Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Back to the Earth EOTD and mini review 2!

Hi everyone! This is the second installment in the B2TE week series. Click HERE to purchase the items used. All the other installments are under the label of B2TE week.
Products Used:

Base: Lumene, UDPP(lower lash line), NYX Jumbo Pencil in Yogurt

1. Egyptian Sands: Used in the inner corner, 1/3 of the lid. This color is similar to Sun God, but has more yellow tones and it is deeper in color. It is also more pigmented and packs on better in general. Would I repurchase? Absolutely, just not in the 10 g jar. 5 grams is enough for me! I have a ton of these gold family shadows, but gold must be my fave. I just love it and colors that have goldness in them

2. Penny Loafer: Used in remaining 2/3 of lid. This is an interesting color. I don't think that you can see it there but it is almost a 2 color- in-one-deal. If you pat it on, it is a brown/bronze with intense shimmer. If you start blending it out (as I did on the outer edges and into the Egyptian Sands), it turns a reddish, coppery color. It looks great if you mix with the Egyptian Sands because you just get a gold/copper. This shadow reminds me of Petrilude's Tutorial on one of the Kryolan Paints (I think, maybe?). It is yellow, but with force and friction, it goes green. He's on youtube. If I could, I would definately get this again. It's cool.

3. Electric Purple: Used on lower lash line (1/2 outer). I normally never use powder eyeliner because it doesn't stay on for me. My tears must be acidic or just a natrual makeup remover LOL. It cuts right through any powder shadow. BUT I am not doing this forever so I'm trying to use as many colors as possible in 1 look so I can do these mini reviews and cover as much as possible. This color( if packed) looks like PUrple Dragon. Maybe if you spread it out, you see the shimmer you see on my swatch. I'm on the fence on this. I have many purples and I have a very shimmery purple already. I'd like it as a random free dample, but probably not purchase on my own. Oh, the pigmentation beats Revlon matte shaow in Augergine. I love that shadow too.

4. Northern Lights: Used on the lower lash line (1/2 inner). Lovely blue-lilac color with tones of shimmer. I found it sheer compared to the Electric Purple, but it blende very well and gave it the Electric Purple some gleam. I freaken love purples. I would totally buy this again!
Mascara: Almay 1 coat lengthening, Estee Lauder projectionist

Let me know what you think!

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