Thursday, January 7, 2010

Back to the Eart EOTD + Mini Review 3!

Phew! Thank goodness it's Thursday. It's supposed to snow tomorrow, and I'm hoping that it will! Kinda. Actually i wish for a half day. That way I can mail some stuff out and not wait until monday. Okay, let's go onward with this B2TE week. Remember, if you haven't been keeping up, it's okay! Everything in this week is under the label of B2TE week. You can also clickHERE to purchase the items used.

Products Used:

Base: Lumene, UDPP (lower lash line), NYX jumbo pencil in Yogurt


1. Baby Fawn: Used in the inner corner. I LOVE this color. I would describe it as a gold toned copper. Maybe a bit taupey? Perhaps? Anyway, I really like the finish because it's very metallicky and shiny. Also, it really just complements all the other shadows I have in my collection. I don't have anything like it. I will definately be repurchasing ASAP.

2. Fool's Gold: Used in the inner 2/3 of lidHave you ever seen Pyrite, or Fool's Gold? This is what it looks like, but more green and blackish. I'm not the biggest fan of the color at all. I wanted some more gold and less green. It reminds me of gold that has been sitting in water too long. It packs on nicely. If you blend it out, you lose some shimmer. I won't be purchasing this again.

3. True Black: Used in outer 1/3 of lid and outer 1/3 of lower lash line. This is a matte black color. No shimmer, no fuss or frills. Obviously a repurchase becuase I'm not dropping 14.50 on Carbon. It's great, pigmented, and I can use it to set my eyeliner.

4. Antique Silver: Used in the middle 1/3 of lower lash line. I like this color! It's a very sparkly silver color. Unfortunately, I already have something that resembles this and it's still pretty full. If I ever use that up, I'll repurchase becuase it's cheaper than a DS brand really. But most likely in the near future, no.

5. Sphinx: Used in the inner 1/3 of lower lash line. This is like a muter down version of UD Smog. I love smog. I crave it. I want that eyeshadow so freaking badly. But, this is unfortunately, not an exact dupe. I actually MIGHT have something CLOSE to this, but darker. For that reason, I will not repurchase this. I'd rather have UD Smog becuase it is just that much more shimmery.

Mascara: Almay 1 coat lengthening, Estee Lauder projectionist

Sorry for the short reviews today, but I've got tons of work to do! LOL why am I here? because this calms me down for a bit and I don't want to forget to do this!


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