Friday, January 8, 2010

Back 2 the Earth EOTD + Final mini review!

FINALLY I have reached the last mini review. This has been fun, but updating everyday can become a hassle becuase sometimes, I'd like to just take a shower and sleep. But, I'm really not going to want to put on more makeup once I shower because it's wasting product and I'm lazy. But, please, you can clickHERE to purchase the products used.

Products Used:

Base: Lumene, UDPP (lower lash line), NYX jumbo pencil in Yogurt

1. Stardust: This is a really light, silver color. Very shimmery. I used this in the inner corner. I like silver colors and I tend to gravitate towards silvery colors as well. Unfortunately, I already have this color in my collection and well, that pan is still pretty full. Also, unlike all the other colors, this one seems to wear off pretty easily. The eyeshadows with a base don't rub off at all. But, obviously, if they did, there's something wrong with your base. LOL

2. Air Elemental: In the plastic pill box that I depotted all my samples into, this looks shimmery and like a lighter blue. Not really. It's more like Spirited from the HIP L'Oreal duo (light blue side) but less metallic and more matte. Also, it looks less garish because of the less shimmer. It blends out to a mattish finish, which I like actually. It's pretty pigmented and I would actually like to get another sample of this again. I tend to use less blues and greens and more purples and everything else. I should probably start using those two colors more considering I have a ton of them...haha

3. Earth Elemental: This is a basic, matte brown color. It's a medium brown, so lighter than Revlon Rich Sable. I don't see any reddish undertones, which I hate. Becuase I don't like red-leaning products all too much. I would probably get this again, becuase I use browns all the time to tone down garishly bright colors for school.

4. Outer Limits: In jar, this is really a medium shade of sparkly blue. It's so pigmented, that actually it looks REALLY dark. I wish that it was actually NOT so pigmented LOL. Does that even make sense? Maybe I just wish for the color to be lighter, thats all. But if you just pat it on, then it stays true to pigment shade. Blended, it goes darker. I don't know if I LOVE this color. I have to try this out and see. RIght now, I think that I might get this again. At least in the sample size.

5. Marooned/Purple Mandala: The reason why I'm putting them together is becuase these two colors look the same when on the eye. In pigment form, they look pretty different. Marooned, looks like a maroon. Purple Mandala looks like a red based purple. Hmmm...... Well, I wouldn't get these two again. maybe some more experimentation is needed.

6. Faded Rose: MY GOODNESS. last one. SIGH. This color is like an orangeyer version of Golden Rose. I like golden rose. but this is too orange for me. It's like adobe colored. I'm not sure i'd get this again. AGAIN, I need to experiment. Most of these shadows have only been used for a smidgen. I would do more EOTD. but, it's stressful. You understand. I'll maybe do some more if I'm particualarly happy with my look that day. Yes, there are days where I'm not EXACTLY spectacularly happy that day. But school goes on so yeah.
Mascara: Almay one coat lengthening, Estee Lauder projectionist

Let me know what you guys think!

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