perhaps this is HG level? Perhaps so. I won't be buying any other mascara since this retails for 7.99. It's not too expensive, especially if it's BOGOF and I got 2 free eyeliners with it. I'm not really sure what to do with them because I HATE pencil liners and D/s liners don't hold well with me. Judge for yourself on the pictures.




Wednesday, January 13, 2010

All Accessories BlogSale

Hey everyone! All items will be updated regularly. There is a link on the top of the page

1. Paypal is most preferred. Please let me know if you'd rather pay by money order or cash or you'd rather swap for something.
2. Final sales only. Please ask questions if you want to know about a product. Prices are in US dollars

3. First come, first serve.

4. Shipping: Domestic (in USA)- 3.50 plus .50 cents for every additional item. International: Email me for a shipping quote. I will include delivery confirmation and if the item is very light, then I will reduce shipping costs.

5. Email me at chunkyxmunki(@)gmail(dot)com to purchase something or if you have questions.

6. I will sanitize all earring posts with isopropyl alcohol unless asked not to.
Thanks for looking!

Star earrings worn 5x. Heart earrings worn 1x.
Individually: 2 dollars per pair.
Sold Together: 2.75 dollars per pair

Never been worn
Individually: 2 dollars
2 pairs: 3.50 dollars
All three pairs: 5 dollars

Actually a cool white color. Never been worn. Handmade, faux pearls
Cost: 1.50 dollars

Never been worn
Cost: 3.00 dollars

Never been worn
Cost: 2.00 dollars
15. Bag with Duck print: BN. Dimensions: 12x13x8 inches.

Price: 5 dollars

16. Necklace from Claire's: Never been worn. 15 inches from tip to tip

Price: 5 dollars

17. Sunglasses- From Remy Martin. Includes cover, cleaning cloth. Never been worn. Tinted lenses.

Price: 20 dollars

18. Watch- from Campell. 8 inches in circumfrence.

Price: 10 dollars

Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Giveaways!

Click there to win a Clinique cosmetics pouch
Various Dior samples
Beauty Rush luminous shadow - Glow Nude
Mini Stila lip glaze - Brown Sugar
NYX chrome eyeshadow - Geisha
Revlon Nail polish - Effervecent Opal (New Shade)
Beauty Rush wet/dry shadow - Gold Rush
Flower hair clip
The Body Shop Almond oil conditioning handwash
Korres Shower gel - Clementine

If you are international- Sleek Palette (of your choice!)
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2nd:Sleek Palette (of your choice!)

Also open to UK readers (lush stuff)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Back 2 the Earth EOTD + Final mini review!

FINALLY I have reached the last mini review. This has been fun, but updating everyday can become a hassle becuase sometimes, I'd like to just take a shower and sleep. But, I'm really not going to want to put on more makeup once I shower because it's wasting product and I'm lazy. But, please, you can clickHERE to purchase the products used.

Products Used:

Base: Lumene, UDPP (lower lash line), NYX jumbo pencil in Yogurt

1. Stardust: This is a really light, silver color. Very shimmery. I used this in the inner corner. I like silver colors and I tend to gravitate towards silvery colors as well. Unfortunately, I already have this color in my collection and well, that pan is still pretty full. Also, unlike all the other colors, this one seems to wear off pretty easily. The eyeshadows with a base don't rub off at all. But, obviously, if they did, there's something wrong with your base. LOL

2. Air Elemental: In the plastic pill box that I depotted all my samples into, this looks shimmery and like a lighter blue. Not really. It's more like Spirited from the HIP L'Oreal duo (light blue side) but less metallic and more matte. Also, it looks less garish because of the less shimmer. It blends out to a mattish finish, which I like actually. It's pretty pigmented and I would actually like to get another sample of this again. I tend to use less blues and greens and more purples and everything else. I should probably start using those two colors more considering I have a ton of them...haha

3. Earth Elemental: This is a basic, matte brown color. It's a medium brown, so lighter than Revlon Rich Sable. I don't see any reddish undertones, which I hate. Becuase I don't like red-leaning products all too much. I would probably get this again, becuase I use browns all the time to tone down garishly bright colors for school.

4. Outer Limits: In jar, this is really a medium shade of sparkly blue. It's so pigmented, that actually it looks REALLY dark. I wish that it was actually NOT so pigmented LOL. Does that even make sense? Maybe I just wish for the color to be lighter, thats all. But if you just pat it on, then it stays true to pigment shade. Blended, it goes darker. I don't know if I LOVE this color. I have to try this out and see. RIght now, I think that I might get this again. At least in the sample size.

5. Marooned/Purple Mandala: The reason why I'm putting them together is becuase these two colors look the same when on the eye. In pigment form, they look pretty different. Marooned, looks like a maroon. Purple Mandala looks like a red based purple. Hmmm...... Well, I wouldn't get these two again. maybe some more experimentation is needed.

6. Faded Rose: MY GOODNESS. last one. SIGH. This color is like an orangeyer version of Golden Rose. I like golden rose. but this is too orange for me. It's like adobe colored. I'm not sure i'd get this again. AGAIN, I need to experiment. Most of these shadows have only been used for a smidgen. I would do more EOTD. but, it's stressful. You understand. I'll maybe do some more if I'm particualarly happy with my look that day. Yes, there are days where I'm not EXACTLY spectacularly happy that day. But school goes on so yeah.
Mascara: Almay one coat lengthening, Estee Lauder projectionist

Let me know what you guys think!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Back to the Eart EOTD + Mini Review 3!

Phew! Thank goodness it's Thursday. It's supposed to snow tomorrow, and I'm hoping that it will! Kinda. Actually i wish for a half day. That way I can mail some stuff out and not wait until monday. Okay, let's go onward with this B2TE week. Remember, if you haven't been keeping up, it's okay! Everything in this week is under the label of B2TE week. You can also clickHERE to purchase the items used.

Products Used:

Base: Lumene, UDPP (lower lash line), NYX jumbo pencil in Yogurt


1. Baby Fawn: Used in the inner corner. I LOVE this color. I would describe it as a gold toned copper. Maybe a bit taupey? Perhaps? Anyway, I really like the finish because it's very metallicky and shiny. Also, it really just complements all the other shadows I have in my collection. I don't have anything like it. I will definately be repurchasing ASAP.

2. Fool's Gold: Used in the inner 2/3 of lidHave you ever seen Pyrite, or Fool's Gold? This is what it looks like, but more green and blackish. I'm not the biggest fan of the color at all. I wanted some more gold and less green. It reminds me of gold that has been sitting in water too long. It packs on nicely. If you blend it out, you lose some shimmer. I won't be purchasing this again.

3. True Black: Used in outer 1/3 of lid and outer 1/3 of lower lash line. This is a matte black color. No shimmer, no fuss or frills. Obviously a repurchase becuase I'm not dropping 14.50 on Carbon. It's great, pigmented, and I can use it to set my eyeliner.

4. Antique Silver: Used in the middle 1/3 of lower lash line. I like this color! It's a very sparkly silver color. Unfortunately, I already have something that resembles this and it's still pretty full. If I ever use that up, I'll repurchase becuase it's cheaper than a DS brand really. But most likely in the near future, no.

5. Sphinx: Used in the inner 1/3 of lower lash line. This is like a muter down version of UD Smog. I love smog. I crave it. I want that eyeshadow so freaking badly. But, this is unfortunately, not an exact dupe. I actually MIGHT have something CLOSE to this, but darker. For that reason, I will not repurchase this. I'd rather have UD Smog becuase it is just that much more shimmery.

Mascara: Almay 1 coat lengthening, Estee Lauder projectionist

Sorry for the short reviews today, but I've got tons of work to do! LOL why am I here? because this calms me down for a bit and I don't want to forget to do this!


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New giveaway

click here to win a Fiberwig Imju mascara

Back to the Earth EOTD and mini review 2!

Hi everyone! This is the second installment in the B2TE week series. Click HERE to purchase the items used. All the other installments are under the label of B2TE week.
Products Used:

Base: Lumene, UDPP(lower lash line), NYX Jumbo Pencil in Yogurt

1. Egyptian Sands: Used in the inner corner, 1/3 of the lid. This color is similar to Sun God, but has more yellow tones and it is deeper in color. It is also more pigmented and packs on better in general. Would I repurchase? Absolutely, just not in the 10 g jar. 5 grams is enough for me! I have a ton of these gold family shadows, but gold must be my fave. I just love it and colors that have goldness in them

2. Penny Loafer: Used in remaining 2/3 of lid. This is an interesting color. I don't think that you can see it there but it is almost a 2 color- in-one-deal. If you pat it on, it is a brown/bronze with intense shimmer. If you start blending it out (as I did on the outer edges and into the Egyptian Sands), it turns a reddish, coppery color. It looks great if you mix with the Egyptian Sands because you just get a gold/copper. This shadow reminds me of Petrilude's Tutorial on one of the Kryolan Paints (I think, maybe?). It is yellow, but with force and friction, it goes green. He's on youtube. If I could, I would definately get this again. It's cool.

3. Electric Purple: Used on lower lash line (1/2 outer). I normally never use powder eyeliner because it doesn't stay on for me. My tears must be acidic or just a natrual makeup remover LOL. It cuts right through any powder shadow. BUT I am not doing this forever so I'm trying to use as many colors as possible in 1 look so I can do these mini reviews and cover as much as possible. This color( if packed) looks like PUrple Dragon. Maybe if you spread it out, you see the shimmer you see on my swatch. I'm on the fence on this. I have many purples and I have a very shimmery purple already. I'd like it as a random free dample, but probably not purchase on my own. Oh, the pigmentation beats Revlon matte shaow in Augergine. I love that shadow too.

4. Northern Lights: Used on the lower lash line (1/2 inner). Lovely blue-lilac color with tones of shimmer. I found it sheer compared to the Electric Purple, but it blende very well and gave it the Electric Purple some gleam. I freaken love purples. I would totally buy this again!
Mascara: Almay 1 coat lengthening, Estee Lauder projectionist

Let me know what you think!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Back To The Earth EOTD and Mini Review

Hi! I will be doing this everyday all week. All the eyeshadows will be exclusively Back To The Earth (

) mineral eyeshadows and I will be doing mini reviews. Then over the weekend, I'll put up a cumulative review of everything in general.

Products Used
Base: Lumene, UDPP (bottom lash line), NYX Jumbo Pencil in Yogurt

1. Sun God: It reminds me of UD Honey eyeshadow dupe, but it isn't as yellow and it is more shimmery. I would definately repurchase this! I think that it's a great addition to the gold family. There is a good amount of fall out, but not as bad as TF shadows. If you do need to clean up, don't put a base on the lower lash line. Wait until you clean up everything. I used it in the inner 1/3 and the innwer coner/tear duct ar color.

2. Golden Rose: I don't see as much "gold". I feel like it's more of a deep pink/rose color, with some brownness. This is unbelievably pigmented. I had to go back and legit, wipe some off with a wet wipe because I could blend the shadow up to my brow and still have some leftover on the brush. If you pack it on the lid a lot, it gets browner, but it does remind me of a rosy color. Assuming I somehow run out (in 10 years) I will be repurchasing. Just a thought, it could make a great blush color. Please use a light hand and REALLY tap off the excess. I used this on the remaining 2/3 of the lid.

3. Purple Dragon: This is more of a matte color for me, even though it looks glittery on the website. It could be a case of pot=/= eye. I get that a lot. I would describe this as a black inflused with some purple. It's not black, but it's not purple either. I think that it would be great if you don't want the complete harshness of black, but you don't want the intensity of a purple either. Again, so pigmented that I dipped my brush into the pot once for both eyes. I don't see myself using this too much so I think that if I were to reorder, I'd like this as a sample instead. I used it on the outer outer 1/6 ish.

Eyeliner; Sephora Brand Flashy Waterproof eyeliners- Flashy Copper- in inner 1/2 of lash line
Almay I-color eyeliner- Brown Topaz- Outer 1/2 of lash line.

Mascara: Almay one coat lengthening mascara
Estee Lauder projectionist mascara

Let me know what you think!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Back to the Earth Swatches

Hey everyone! Happy Mondays? not really. Today, a new swap came in! I swapped with the owner of the online store- back 2 the earth. It is a vegan company and yes, they do ship internationally. I haven't tried them out yet so I'm not going to comment, but I do have some swatches up! I will be doing a review later this week (see Friday or the weekend?) after I try them out. I will also be depotting the samples out into small pillboxes.

Samples: 14 of them! The baggies are placed in the order in which they appear on the hand.

Just at first glance, some pigments seem to be dupes of each other or that they are very similar. For example, the Purple Dragon and Midnight Rider and True black all seem to be black. Except the MR and the PD have other undertones. Do you see some other HE brand dupes here? I think that Electric purple COULD be a dupe of MAC young punk (based off of other people's swatches) and perhaps Sphinx is a dupe of UD smog? Maybe? maybe? maybe? Do tell me.
I think that they are will unique enough to add decently to my collection. There are 30 some colors on the website. Also, it sells for 3 dollars for 5 grams and 5 dollars for 10 grams. AND there are so many different assortments (ie 6 5 gram jars for x amount). AND if you don't know what you want, you can get sampler sets. AND you can buy other things such as jewelry, soaps, aromatherapy stuff, etcetcetc

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Eve Hauling

My family usually doesn't do anything on New Year's Eve mornings and afternoons. We only do something at night, aka go to someone's house and eat, so my mom let me go to the mall. Actually, this is possibly one of my favorite times to shop at the mall becuase

1. There are still leftover sales from the after xmas stuff. I mean it means that you bascially have to pick through the leftovers, but there is still a large selection so it's not that bad.

2. The people level is down. Seriously. Most people are probably at home cooking, resting, doing whatever so the amount of people in the mall isn't too bad. On Black Friday, and Saturday before xmas, the lines are 20 people long, stores meant for 10 people have 30 people in them. The amount of body heat being produced is so nasty. Ugh. It would be better if it were the summer becuase then you could wear shorts and t-shirts and not worry about lugging around huge and nasty jackets. And, there's A/C to offset the body heat.

Here are my purchases:

LtoR: Sephora Professional Lip Brush (#61), MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NC30, Victoria's Secret double Lip balm in Citrus Squared

Comments: I hate how the lip brush doesn't come with a cap! Usually don't people carry it with them? But it's okay. I found another reusable packaging (from Essence of Beauty) to house it in. But it's 10 dollars (which compares to MAC 19.50). So it's more of a mid-priced thing. I really liek the MAC concealer except for the minor fact that it's for my forehead only. Apparently, my forehead is NC30 while the bottom of my face is NC25. Nice right? I know that my forehead is darker but I didn't know that it was THAT much darker. =0= Really? Well, I'm on a no sun diet so maybe I'll get it to even out eventually. The Lip balm turned out to be .54 cents becuase it was 40% off and I had a remnents of a gift card for 4 dollars. Yay!

Boots from Square One Comments: I love these boots! I orginally wanted a pair of flats (clearance for 5 dollars!) but they didn't have my size. Then I tried on some long boots but they were kinda gross on my feet. I didn't like how the toe was like a square. I wish that I could find some affordable boots that had a round toe. But, there are pointy toes but I like them. They were inexpensive. The only thing that I have issues with in the store, is the sizing. Somehow, I'm between 7.5 and 7. While at other stores, I'm an 8. Their 8's are humungous. And also, during the NYE sale, most of the sizes were gone, but it's okay! I still got something great. I love that store, I need to go back again. I bought grey boots from there (they're posted in some other haul thing in september. I'm way too lazy to find it XP).

Expect more great things in the future!