Monday, August 17, 2009

We're making a..... TRAINCASE! part one.

Okay, so we are making a psuedo-traincase thing. I call this a pseudo traincase because it doesn't have a handle. Instead, it's more of a drawer to carry your makeup so when you travel, you have it all organized in a small box! I will be posting this in 2 parts because if I make this one post, it'll be really really long. OH, and i don't have pictures for the beginning few steps because my pictures were all deleted when my computer crashed! I took new ones though!

1. Get a shoebox. Then take the lid, and you know how theres the long part of the lid? Well, snip it so it's not connected to the short sides of the lid. This will make your "hinge" to connect to the actual BOX. Now, tape that long side that you snipped to the box.

2. Now, what do you want to do? Do you want to make another layer? I did. So, take a smaller box that fits in the shoebox, and measure how high you want to be elevated. Then, take cardboard and cut out rectangles to fit into the box so that the bottom layer will be divided and the smaller box will be supported. Now, you have 2 layers! Oh, and you should take this time to reinforce the box with more cardboard.

3. Okay, now what you want to do is to cover the box with fabric. You can use paper, or whatever you want. There is no real way to glue it, so you can just wrap it. It doesn't have to be perfect because we will be hiding flaws later. Also, don't wrap fabric on the inside because we'll be layering it with other stuff. It takes some creative thinking. to cover the whole box with one piece of fabric.
4. Now cut out cardboard pieces that fit into the sides, bottom, top of the lid, and sides of the lid. These don't need to be thick pieces. They can be just thin posterboard. Cover this with another fabric. These don't need to be covered on both sides. Any divisions that you do need to be covered on both sides. Also, cover the smaller box that you put in.

5. Before we glue these suckers in, think, do you want ribbon? trimmings? This is the time to put on any ribbon and such. To make the things that keep the lid from just flopping back, cut the ribbon in half, and glue them in, connecting the lid to the box at an angle. YOu can see this in the previous picture. And when you cut the ribbon in half, make sure to hem it so it doesn't fray. I used a satin ribbon.

6. Now, we can stick in our "inside"s. The stuff that we covered with fabric.

See how all the grossness is covered up? Now, we need to stick the separations in. Put glue on the bottom and then stick those babies in. Okay, now, you should glue the sides. see picture. THis will keep the pieces from falling.


Tomorrow, I will be posting part 2.


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