Thursday, July 30, 2009

I am very dissapointed today....

I got to admit. I like to browse through drugstores because well, it kills time and people don't usually bother you. So, when I was going through Walgreens, I came across and new HIP section. It had the 5 new matte HIP duos (which I REALLY WANT to try badly) the 3 new HIP metallic duos, the 5 chrome liners (Love the gold and silver baby) and some other stuff. When I went to go and look at the Metallic duos a bit more closely, I found that well, they were mislabeled. At first, I thought that it was just a mixup and customers didn't put the duos back in thier proper place. NO. NOT at all. Walgreens like really screwed up the swatches and names. Or, L'Oreal misnamed thier products. I don't know.

This is what happened. I took some pictures. The first picture is the card thing that shows a "swatch" of the eyeshadow. It marks it as "shocked, number 310" Sorry my camera sucks guyss....

Now, lets take a picture of the actual SHOCKED eyeshadow.

I know that my camera sucks ass, but it's pretty damn obvious that THERE IS A SERIOUS MIXUP HERE. I'm pretty sure that Walgreens made the mistake or whatever because I checked on E-Bay shocked is indeed this green/taupe duo.

Shouldn't someone have noticed? The restocking people? Yes, I should have told them, but I only stayed there for like 5 minutes. Maybe I will go back tomorrow and tell them.

Next off, I went to Rite Aid. I wanted to get some white nail polish. This is what I found. Separated, nail polish. When nail polish separates a bit, it's not even a big deal. But this is ridiculous.

There are a lot of things just wrong with this picture. Half the bottle is GONE. And it has separated totally into white nail polish and the oil stuff.

What happened?! These nail polishes must have been from like 10 years ago or something! I'm kinda shocked actually... have any of you ladies ever seen something like this? Or is it just me whos shocked?

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