Saturday, August 22, 2009


Today, is NOT my b-day, but it will be in one month!! EXACTLY one month- Sept 22.

Anyway, today, I was making a new skirt for myself out of an old one. I shortened it, added black lace around the bottom and voila! New skirt! Then, I stupidly realized that well, I don't ever wear plaid. Or anything plaid-like. I don't even know how to wear stuff with plaid, so I decided, why don't I ask people on blogspot and make a contest out of it!

CONTEST: Tell me, how would you wear this skirt? Give me your advice! What would you wear it with? What kind of shoes, shirt, accessories, jacket? I want to know! This is open to ANYONE, even international readers.

Winner will recieve 3 pairs of brand new earrings plus other extras of course! One from Express and 2 from some asian brand.


1. Must be subscribed to me.

2. Please, Comment below!
3. Send me and email at Tell me your real name, username here, and repost your comment there. Please put the subject line as B-day Contest.
This contest will end on Sept 22, which gives a lot of time for everyone to enter! You don't have to, but it would be appreciated if you told other people about this. I would love to hear everyone's advice on how to wear this skirt.


~tHiAmErE~ said...

you 'made' it...
how cool is that?!

well, im nnot exactly a fashion-maker, but i think it would go with tight black tank top & a nice statement necklace!

necklace that speaks for itself...something with big beads or anything...just there to spice it up!

as for the shoes, then maybe a strappy sandals..since you are already showing your legs, go for a strappy high heels.

high heels always gives us the illusion of long legs & i think its a must if you are wearing skirt

ill repost this on my contest blog so that more girls can help you,hun!

Sherry said...

I think you can wear it with legging :)

boots will be nice :)


thanks to Thiamere I know this contest. :)

Stephanie said...

Yea for September birthdays! Mine is 9/20. I love plaid skirts. I would totally pair it with a fitted black dress shirt! And then some killer black peep toe heels. Wear little jewelry to make the skirt pop. :)

Eve said...

I think the skirt would look good with a top that is either white or black. Gray would do too. A bold necklace would be nice. For shoes, I would wear wedges.

IMM said...

OMG, my birthday's on the 26th of September. September is a great month.

I love theyellow skirt you made, it's really hot.

Ok what to wear...

For a dressed up look I would wear a frilly/ruffle front tuxedo type sleveless shirt in canary yellow, black cropped blazer (works with the proportion and to elongate your pins) and Christian Louboutin's black ankle booties or Dior's gladiator (the ones Carrie wore in SATC).

Pair the look with a black snakeskin flat clutch accented with either a bow tie or metallic (silver) hardware.

For jewelry, I'd wear a huge clear crystal square cocktail ring on the middle finger and medium black hoop earrings.

For makeup, I'd draw inspiration form Lolita. Flirty winged liner, lots of mascara, smooth and dewy skinned tempered with a touch of powder to subdue shine, and neutral pink lipstick such as Nars Catfight.

Cris said...

OK, I'm not exactly stylish XD, but I'll give it a try :).
Agreed about pink lipstick. Something mid-pink and soft (NYX Tea Rose comes to mind.)
Then, the shoes would be something neutral (I sound like I'm talking about make-up, lol - sorry XD!), and I'd try something red as an accessory ;).
And the left earrings on the pic would probably suit it :). (I know they're a prize but...Something similar, I suppose.)