Wednesday, January 13, 2010

All Accessories BlogSale

Hey everyone! All items will be updated regularly. There is a link on the top of the page

1. Paypal is most preferred. Please let me know if you'd rather pay by money order or cash or you'd rather swap for something.
2. Final sales only. Please ask questions if you want to know about a product. Prices are in US dollars

3. First come, first serve.

4. Shipping: Domestic (in USA)- 3.50 plus .50 cents for every additional item. International: Email me for a shipping quote. I will include delivery confirmation and if the item is very light, then I will reduce shipping costs.

5. Email me at chunkyxmunki(@)gmail(dot)com to purchase something or if you have questions.

6. I will sanitize all earring posts with isopropyl alcohol unless asked not to.
Thanks for looking!

Star earrings worn 5x. Heart earrings worn 1x.
Individually: 2 dollars per pair.
Sold Together: 2.75 dollars per pair

Never been worn
Individually: 2 dollars
2 pairs: 3.50 dollars
All three pairs: 5 dollars

Actually a cool white color. Never been worn. Handmade, faux pearls
Cost: 1.50 dollars

Never been worn
Cost: 3.00 dollars

Never been worn
Cost: 2.00 dollars
15. Bag with Duck print: BN. Dimensions: 12x13x8 inches.

Price: 5 dollars

16. Necklace from Claire's: Never been worn. 15 inches from tip to tip

Price: 5 dollars

17. Sunglasses- From Remy Martin. Includes cover, cleaning cloth. Never been worn. Tinted lenses.

Price: 20 dollars

18. Watch- from Campell. 8 inches in circumfrence.

Price: 10 dollars


Lizzard said...

these are so pretty! i love the starfish - only i already have like 3 pairs and only wear them one week out of the year lol

xoxo good luck!

Y said...

LOL thankss anyway liz!

Heather said...
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Sush said...

oooh those look cute!! just a few days ago i found this shop here that sells earring for 10 pesos each probably around 2 dollars for 10 haha. it is nuts 0.0 :)

Y said...

LOL that's so cheap!

Barbie said...

i like the earrings specially the starfish =D