Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tutorial: Airy Fairy bracelet

Wow, I am on this HUGE tutorial kick! Since it is the summer, I have more time to just relax and well, make jewelry and garden. Some new flowers have just bloomed and I want to take pictures of them.

What you need: A glue gun, beads, clear jewelry thread, 2 clasp like things (you can get similar looking ones at Pearl Paint), and a ribbon.

1. Cut out three strands of the clear thread. Make sure that it wraps around your wrist. Don't make it too tight because you want some leftover thread. I put each thread at 2x my wrist circumfrence.

2. Tie and the hot glue gun the three threads to a clasp.

3. Put one bead on the thread. Glue it in place. Take another bead and string that on, but leave a space between the beads. Now, glue that new bead on. The point of the clear thread and the spacing is to make the beads look like they are floating in air, and not connected to anything.

4. Keep doing this for all three strands. Then with the remaining thread stuff, tie it to the other clasp and hot glue it in place. The resulting project should look like this (below). Also, just snip off any excess thread.

5. Now, take the ribbon (approx 1 in thick) and cut it into 2 approx. 7 inch long pieces. Tie each end onto a clasp.

6. Tie the ribbons together so that you can slip your hand in and out of the bracelet. Don't worry about it being too large. Mine was too large, but I like it. It could probably fit if I layer it over a long sleeved shirt.

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