Sunday, December 27, 2009

Tutorial: Perfume Box

Ever since I got that new perfume for the holidays from a friend, I've realized that I don't have a good method of storing perfumes and such. I've got some samples that I keep in a small medicine cup, and some misc. perfumes that I put on my dresser. Except, my dresser is getting so crowded. So, I wanted to make a quick new box for myself. Super simple and easy to do really. I used a old shoebox (kept the cover because I liked it) and wall papered it. Then, I made a small hole to store samples by getting a foam piece, cutting slits in it, gluing 2 walls onto it and then gluing it to the box. Pictures below. Sorry that I'm not doing a super detailed thing, but it's really self explanatory and if you have questions, comment below.

I'm expecting a new haul and tutorials soon, so watch out!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Swatch-fest and Some Recent Updates

Someone really needs to tell me how to make titles that are interesting because I'm scared that if I make something too wacky people will be like "uhm....... not reading this" becuase I know that I do that. I have so many blogs to read that I kinda skim and look for stuff I want to read. LOL.

Today isn't a tutorial because I've run out of things to do a tutorial about! AHHH! But, instead I've been wallowing in work and listening to k-pop. Yesterday I also made a visit to Upenn, the school that I was deferred from. But I'm still hopeful! Okay, no more boring stuff, time to get to work here

I got the Too Faced: Decade of Glamour- Beauty Wardrobe palette from.... Too Faced obviously (it was self-explanatory in the name) for the holidays from my friend. I loves her forever. I was surprised that some of the stuff in here debuted in 1998... I mean, I'm sure they just remade some becuase they still have the formulas. Whatever, I'm sure some of you guys out there have stuff from 5 years ago that you still use.

I love how it has a thing protecting the lip products from the eye and face products. Not that I'll ever finish the face products. The lip stuff are actually good sized samples (?) and I'll never finish them. BUT, i hate how the whole thing is humungo. It's not like I can just stick it in my purse. If I do and I want to reapply makeup in school, it's like OMG, CLEAR THE PREMISES! PLEASE GIVE HER SPACE! Seriously. It's not like a small thing. This is huge.

Also, do you see the "eyeliner"? The thing is laughably small. It's smaller than a mini mascara. This is how it compares to a reg. eyeliner. I think that Too Faced could have coughed up some more money for a larger eyeliner. In the packaging there is still 1 or more inches left above the eyeliner. And why black? Why not a different color? Why not just scrap the useless thing in the first place and just put more eyeshadows? My gawd. And the lip injection that's the size of a mini mascara? That's FULL SIZED. full sized my ass. That's like a key chain lipgloss for 13 year olds. Enough, onward

Here are the swatches:

Special Thanks to Mika at for telling me about the tulip thing to make pictures sharper! I finally found it LOL.


Friday, December 11, 2009

Tutorial: Turning a shirt into a skirt!

Ew, this shirt, is so ugly. I mean it looks OKAY now, but in reality it's so gross because the top, doesnt actually go below the belly button and its humgoly WIDE. I mean, I would wear this if I were:

1. Pregnant- This is wide enough to be a maternity shirt.

2. If I had a stomachache- to give my stomach some space so it can breathe

3. Were to go to a thanksgiving party- to give my stomach space to expand

Unfortunately, none of those things apply to me, so I decided to be thrifty and make it from a ugly shirt into a fabulous skirt!

1. First you want to just cut off the top part, the part with the sleeves/arm holes. You don't need them anyway!
2. Now, take the top (assuming that the bottom is nicely hemmed), and hem it. You want to leave a space open so you can put the elastic in. Also, the hem should be around 1 inch wide or so. And if the fabric is sheer, before you do the hem, please pleaseplease put a lining. Just sew one in underneath the skirt so that your thigh muscle doesn't like, stick through because that's so gross.

3. Now, take a piece of elastic and cut off a piece that just wraps around your waist. Shove it through that space that you left open and drag it all around through the waistband. Now, tie it so that the waist becomes around 2-3 inches smaller than your actual waist. You need it to GRIP not just hang loose on your waist, unless you like the "my ass sticks out" look.
4. Now, notice how on the bottom it's really weird? This is your chance to pick off any weird stuff, make some outside decorations etcetc. I added a lace piece on the outside of the skirt and sewed the bottom so that it's not so flippy.

5. Finished product! Beayuuuuuutiful. Lovely. Now, I must do my Stats Extra Credit!


Sunday, December 6, 2009

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Tutorial: Skinny or thinnish Jeans

You know what's really annoying? When you recieve a pair of jeans and they don't fit as well as you'd like. Maybe there's a pooch in the thigh area, the jeans are bell bottomey instead of skinny, or they're just 1 cm too big all around. Annoying right? Well, I'm going to teach you how to thin down your jeans to make them skinny jeans.


1. Start off with a pair of jeans, and flip them inside out. You know when you try to lay them flat, there's always a bit of extra fabric on the butt side to well, accomodate your butt right? So, pull all of that extra fabric towards the outer seam (not the inner seam where your crotch is). I'm using a pair of corduroy pants and they are bell bottoms.

2. Now, take a pair of your own store bought skinny or straight legged jeans and lay them over the pants. Those will be your beginning template. take a piece of chalk and draw line marking where you want to sew. It's better to make it not skinny enough than to make it too skinny. I swear, it take forever to pick out so many stiches. Trust me of this.

3. Sew! Use a sewing machine before your hand falls of from exhaustion. Then, try the jeans on. If they're too big, make the jeans a tiny bit smaller by sewing another line on the left side the original stiching. Aka, sew a line nearest your crotch pants area. If you someone have it perfect, sew another seam on the OUTSIDE, aka to the right of the original seam. It just gives you extra reinforcement.

4. Now, cut off the excess fabric, hem it up if needed (max half cm deviation) and voila! You have a new pair of skinny jeans. I'm sort of bending over becuase the light is shining in my eyes.

Tips to get you by:

- This isn't meant to be skin tight. It just helps to keep any excess fabric in place. I suggest going to a tailor if you want something skin tight.

- If you have particularly thick denim, you'll need a thicker needle and specially made for denim thread because regular cotton stuff isn't going to hold too well for denim.

- If you have to sew away too much, just consider getting a new pair of jeans because it's kind of difficult to go from a size 6 to a size 1. You'll be sewing over pockets which is a horrible hassel.


Friday, December 4, 2009

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