Friday, December 11, 2009

Tutorial: Turning a shirt into a skirt!

Ew, this shirt, is so ugly. I mean it looks OKAY now, but in reality it's so gross because the top, doesnt actually go below the belly button and its humgoly WIDE. I mean, I would wear this if I were:

1. Pregnant- This is wide enough to be a maternity shirt.

2. If I had a stomachache- to give my stomach some space so it can breathe

3. Were to go to a thanksgiving party- to give my stomach space to expand

Unfortunately, none of those things apply to me, so I decided to be thrifty and make it from a ugly shirt into a fabulous skirt!

1. First you want to just cut off the top part, the part with the sleeves/arm holes. You don't need them anyway!
2. Now, take the top (assuming that the bottom is nicely hemmed), and hem it. You want to leave a space open so you can put the elastic in. Also, the hem should be around 1 inch wide or so. And if the fabric is sheer, before you do the hem, please pleaseplease put a lining. Just sew one in underneath the skirt so that your thigh muscle doesn't like, stick through because that's so gross.

3. Now, take a piece of elastic and cut off a piece that just wraps around your waist. Shove it through that space that you left open and drag it all around through the waistband. Now, tie it so that the waist becomes around 2-3 inches smaller than your actual waist. You need it to GRIP not just hang loose on your waist, unless you like the "my ass sticks out" look.
4. Now, notice how on the bottom it's really weird? This is your chance to pick off any weird stuff, make some outside decorations etcetc. I added a lace piece on the outside of the skirt and sewed the bottom so that it's not so flippy.

5. Finished product! Beayuuuuuutiful. Lovely. Now, I must do my Stats Extra Credit!



Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! That is such a good idea, you did AWESOME! So cute! :)

I'm glad I found you and Queen Mari on Product Junkie's blog! Even though we are all head to head right now in a major competition haha. I really like your blog! You have a new follower :) :)

Y said...

Awww thanks so much! And it's all just fun and friendly competition!Thanks for following me!

Anonymous said...

Of course! :) And yes, it's all in good fun haha I'm not too serious about it. But you are right I want her to split the prize three ways so we can all win!

Y said...

YEAH! Especially since she's going to like accumulate so many LOL!

Anonymous said...