Thursday, July 30, 2009

I am very dissapointed today....

I got to admit. I like to browse through drugstores because well, it kills time and people don't usually bother you. So, when I was going through Walgreens, I came across and new HIP section. It had the 5 new matte HIP duos (which I REALLY WANT to try badly) the 3 new HIP metallic duos, the 5 chrome liners (Love the gold and silver baby) and some other stuff. When I went to go and look at the Metallic duos a bit more closely, I found that well, they were mislabeled. At first, I thought that it was just a mixup and customers didn't put the duos back in thier proper place. NO. NOT at all. Walgreens like really screwed up the swatches and names. Or, L'Oreal misnamed thier products. I don't know.

This is what happened. I took some pictures. The first picture is the card thing that shows a "swatch" of the eyeshadow. It marks it as "shocked, number 310" Sorry my camera sucks guyss....

Now, lets take a picture of the actual SHOCKED eyeshadow.

I know that my camera sucks ass, but it's pretty damn obvious that THERE IS A SERIOUS MIXUP HERE. I'm pretty sure that Walgreens made the mistake or whatever because I checked on E-Bay shocked is indeed this green/taupe duo.

Shouldn't someone have noticed? The restocking people? Yes, I should have told them, but I only stayed there for like 5 minutes. Maybe I will go back tomorrow and tell them.

Next off, I went to Rite Aid. I wanted to get some white nail polish. This is what I found. Separated, nail polish. When nail polish separates a bit, it's not even a big deal. But this is ridiculous.

There are a lot of things just wrong with this picture. Half the bottle is GONE. And it has separated totally into white nail polish and the oil stuff.

What happened?! These nail polishes must have been from like 10 years ago or something! I'm kinda shocked actually... have any of you ladies ever seen something like this? Or is it just me whos shocked?

Monday, July 27, 2009

Hello quick update

Hello everyone! I've been MIA recently, so I'm going to update quickly so you know that I'm still here!

My sister is better now and I got a manicure for a celebration. I went to Soho Nails. The lady painted my nails in No Room for the Blues, which I LOVE. New favorite color! I need to go to Ulta to get this color! So, she filed and trimmed my nails, put nice smelling lotions on my hand and gave me a back massage while I dried my nails. I really that place actually. It only cost me around 10 dollars.

Song of the day? Rock your Soul- Elisa. I love this song.


Thursday, July 23, 2009


Today, I just found out that my sister is really sick so she's being taken out of CTY camp. I also won't be able to blog anytime soon because well... not only do I have nothing to blog about right now and also, I'm pretty tied up with my sick sis.


Monday, July 20, 2009

I'm still here!

Just a quick update: I'm probably not going to update until later this week or so. Just so you guys know that I'm still here! Alive and kicking!


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tutorial: Airy Fairy bracelet

Wow, I am on this HUGE tutorial kick! Since it is the summer, I have more time to just relax and well, make jewelry and garden. Some new flowers have just bloomed and I want to take pictures of them.

What you need: A glue gun, beads, clear jewelry thread, 2 clasp like things (you can get similar looking ones at Pearl Paint), and a ribbon.

1. Cut out three strands of the clear thread. Make sure that it wraps around your wrist. Don't make it too tight because you want some leftover thread. I put each thread at 2x my wrist circumfrence.

2. Tie and the hot glue gun the three threads to a clasp.

3. Put one bead on the thread. Glue it in place. Take another bead and string that on, but leave a space between the beads. Now, glue that new bead on. The point of the clear thread and the spacing is to make the beads look like they are floating in air, and not connected to anything.

4. Keep doing this for all three strands. Then with the remaining thread stuff, tie it to the other clasp and hot glue it in place. The resulting project should look like this (below). Also, just snip off any excess thread.

5. Now, take the ribbon (approx 1 in thick) and cut it into 2 approx. 7 inch long pieces. Tie each end onto a clasp.

6. Tie the ribbons together so that you can slip your hand in and out of the bracelet. Don't worry about it being too large. Mine was too large, but I like it. It could probably fit if I layer it over a long sleeved shirt.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New clothes and stuff.

Yesterday, I went to Sears that was connected to the Paramus Park Mall. Obviously, I didn't find anything that I wanted, so my family and I walked out and we went to Old Navy. Normally. I am not a big Old Navy fan. Why? Well, I honestly find thier stuff a bit overpriced. Their clothing is cute, but for 20 dollars, I'd rather head over to F21 or H&M or even the thrift store and buy clothes with brighter, more colorful and crazier prints instead of buying a plain green dress. Also, I'm not too crazy about thier sizing. For example: Jeans. Thier jean sizes seem to be getting larger and larger and larger every year. Just a couple year ago, I fit into a pair of size 3 jeans, then I lost weight, so I became a size 1. Then just 2 years ago (still same wieght) I became a size 0. Now, I fit into kids 14. Yes, KIDS 14.

I don't know if I grew taller or something? Even if I did grow, I'd need to grow like 3 inches to shrink a size, and I'm a very petite 5 ft 3.75 inches. I haven't grown since my sophmore year in highschool.

I'm pretty embarrassed by being a size Kids 14 because well, I'm 16 years old and still shopping in the kids section? Not even adult section in Old Navy. Also, sometimes, kids jeans have all these sparkly rhinestones on them and I like my jeans plain and simple. No rips, or stuff. I take back the plain part. I like them to have nice embroidery, but not like printed on glitter butterflies. I like very embellished back pockets. I've completely veered off the original topic so let's go back.

I went to Old Navy and found a great pair of jeans. I love how they just skim the floor nicely instead of being 5 inches too long like most adult jeans are. Dark wash, boot-cut.

Hey, these jeans are pretty great actually. And they were buy one is 20$ and buy 2 is 28$! This is a great deal as compared to the adult jeans. Those are 29.95$ approx. and these became 14$ because my sister also bought a pair. I have saved around 16$! Look at the savings. I am shocked by this. Considering the economy, I will continue to buy kid sized jeans because with that extra money, I can buy other clothing in the future.

3 days ago, I bought new shoes from Payless for 10 bucks. They are a 3 inch heel wedge and by American Eagle. I really enjoy the extra height!

I want to start a new tag! What are you guys doing to save money during this recession? Name 5 things. I'm:
1. Buying Kid sized jeans that fit.
2. Only looking through clearance or heavily discounted racks of clothing.
3. Looking through goodwill or thrift stores.
4. No makeup.
Anddd 5. Waiting for movies to come out on DVD so I can rent them at the Pathmark or Stop and Shop Redbox vending machine like thing that spits out DVDs for a dollar.
I tag Cris, My-My Ganda and whoever else wants to do this!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Swap Haul! Perhaps my last?

Happy happy happy happy summer hauling! I love hauling except for the fact that.... I DON'T HAVE MONEY TO SWAP REALLY! Why? Well, I have to take the bus to my class. I take the same bus back and forth and it costs 4.30$ per day. I go to class 4 times a week. It costs 17.20$ for ONE week. That is harsh people. That is enough for a MAC eyeshadow and change. This could be my last swap haul... until September!

I swapped a Rimmel Extra Super Lash Black and waterproof, a black hair clip for 3 covergirl eyeshadows. She has a blogspot:


Ahem Ahem! Don't I already have 2 dupes of Golden Sunrise? Tapastry Taupe? YES! Golden Sunrise looks JUST LIKE the 3rd color in the Kerry Bronzes palette from L'Oreal. I swear. They are exact replicas. This doesn't make me happy because I don't like the copper color. Sigh. The Tapstry Taupe is a good dupe of Bare Spice(which I absolutely LOVE). They aren't twins, but I think that they are close enough so that if i run out of Bare Spice and I don't have enough money to buy it again at its full price, I will happily use Tapasty Taupe. I think that Bare Spice is softer and has more of a almost purplish sheen. Don't quote me on that.


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Tutorial: Faux Pearl Necklace

Hello Ladies! I know that I haven't updated in a while, but I'm busy and I will probably update once, twice a week. Just the other day, I went to Pearl's (art store) and bought some faux beads and this vintage-like blue pendant. It is made by Blue Moon Bead. For the record, I LOVE BLUE MOON BEADS. I also like the Global brand because it's so ethnic like and I love it. But I just love Blue moon. They have such a good variety. You can also buy these beads at AC Moore. At AC Moore, they have a slightly larger selection of Blue Moon Beads.

First, you need to tie the pendant onto a jewelery wire thing. You can get a roll of plastic like thread at any craft store. I use that. So, take your desired length and fold it in half. I took maybe 2 ft or so because I wanted it to be a long necklace. Then, put the folded end through the hole. Then, take the ends of the string through the folded end. Pull tight.

Next, start adding beads. Add until you hit the place where you want the second string of pearls to start. When you hit there, stop, then take a second piece of string and tie one end to one side of the necklace. Start adding beads to that.

Now, once you have enough beads on the second strand part, tie it off onto the other side of the necklace. Don't worry about anything falling apart. We will deal with that later.
Keep stringing on beads until you are almost done. When you are about 7 inches or so away from the end of your necklace, tie a cream colored ribbon to each sides of the necklace. Both ends of the ribbon should be about the same length.

Now take the ends of the ribbon and tie them together. They should be sticking up. And when I say end of the ribbon, I mean the ends on ONE side of the necklace.

The ribbon still moves around on the plasticky thread so take that loose thread end( you can kinda see it in the above picture) and tie that off to itself. It's like if you wanted to tie something to a ribbon.

Now, tie the ends of the necklace together. Use a hot glue gun and glue the small bow together so that it lays flat and looks pretty.

Now, I labled all the places where I recommend that you put some hot glue to reinforce it so it doesn't fall apart.

And no we aren't done. Sorry, this is a HUGE post. But yeah. I have a lot of pictures. I'm going to condense this or else I am afraid that I won't be able to fit everything. So, I'm going to make some ruffles in the ribbon. First, make some ruffles with your fingers, hold them. Now, take a needle and run some thread through the ruffles. Then tie a knot away from the ribbon so that when you stretch it out it is the desired length.
And Voila! We are finished. Remember you can always eliminate any step you want if you don't want to use fake pearls, you can use any other beads.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Swap+ Tutorial+Personal

Today, my psychology class finally ended for the week. Ugh, it's been seriously draining catching the bus a 7:11 AM, filling out those damned college applications (Some are online, some aren't blahblahblah. Some colleges aren't too clear about how to apply online...), studying. I don't know. And so today, my family and i went to this sushi place one hour away. Sorry, but I don't care how good the food is. 1 hr is just too far to travel for me. Especially if we need to shop after. So, we go around to Marshalls, Wal-mart etcetc. And guess what I bought? NOTHING. Honestly, I wasn't expecting to find anything that fits because usually those large retailers or those warehouses where dept. stores send unwanted extras rarely have sizes like 0, 2 or XS, S etc. Those sell out first or something. This sucks. I haven't been to the mall since Black Friday... of last year... I have been a hermit for my Junior school year. I hate that! All they had was XXL, XL, L, M in shirts and maybe like Sizes 4 and up for pants. They had like maybe one size 1 pants that I hated, and a couple ugly small shirts. Whatever.

So, I recently completed a swap with Roxyjones again via MUA. I actually completed this like last week but really, I don't have time anymore to update as soon as I complete something. Now, I am taking a BCC class in psychology as well as doing some independent studying. Moving forward!

I love the Miss Sixty Perfume. Actually, its more like an appreciate feeling. It's sweet, but after a while, it can be overwhelming. I think that it's only for a night time thing, not something I'd wear in the daytime. The face highlighter I gave to my sister. The nail polish will not be swatched because at the end of summer before school starts, I will be doing a HUGE Nail Haul with swatches and everything. I'm really really dissapointed with the Mark get in line eyeliner. It sucks! The liner is so watery and you need to shake it up to get some pigment. Also, there seems to be a metal ball inside of the thing. Maybe to help to shake it up? I don't know. Also, it NEVER dries. Like, never dries. It's ridiculous. It gets tacky, but the only way to get this to dry, you need to set it with some powder. And this is not waterproof. Mark, I was inlove with the chrome liners. This is a major dissapointment.

Now for the Tutorial part. I mentioned before that I would do a tutorial on how to make your heels not slippy. Well, what I mean is that some heels have NO traction at all. It doesn't help that linolium and wood floors are slippery. So this is what I did.

First, walk in your heels. Notice where it is slippery. For me it is the heel and the toe part.

I took those rubber dishwashing gloves, and cut off the traction-ey part that goes on your palms and fingers. It has a different pattern to it. You'll know what I mean. So, I took a hot glue gun and glued three pieces to the place where the shoe slips the most. The shoe toe part has a fabric like thing there, so then you can use hot glue gun to glue the rubber pieces on. For the heel, you need to put a thin layer of hot glue on it. It makes a rubbery surface. For all plastic-ky surfaces that aren't fabric-ky you need to put a thin layer of hot glue. I hope that this helps. If it doesn't, message me or leave a comment!