Monday, August 29, 2011

OOTD: First Day of School

I'm so uncreative. I basically wore an outfit like this, except instead of sequined shirts, I wore a striped red/white shirt. Paired with brown shoes from Bamboo: HERE

I'll have a better outfit on tomorrow. Well, I like this outfit, so I mean a more "creative" on. By the way, I found out that there are like 20 girls out of 90 kids in my Combinatorics class at CMU. Lovely.

Friday, August 26, 2011

New Shoes: Maria Sharapova for Cole Haan

Right now, I'm sitting in my new apartment (still on campus housing), listening to Maroon 5 and waiting patiently for my bf to get home. Today my family finally got to Pittsburgh so I can move in. They basically unloaded all my stuff in my room and said "miss you bye" lol. I love them. They like for me to be independent so they want me to deal with my stuff myself. 

Besides that, I got my new shoes today! This was my birthday present to me. My birthday isn't for another month, but you know, early birthdays count too <3 These are black heels. They're called the Air Renfrow heels or something. Originally 220 dollars or so. I got them on Amazon for like 80$. FAANN-effing-TASTIC. Enough said. Let's look at pictures. 

I bought them in a size 8.5. It's a half size larger than normal, but it's good. I think that a half size down would have been too tight for me. I needed a pair of heel grips and I think that I want to get those foot petalz at Rite Aid as well. I used heel grips and insoles and I thought my feet were going to die. I felt like my feet just needed a tighter grip so, the half insole things it is! 

I freaking love these shoes. The box is gorgeous. I love the dust bag for each shoe and the heel is wonderful. My only complaint is that the heel has a little ding on it, but hey, it's not a big deal. The heel is a gold colored metal. 


Monday, August 22, 2011

My Makeup 101: Mobile Makeup Experience.

Recently, Ian and Thea contacted me about this new phone app by MyMakeup101. MyMakeup101 is a pretty new cosmetics company. I've actually never heard of them until now and well, I have the opportunity to try out some of their stuff! I'm so excited :)

Anyway, I wanted to chat with you guys about the new app. Basically, it's like this online thing that helps you create "looks". It's like having 100 youtube tutorials in a little app. This is the list of stuff they have

  • Create-your-own-look
  • Match clothing to makeup
  • Application tutorials
  • Buy stuff from their mineral makeup line
  • Latest Trends
Personally, I got to try it out and it's pretty cool. It runs quickly on my phone (yay). So how you do it is that first you choose your face shape, then eye shape then lip shape. Then you choose colors and you color away!

Currently, it's only for iphone and android. It's also at a price of 3.99. It is a little steep but if you have some pocket change jiggling around, then it's right for you. 

Finally, go check them out on facebook HERE. Make sure to check me out on facebook as well!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Review: New Rimmel Extra Wow Lash Mascara *PIC HEAVY*

Yesterday at CVS, a few good things happened to me. First off, I scanned my card thing and I got coupons for free band-aids and a free bar of chocolate! YAY! Chocolate tastes so much better when it's free. In fact, everything tastes better when it's free. I mean free stuff is the best kinda stuff. 

I also got a new Rimmel mascara: It's Extra Wow Lash mascara. Best part? It was a cheap 4.29 at CVS. It is officially cheaper than Great Lash by Maybelline. That crap is currently hovering at 6.00 at CVS. WTF. no. That's not cool at all. Anyway, here's the review. 

What Rimmel London says: Extra wow lash mascara by Rimmel London. featuring a rich pigmented formula with a soft bristle brush, the mascara builds the lashes for create a thicker, full volume finish. 


The brush with the gold handle is the L'Oreal Voluminous. Damn homie. The Rimmel brush is fatter but shorter. It's kinda annoying for my small eyes, but I digress. The packaging is standard black. I like it. It's simple. Keep it simple right?

Smell: Play-doh

Naked Lashes:
omg. It looks like I have no lashes. I PROMISE i have them. This is with one coat
Now with 2 coats

Ooo I like this mascara. I feel like I get a lot of length. Not too much volume though... However, I like this mascara. I feel like I have a wall of lashes. On the second coat, I feel like it can get a little clumpy :( I just have to pick off the clumps and we're golden. 

Price: Cheap at 4.29 at CVS or 3.99 at Walgreens. 
Wear/Tear: Good. Even though it's not waterproof, it holds up. It doesn't flake on me and once I accidentally rubbed my eye and I didn't lose eyelashes. It would be really bad if I did. It comes off really easily with makeup remover. 
Recommended: Yes. This is a good choice and should be used. Let me know what you think!

ON A SIDE NOTE. Go like my facebook! I will be having a giveaway soon but only for people who have liked my facebook.. (meaning I will be giving away a MAC item)<-- whattt? Shhh don't tell!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

I'm baaack with some new stuff to tell you about

So first off, the bf is safely in CA and I'm feeling a ton better. I went on a Yu-Gi-Oh! rampage and watched like every single episode. Nice. I'm also going back to college next Friday so I'm pretty psyched about that. 

I've *finally* gotten my butt onto facebook. You can see the "like" thing on the side of the page. I've been resisting really because well, I don't feel like having my personal life really interfere with my blogging life. Also it's like one step away from twitter and I think that twitter is just weird. I'm not into it at all. Please please please do me a favor and if you like this blog, like me on facebook!

Finally, my layout has changed a bit. If you had a button on my blog, I just popped it in the "button for blogs" page. My main page was getting a bit crowded. 

See you tomorrow

Monday, August 15, 2011

Taking a weeklong or so blogger break

Hey Ladies! So I haven't really been posting, but it's because my bf is leaving :( Not like breaking up leaving but leaving for college. He goes to college in California and I go to college in good old Pittsburgh. So the last couple days he's been packing. I saw him Saturday, but it was hard saying goodbye to him knowing that it's basically the last time I'm going to get to see him before the summer ends >< 

So I totally sound like a pathetic loser (LOL). I mean it's like one of those teen dramas. EMGGG MY BOYFRIEND IS LEAVING FOR THE WEEKENDDDD. I make FUN Of those things lol and now I've become one! I didn't think I'd be so sad. I cried a little yesterday night because while I was skyping with him, he was packing up. That was when it really hit me: The BF is leaving. I won't be able to see him until December (for winter break). 

So yeah. I currently have zero inspiration to blog. Sigh. Ill be back soon

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Review: Milani Color Perfect Lipstick in Rose Hip

What the hell? I never posted a review on this? I mean, that doesn't even make sense considering I even took pictures.. I must have thought I already posted it because I already deleted the pictures >.> So I took new ones today. 

Anyway, this is Milani's lipstick in Rose Hip 07. I freaking love this color. Lip swatch + similar colors. 

Top to Bottom: Rose Hip, MUFE 36, N.Y.C Blue Rose
So basically Rose Hip is a dupe for MUFE no. 36. Blue Rose is a little too purple. This was the color I was hoping Viva Glam Gaga would be. It's a bright, barbie pink. It's also not sparkly. I would call it a satin finish, but if you pat all the glossy away, it's a matte. It's pink without being too porn star. 

Smell: It smells like tea. It's kinda weird, but not offensive. 
Wear/Tear: It feels so creamy going on! It's silky and it's pigmented. My lips don't feel dry when wearing it and I feel like it stays for around 5 hours, which is normal for a lipstick.

I like the gold case. It does look a little cheap, but it's okay. It's not really a color you would wear to the office lol. I love the shape of the lipstick! It's multifaceted instead of just being cylindrical! That makes me feel like it's more expensive than it really is :) 
Price: Gross at 6.50 at CVS. Luckily, I had some ECBs. You can find it for cheaper (5$) at or amazon or Places like that.  

Recommended: Absolutely hell yes. It's a really wonderful color and I love it. Go out and get it now. K thanks bye. 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Review: Garden Of Shadows Cosmetics

Well, it's not really a *FULL* review per say. I mean she only has eyeshadows right now. So, recently my blog friend Porcelaine made a new cosmetic line called Garden of Shadows.It's pretty exciting! The theme is called "Lipstick Feminists" and it's based on beauty bloggers she likes! I was one of them and my color is called "Eve". I was sent that for free and I got a "blogger pack" from her site. Basically you get a few colors for just the shipping cost. 

So here is the review:

Swatches: Over NYX milk. 

 These are the little baggies in order of swatches: Heather, Meg, Eve, Liv, Anne, Kari

 Without a base
 Obviously you see that it's not too impressive dry. Over a base, it's quite nice. The "Heather" color is really too light. It reminds me of NYX lilac. The taupe color (Kari) reminds me of Covergirl's Tapestry Taupe. The purple Anne reminds me of Revlon matte shadow in Aubergine. 

Wear and Tear: I use TFSI so no creasing. Nothing to say. 
Packaging: In sample baggies. I hate sample baggies. HOWEVER! I got a lot of the "Eve" color and I will be pressing it hehe. 
Price: 1.50 for a sample and 4.5 for a full size. I'm not sure how much the sizes are! I would like for the sizes to be listed as well. 
Ingredients: Mica, Calcium Aluminium Borosilicate, Carnauba Wax, Magnesium Myristate, Titanium Dioxide, Aluminium, Iron Oxide, Silica, Tin Oxide, Silicon Dioxide

The ingredients do vary a little from one shadow to the next. 

Overall thoughts: Not bad for a first time indie company. I think that the shadows are pretty basic and I would love more the colors to be more pigmented and vibrant. Also, I would love for the range to be expanded. Finally, there really needs to be a wider variety of items! Blushes anyone?

Thoughts anyone?

EDIT (8/4/11)------------------->
You can find sizes HERE