Monday, January 18, 2010

2nd Giveaway- Happy Martin Luther King Jr. B-day! CLOSED

So, I'm not REALLY doing a contest giveaway in honor of MLK. I mean he was a great man. He basically led the entire black rights movement so I have a feeling that hosting a blog contest on a makeup/crafting related blog isn't really honoring MLK. I'm actually doing the contest because I was feeling bored yesterday. In short, the contest is ON MLK day instead of BECAUSE OF MLK day. Ya know?


Rules to Enter:
1. Must be a follower
2. Leave a comment below answering this question: What is something funny that happened to you? This my story:
Once, I was volunteering at a hospital. It was exactly one week after my 16th birthday. As I was showing the way for a lady who was visiting her friend, she asks me how old I am. I say 16, and she looks surprised and says "Oh, I thought that you were 12 or 13"! OMG isn't that funny? I nearly DIED there. But please lemme know what funny things have happened to you! It doesn't have to be a novel. Just a few sentences is fine.

3. If you are a winner of either of the 2 prizes, email me within 5 days at chunkyxmunki(@)gmail(dot)com

Extra Entries- What fun would it be without them? It's time to ramp up the competition!
1. Add me to your blog roll. Please state in your comment that you have done so.
2. Repost this contest in your blog
3. Repost my blog sale in your blog (link is in the right side bar)
4. Comment ONCE on any blog post and please tell me the name of the blog post that you have commented on. Commenting on this blog post doesn't count!
First Place Prize

- 1 small Handmade bag (by me. Is that too redundant?)
-2 Neutrogena Soaps
-1 Almay Eyeliner- midnight black
-1 Sally hansen Nail pen- Silver
-2 small pins

Second Place Prize

-1 cute cosmetics case
-1 soap with cherry imprint
-1 small lady bug pin
-2 sally hansen quick click nail pens in Sand Shimmer and Green Chrome
-1 Almay eyeliner in Jade


Shaim said...

Hi dear ,
creative you may like my art blog and handicraft also you are wellcome to comment

*Iam a follower
* the finnest thing happened to me
this is my story
* i always love to do handicrafts one time i was concentrating but like the crazy and paste and cover the basket that with flower all night while iam doing my passion of crafts i was using glue its late i slept when i wokeup early morning i found the flower paste on my hair (lost my long hair ) and all laugh at me .
I post about it here
and tweet about it also

Fee said...

Hello! I'm a google friend connect follower (Fee).

The funniest thing that ever happened to me... So this happened awhile ago and I've definitely learnt from this haha. I love languages, if I hear a word in a movie or something I'll repeat it to my friends. In Korean they have certain words to call others like, noons (older female, said by a MALE), oppa (older/close male friend, said by a FEMALE), hyung (what a guy would call another close male). I went around calling my friends "hyung" and there was a Korean couple near me and they kept laughing. Eventually I found out I was basically using "male-talk" haha I always thought it was cute.

blogged about this post and your blog sale:

Cheers! :)

orangeinsanity at hotmail dot com

Sandra said...

What a lovely giveaway!
1. I am a new follower.
2. Oh wow, well a couple of years ago, I gave skateboarding a try. I was still fairly new at skateboarding and I stupidly tried to ride my skateboard down a very steep hill. I jumped off at the last minute because I just knew I was going to fall. Well even though I tried to land on my feet, I fell on my side, and scraped my hip and my arm. As if that wasn't bad enough, I start hearing people LAUGHING. There was a crowd of people on their front porch just staring and laughing. LOL I was so embarassed!

3. I have added you to my blogroll.

4. I have commented on "Review: ALMAY intense i-colorTM mascara with light interplay technologyTM"
LOL that WAS a long name!

xoxo, sandra

I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

~tHiAmErE~ said...

im a follower

posted your giveaway HERE

i think i fairly remember a few of your posts that i read & i find very interesting like the tut about the jeans..thinning the skinny jeans..or something like that

my funny story:
i bought a pair of clogs before...little did i know that walking on loose asphalt will make those blasted rocks stick on the soles of my clogs. i was walking fine on the streets, when i have to enter the supermarket because i need to buy something. Then, as soon as i step on the tiled floor did i slip..i was like...
'what the?!"
....the floor is not wet, so i was surprise that i slipped..people looked at me..its fine,since its an accident & it does happen...but it doesn't stop there!
as soon as i stand up & was about to take another step, i fell again... dang it!
ok..i was this is creepy.. & im really beginning to be embarrassed. still, i managed to stand up & make it look like its nothing...


third time, i tried to take another step when i fell again! this time, the impact is bigger than the last that it sent my sandals flying a bit far from me... & that's when i saw that my sandals got gravels embedded on the soles. People are really looking at me & laughing..

who wouldn't?! if im the one watching it maybe ill be laughing too.. TT.TT

Because i've been making too much of a scene falling 3 times, i stand up, barefooted, with me holding my sandals & i stepped out of the supermarket. when i was out on the streets that's the time i put my sandals back on... & i did not went to that supermarket for like a year...
so embarrassing!
lesson learned: never walk on loose asphalts.... i learned it the hard way

goodluck to everybody!

♥ 珊珊 Kawaii Kuromi ♥ said...

Rules to Enter:
1. follower old pe teacher told us to line up in separate lines, one boy and one girl line and the teacher looked at me and moved me into the other line.He took a second look and immediately said oh other line XD. When i was a kid i was always mistakened for a boy >3<


Reposted here:

4. Commented on tutorial turning a shirt into a skirt. I love that post.

Shan Shan x

Kiki Xiong said...

Something funny that happened to me was when I slipped in the middle of the dance floor.

Blogged about your giveaway:

Carine said...

Hey :)

I'm a follower.

Funny thing ? One day, I was late and wore heels. I was obliged to run to catch the bus...I slipped and the bus didn't even stop ^-^

I commented here :

My email :

have a nice day !

Rena said...


I'm a new follower!

The funniest thing that happened to me was when my mom and I were performing plastic surgery on my toy "Bobby" from "Bobby's World" (a 1980's cartoon show). Anyway, he's supposed to talk when his string is pulled; however, he just mumbled so my mom and I decided to open him up...well, as my mom was trying to figure out how he worked, I pulled the string and EVERYTHING came out! So the surgery was over with! LOL and my mom asked me why I did that. She told me that I was such a DUMBO to have done that...LOL
It cracks me up whenever I think about it...8)

Extra Entries:

1) I've reposted your giveaway onto my sidebar of "Current Giveaways" here:

contact: shimmering_stardust(at)yahoo(dot)com

<33 rena

~Lisa said...

I'm a follower!

Something funny that happened is when I was walking to school and then suddenly a guy on a big said to me "Hurrry up or you're gonna be late!" Turns out that was my geography teacher =S

~Lisa said...

I reblogged:

Check out my giveaway too?

~Lisa said...

I commented on your Biore: Dual Moisturizer Review

Fata Azzurra said...

I follow your blog!
I don't have any funny in this period... :(

Fata Azzurra said...

Blog post:

Sherry said...

I am follower

Funniest thing happened to me. I woke up in the morning as I am so tired I took toothpaste to wash face instead of cleanser.


added this blog to blogroll

sherrygo at hotmail dot com

Zoe said...

Hello, New follower here^^

Zoe Kam here^^

one of the funny thing happened on me b4 is when i was in secondary school, on the way walking back from school, i was talking with my fren and din look in front or be careful, and then i jz felt some weird n bad feeling with my foot. OMG~ i stepped on a BIG bull shit = = my's embarrassing but it's funny oso, until now i stil laugh for it^^


Porcelaine said...

i'm following

something funny... okay, in primary school i was playing basketball for sport and as usual got into it intensely. we had the deputy principal for substitute teacher for just that time and when i get back to class he comes in to talk to the teacher about something, then sees me, comes up and says 'you're a really great runner! did you race in the athletics carnival?' i said yes then he asked "what place did you come?", and i answered "second last'. at that point he says 'well keep it up' and quickly walks away

i commented on:

Marianna said...

Speaking of hospitals - I'm a nurse. I was about to give someone some blood and we use these pressure transfusers (like a big blood pressure cuff that wraps around the blood) to push them in faster. I was pumping it up and the bag of blood exploded! My hair, clothes, the room, the bed - everything was covered in blood! It was just like a scene from Carrie! lol
mannasweeps (at)))) gmaildotcom

gracie said...


I'm a follower of course!

funny thing that happened to me is when my first time to get really drunk! I was crying all night and calling my mom they keep calming me and my bf accompanied me and finally get to sleep. I woke up in the morning and everybody was staring at me, and show me my video and they all laugh at their all heart out. geezzz!

BTW, i posted your giveaway here:

Dana Yoshimizu said...

New follower :)

Omg, that's happened to me so many times while volunteering at the hospital. I'm in college but people will sometimes mistaken me for being in high school still -____-

Funny story... One time while answering the phones at work. Rather than saying "How many I help you?" I said "Hello, how may I HOLD you" Seriously some funny stuff! The man on the phone was all like "Uhh... Excuese me.?" And I casually played it off and was like "how may I help you sir?" LOL Trying my hardest not to laugh. And he was like "ooh, uh, sorry I heard something else, ..." LMAO

I had said hold by accident because I was repeatedly saying "please hold" right before answering his call. HAHA

Sherlyj said...

New follower!

My friend and I were at the Shaolin temple in China and we were waiting for the show to start. We walked around outside and we saw a large bell. There was a guy there and he said, "Come here!" So we did and he motioned to ring the bell and then go around it in a circle. We didn't really know what the circle around the bell meant, but I did it anyway. It was cool to ring a giant bell. When I got around the bell, he held out his hand and said, "Money." Oh. Ok. Dang. So I donated to the Shaolin temple.


shalamaryta said...

I follow (follower name is Damla). That funny thing really happened to me, too. 2 years ago, when I went to a pharmacy, we chatted with the pharmacist woman while shopping. She thought that I was going to the secondary school and 12 years old. Actually I was going to the university and 22 years old!!! At that time I was very angry secretly:) But now I laugh at it.

annabell_lee_dk (at)

shalamaryta said...


annabell_lee_dk (at)

Daya, muito prazer... said...

Daiane Negretti
follower: Daya, muito prazer...

I can only remenber that time i was at the bus stop after a rainy day, and literally had another bath!!!

Beverly/bibay said...

new follower =D
in 6th grade on my PE class. i was trying to impress my crush by doing a high kick (i am a taekwondo member so i can kick pretty high) after kicking..guess what? i lost my balance and fell on the floor!

bvrlylava at gmail dot com

Beverly/bibay said...

i commented on the Make-up Collection post about Shu Uemura

bvrlylava at gmail dot com

hyanne said...
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hyanne said...

I am your 50th follower, "Hyanne". There are lot of funny things happened on my life but the memorable one was, when we our on China. We are on the train station waiting for our train, that was very late at night. We're both tired and exhausted that whole day, when my husband noticed that our flight iterinary he printed is missing. I was bit worried about it but due to tiredness I fall asleep sitting on the station, my husband was surprised when I raised my head (closed eyes) and ask him like "What time is our flight or when is our flight?" he said he cannot remember the exact words I asked but it is all about the flight. The funny thing is I am sleeping that time, yes I am talking while asleep. My husband laugh at every time he tells the story esp. I always talk while at sleep as of now.(Lol).

I forgot to write I also blog your giveaway here

Beverly/bibay said...

i added you on my blog list..

blog post:

reposted your blog sale:

bvrlylava at gmail dot com

Barbie said...

hi i'm a follower =D

when i was in freshman year i accidentally entered the wrong classroom on my first day.I was not included on the roll call!

i commented on your blog sale post

barbiejef at gmail dot com

Angelo said...

I was eyeing this cute guy in school and i thought that he was also gay because he was wearing a fitted baby pink shirt. I keep on smiling at him at school. One day he approached me and said that he wants me to stop smiling and looking at him. This was his exact words "dude, i am not gay"! he was nice but i was totally embarassed!

my comment on your blog post is here:

heartbreak.21.kid at gmail dot com

Lara said...


I'm a new follower.

The same thing with age happens to me ALL THE TIME. It's starting to be annoying! But I think the funniest (or, at least, the one that left me the most puzzled) was when, at 20, a woman asked me in the subway if I was allowed to ride alone. LOL

EVA SB said...

Brilliant giveaway thanks!

I'm a follower.
Funny Story:
Whereever I live or work people I sort of know will come up to me and say 'Wow. I was talking to your sister the other day. You are so alike!'
Except that I'm an only child!
it seems I have dopplegangers!!!!

I added you to my blog roll

409cope said...

I follow. Once we were at a theme amusement park that was bordering on a town. We were looking in all the fairy tale windows, when I kept going to a little window further on and looked insight for the new fairytale scene,only to find a family of five eating at their kitchen table. I never ran so fast! Hubby still laughs about it and it was twenty years ago.cardshark42(at)hotmail(dot)com

Y said...

Hey everyone! Sorry to dissapoint but I ended the blog contest early. All the posts before this are considered. Thanks! no worries, I am planning a new blog contest soon!

Amber Young said...

I'm a follower.

It didn't exactly happen to me, but I was in the store with my boyfriends brother and his g/f and his girlfriend was having a total blond moment. she was trying to read the name on the label of one of the products and she just wasn't getting it. She read it out wrong a couple times and then one of the store workers came over and was like do you need help? Do you have a language barrier or a disability?.

Its not quite as funny written out as when it happened, but that's how things usually are. It was funny because it was rather rude.

Lu said...
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Ginny said...

I'm following!

Let's see, in school I was sitting with my mouth open a bit

I all of a sudden hiccuped super load. Everyone was staring at me, it was so funny!