Thursday, July 2, 2009

Swap+ Tutorial+Personal

Today, my psychology class finally ended for the week. Ugh, it's been seriously draining catching the bus a 7:11 AM, filling out those damned college applications (Some are online, some aren't blahblahblah. Some colleges aren't too clear about how to apply online...), studying. I don't know. And so today, my family and i went to this sushi place one hour away. Sorry, but I don't care how good the food is. 1 hr is just too far to travel for me. Especially if we need to shop after. So, we go around to Marshalls, Wal-mart etcetc. And guess what I bought? NOTHING. Honestly, I wasn't expecting to find anything that fits because usually those large retailers or those warehouses where dept. stores send unwanted extras rarely have sizes like 0, 2 or XS, S etc. Those sell out first or something. This sucks. I haven't been to the mall since Black Friday... of last year... I have been a hermit for my Junior school year. I hate that! All they had was XXL, XL, L, M in shirts and maybe like Sizes 4 and up for pants. They had like maybe one size 1 pants that I hated, and a couple ugly small shirts. Whatever.

So, I recently completed a swap with Roxyjones again via MUA. I actually completed this like last week but really, I don't have time anymore to update as soon as I complete something. Now, I am taking a BCC class in psychology as well as doing some independent studying. Moving forward!

I love the Miss Sixty Perfume. Actually, its more like an appreciate feeling. It's sweet, but after a while, it can be overwhelming. I think that it's only for a night time thing, not something I'd wear in the daytime. The face highlighter I gave to my sister. The nail polish will not be swatched because at the end of summer before school starts, I will be doing a HUGE Nail Haul with swatches and everything. I'm really really dissapointed with the Mark get in line eyeliner. It sucks! The liner is so watery and you need to shake it up to get some pigment. Also, there seems to be a metal ball inside of the thing. Maybe to help to shake it up? I don't know. Also, it NEVER dries. Like, never dries. It's ridiculous. It gets tacky, but the only way to get this to dry, you need to set it with some powder. And this is not waterproof. Mark, I was inlove with the chrome liners. This is a major dissapointment.

Now for the Tutorial part. I mentioned before that I would do a tutorial on how to make your heels not slippy. Well, what I mean is that some heels have NO traction at all. It doesn't help that linolium and wood floors are slippery. So this is what I did.

First, walk in your heels. Notice where it is slippery. For me it is the heel and the toe part.

I took those rubber dishwashing gloves, and cut off the traction-ey part that goes on your palms and fingers. It has a different pattern to it. You'll know what I mean. So, I took a hot glue gun and glued three pieces to the place where the shoe slips the most. The shoe toe part has a fabric like thing there, so then you can use hot glue gun to glue the rubber pieces on. For the heel, you need to put a thin layer of hot glue on it. It makes a rubbery surface. For all plastic-ky surfaces that aren't fabric-ky you need to put a thin layer of hot glue. I hope that this helps. If it doesn't, message me or leave a comment!

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