Monday, August 22, 2011

My Makeup 101: Mobile Makeup Experience.

Recently, Ian and Thea contacted me about this new phone app by MyMakeup101. MyMakeup101 is a pretty new cosmetics company. I've actually never heard of them until now and well, I have the opportunity to try out some of their stuff! I'm so excited :)

Anyway, I wanted to chat with you guys about the new app. Basically, it's like this online thing that helps you create "looks". It's like having 100 youtube tutorials in a little app. This is the list of stuff they have

  • Create-your-own-look
  • Match clothing to makeup
  • Application tutorials
  • Buy stuff from their mineral makeup line
  • Latest Trends
Personally, I got to try it out and it's pretty cool. It runs quickly on my phone (yay). So how you do it is that first you choose your face shape, then eye shape then lip shape. Then you choose colors and you color away!

Currently, it's only for iphone and android. It's also at a price of 3.99. It is a little steep but if you have some pocket change jiggling around, then it's right for you. 

Finally, go check them out on facebook HERE. Make sure to check me out on facebook as well!

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Shelley said...

Following from the hop. Love your blog, love the pink. Hope you can stop by and visit.