Saturday, August 8, 2009

Hello again~ back with a new swap haul!

hello ladies! Today, my family and I went to the New York Botanical Gardens. I had a pretty good time (excluding the burning sun and the fact that we got lost!) looking at flowers and stuff. Personally, I love flowers, and I also love to garden. I have my own small little garden in my backyard that is growing nicely. I also bought a baby cactus!

Isn't it cute?! Well, I mean I think that it's pretty cute. I need to move it into a larger pot later so it can grow.

My favorite flowers there:

The one on the left is a hybrid oriental lily and the one of the right is a hibiscus flower. How nice eh?

A swap haul came in today. The emory board was something I bought for 99 cents at Rite Aid, the nivea soap and boss hugo perfume sample was something I ordered. sorry, but not swatches today of the eyeshadow! my camera is sucking real bad today, so yeah. The LA colors palatte I'm pretty happy with. I mean it's a low end product so the pigmentation could be stronger. It kinda smells like baby powder too, but the colors are pretty and I'm excited to play with this.



Cris said...

Nice palette :)! Hopefully it's pigmented...It has very pretty colours :D.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for reading Cris! I find that the palette is pretty decent over a good base like NYX jumbo pencils.

Cris said...

Really? I read that the pencils tend to crease :(. But I'm glad they work for you :).

About the perfume samples, I hated L.A.M.B. but love MaDame :D (will be getting a full bottle when I see the Limited Edition one :-P), so I guess I'm the opposite to you, lol.
It's funny 'cause several reviews of MaDame consider it too strong for a day fragrance, but I don't see that at all! But I'm the girl who wears red eye shadow regularly, so I don't suppose my opinion counts ;D.

~tHiAmErE~ said...

im thinking of buying baby cactus too so that my room would have a plant...

i think yours is so cute!

that LA colors palette look nice!
tell us if its good or not

Anonymous said...

to Cris: LOLOLOLOLOL hahaha. If the fragrance works for you, then I'm happy! I put Lumene eye base underneath the NYX jumbo pencils. With a good base, those pencils are good to go!

To Thiamere: I love catcuses! They are so low maintence. I just tried out the LA palette. Actually, over a good base, they're really good!