Sunday, February 28, 2010

Just a Quick Tutorial: Puffed Sleeves on Shirts

So since today I was bored, my sister asked me to put on new sleeves on an old shirt. So, I decided to rip apart a different shirt and then make new sleeves from that.
What you'll need:
  • Sleeves. About 2x the hole that you need to put it on. See pictures
  • A shirt without sleeves. If it has sleeves, just rip 'em off.
  • Pins- to pin the sleeves and ruffles together
  • Needle and Thread- does this actually need explanation?


  1. The sleeves should look like this (see below) so that you can make the "puffiness" and "ruffliness".

  2. The shirt should be inside out and the sleeve should be right side out. Put them together as so (see below)

  3. Now, pin them together. As you are at the top of the sleeve, start pleating them, evenly.

  4. Sew. I suggest that you lightly handsew the pleated part then run it through with a sewing machine. It's easier that way
  5. Do the other sleeve. This is my finished product. I cuffed the sleeves so it looks cool! Happy sewing!

Toodles- and by the way, does anyone have any good places to get a layout, or anyone want to do a layout for me? I would really appreciate it. Also, if i get a new layout, does it mess up stuff i've added like the "reminder/contact info" box or the "hit counter" box"? Thanks loves

Friday, February 26, 2010

New Haul from Mineral Basics, possible dupes and EOTD!

So since my sister loves me oh so very much, she let me share the prize she won, which was a bunch of samples. I chose 6 of them. Here are the swatches and possible dupes:

As you can see, I have a TON of dupes for bronze shimmer so I'm slightly dissapointed. The minerals are pretty sheer and REALLY glittery. I mean, the stuff just flies all over the place. I'm excited to use these shadows. Below is an EOTD. I have time, considering I'm stuck inside my home becuase of the 12 inches of snow outside.


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Joing YUKLUI*STYLE's giveaway

Click this link. and you could win false eyelashes

Haul from B2TE with swatches!

Quick update on my pigments: I think that I've put way too much Biosilk into the pans when I was pressing them because now they're really hard and basically impossible to work with. I have to use some visine to get color out. Thankfully, they're pigmented with the Visine, but still, take this warning into consideration if you're planning on press pigments with Biosilk. I'm going to be pressing the rest of my pigments this weekend when I get my pans. Why are they taking forever to get here?!

Recently, I recieved a haul from Back To The Earth Cosmetics. I ordered 5 jars of eyeshadows and a bunch of samples were thrown in. The mineral eyeshadows are good quality for the price. Also, a sample of incense from a place called Wild Berry. It smells nice! Swatches below:


Friday, February 19, 2010

New giveaway winner AGAIN

This is the third time picking the winner. Fee! if you are here, I am going to contact you for your mailing addy. Please check your spam mail kay? You have won the 2nd place prize!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sequins are a Labor of love

Today, I finally finished the long term project that I've been working on for AGES. Literally, for ages. I have successfully sequined the sleeves of a t-shirt that I bought from Old Navy. One arm is slightly tighter than the other arm, but it's not a big deal to me really. It's not really uncomfortable, but it's different becuase the sleeves aren't really movable. You know? The sequins overlap like scales and I designed it to be like a fish caught in a fishnet. At first I wanted to do like this rainbow thing, but that would require that I actually sort out all the sequins into thier respective colors, and just no. Absolutely not. I am planning on wearing this in the summer with a pair of skinny jeans. What do you guys think? Is it too ostentatious? Too flashy? Or do you like it. Leave your comments below! I do apologize for my dirty and disgusting mirror. I didn't even realize all the fingerprints until I took the pictures!

I just sewed the sequins on with plain black thread and then interlinked them by layering the sequins. To do that, follow these instructions. First, push the needle through the sequin hole, then push the needle through the fabric next to the sequin edge. Pull it back up through the fabric and add another sequin. Now, take your needle and push it back through the original sequin hole. Now, push your needle through the fabric so it comes out at the edge of the second sequin. I will post pictures to help.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Swap Haul Fo'Sho and some pictures of NEWLY pressed pigments

So, I know that I'm not a gangSTAR, but you know. I try. So, the pigments that I pressed with my good friend Mika well... fell apart. They are like dead right now. They are kinda hard on the top part, but then like still soft underneath. I don't even know. I'm really lazy so I'm really NOT going to pull them apart to press them again because yeah. I'm lazy LOL. They're still usable.... kind of. Well, I'll press them later this week becuase I'm expecting some more pigments and those pan things to arrive. I'll be posting pics of those stuffles later this week as well as a HUGE eyeshadow overhaul. Meaning a reorganization for the win!

Just some tips for pressing pigments with Biosilk

Please do use Biosilk when pressing mineral makeup that does not have any natural binders in them. Sure, you can use Biosilk to press regular pigments, but do you know how expensive this stuff is? Its 35 dollars for like 12oz. Thats the size of a shampoo bottle. UGH. I will be posting a review next week on it when I use it in my hair kay loves?

1. Please wear disposable gloves. Like the ones that doctors have. You can get them at the drugstore. I mean ANYTHING. Plastic bags would be better than using your hands. You know why? Becuase Biosilk + pigment= stuff that wont come off with just soap and water. Seriously. I had to use so much Ponds Cold Cream, Rubbing Alcohol, to get it off my hands, the sink, my mixing tools, the SOAP BAR. This is serious stuff right here.

2. Use disposable mixing tools. I get it. I'm a cheap ass. Major cheap ass. I MAKE mini spoons out of aluminum foil. I take spoons and knives from McDonalds to use as spatulas to crush down lipsticks. Hey man, I'm not above taking those paper cups from McDonalds that they give you to hold ketchup or mustard from those huge pump dispensers. But DO NOT reuse. Why? They'll be a pain in the ASS to wash. See above note.

3. DO NOT. I repeat DO NOT try to press them with a quarter until the mixture is almost dry. Like when you touch the top, no pigment adheres to your finger. The whole mixture should feel like.. sponge cake. When you add the Biosilk to the pigment, you cannot add too much. This isn't alcohol pressing where you do some frosting or cake batter consistency. You want this to be like... wet sand.. or crumbly cookies. I tried to press it when it was wayy too wet. BAD IDEA.

4. If you are impatient like me, dry them using a hair dryer or the oven. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees Farenheit (spell check!). I'm in the USA so I believe we use farenheit unlike the rest of the world. When you're done mixing and preparing the pigments, turn off the oven and shove your pigments in there to let it cool. Once the oven cools down, make sure the pigments are dry enough and PRESSS!

5. Lastly, protect your work surfaces. Unless you like the look of finger stains everywhere, do protect.

Some pictures, then off to the fun stuff: swap pictures!
Toodles ♥

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Hey everyone! Kiki Xiong has not responded with her addy so here is the new winner of the 2nd place prize: DANA YOSHIMIZU

Please respond with your addy in the next 5 days at chunkyxmunki(@)gmail(dot)com


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Guess and coach handbag giveaway!

Click to enter!

Swap Haulage + Quick Reminder

Happy Valentines Day and Happy Chinese New Year everyone! I hope everyone is having a good day right? Just a quick reminder to Kiki Xiong. You have not contacted me with your addy so please do so in the next 2 days or else I need to pick a new winner! Don't worry everyone. I apologize for ending the contest early, but I will be putting up a new one in September, when I have time =] Stay patient!

Yesterday, a new swap haul came in! This person is SO generous. I forgot to take pictures, but a different one of like 100 magnets also came in. I made a new palette for myself out of a DVD case. I expect to perhaps press some more pigments this week because yet ANOTHER swap came in and I'm just waiting for my end to reach her. LOL I am expecting SO many packages this week, so I will update with more hauls and pressing pigments day and pictures soon!

I swapped a white scarf + extras for a Sephora brand shadow brush and a Revlon lippie in Goldpearl Plum. OMG i got so many extras.
I am FLIPPING out over the million fragrance samples, the new ELF brushes etc. I have the eyeshadow brush and the lip brush. The brownstone is a sample and it's like a cross between a brown and a light taupe.
Toodles... for now!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


I've decided to end this contest early becuase well, entries were pretty slow over the past few days. The winners, using, are.....

1st place: Sandra!

2nd place: kikixiong!

Please email me at chunkyxmunki(@)gmail(dot)com within 5 days of your mailing addys.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Perhaps I should start a new Tag?

Yayyy! It's FINALLY snowing here in the USA. I mean, it's supposed to snow up to 10 inches or something. I'm just glad that the weathermen finally got it right. Once, they said that it would snow like 4-6 inches and we go absolutely no snow. So, now, I'm bored, with a ton of homework to do. Obviously the logical thing to do would be to start a tag right?

Rules of the Tag: None! Everyone who is reading this is tagged. If you decide to do this, tell me! If you don't have a blog, post your answer to the tag in the comments below!

Question 1: How did you start getting in makeup?

Actually, this I'm not too sure about. When I was younger, I hated anything girly. I hated dresses, dressing up, etcetcetc. Then in sophomore year, I started getting interested in makeup, mostly for the pretty colors and basically because I started watching youtube videos LOL. Then, I think that it really started taking off after I went to camp and all my girl friends were using it.

Question 2: This isn't for everyone so be warned! If you don't use makeup, are you planning on doing so eventually?

Question 3: What's your "game face"?

Your game face, meaning what makes you feel your best? Me: Gold eyeshadow with some darker color in the outer vee, black liner, done and sculpted eyebrows (quick side note, I re did my brows! Now my sister tells me that I look "less intimidating" LOL), mascara fo' sho', perfume.

Question 4: What makeup thing are you terrified to do?

Tightlining. You know, eyeliner on the upper waterline of your lid? I've seen people do it and I'm just terrified. Possibly becuase you have to like grab your eyelashes and like flip your eyelid inside out. UGH. I'm not afraid of makeup, but this is just... no.

Question 5: This isn't makeup related, but you know. What's your favorite detailing accesory?

Sequins baby! I LOVE sequins. I'm currently doing a project. I'll post pictures once I'm done.


Friday, February 5, 2010

Review Time: Physicians Formula Healthy Wear Powder Foundation SPF 50

That's right you skin care freaks. SPF 50. Powder Foundation. That's bascially the reason why I picked it up. I've been meaning to look for some powder sunscreen and powder to even out my duo toned faced. I need the powder sunscreen because I am so lucky that I need to walk home in the sun and I hate using sunscreen over concealer. My concealer just moves then. Also, duo toned face? 2 shades? 'Nuff said.

According to PF:
Delivers maximum SPF 50 broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection and full coverage with a soft-matte finish.
Protects- SPF Boosters and Mineral-based sunscreens provide SPF 50 protection without residue or greasiness.
Prevents- Potent antioxidant blend helps prevent future UV damage and premature signs of aging.
Restores- Licorice Extract & Tomato Derivatives help brighten skin and diminish the appearance of sun spots.

Let's break it down... packaging: Lovely! It's bright orange and hot pink! It reminds me of summer. I usually hate orange but this isn't puke inducing. If it were, I'd probably see if it fit into the bamboo refill case. Probably not but you know. Better than a gross orange. Also, the sponge feels gross and rubbery. Don't use it. It just soaks up powder like no other and well, this stuff is expensive for a drugstore brand. Also, it feels like something you'd use to wash dishes. I like how it kinda looks like a donut. Remember, pictures on the bottom of the post!

Shade Selection: Horrid. Seriously. I estimate that they go from an NC15 (with Translucent Light) to NC35 or a NC40 (Creamy Beige). I have Creamy Natural which is a bit dark for my NC25 lower face but perfecto for my NC30 forehead. If you have super dark skin... maybe the try the bronzer as a powder sunscreen/ light foundation. Seriously. The line is really more directed to lighter skinned people.

Coverage: I'm not 100% sure because I don't have MUCH to cover really. I use concealer for some minor booboos. It does even out my skin so that it looks even. I'm going to say Sheer to medium?

Price: It's 15 bucks at CVS. At CVS they didn't even have that stupid 5 dollars off NOW that they have at Rite Aid. Luckily, I found the 5 dollars off now stuff on the floor and it was 2 dollars off sooo, it came out to around 8 dollars. Nice no? I might look for this at Target or Walmart instead considering it's so expensive for a drugstore product. It is cheaper than getting a powder foundation from Sephora or the Jane Iredale one.

Overall, it's a nice product. I wasn't lookin for some miracle. I can't comment on the SPF because well, I'm not going to put some on half my face and then go tanning. The price is iffy, but hey! With coupons it becomes a great deal! Do I recommend it? Sure! If it were on sale 75% off at CVS, i'd snap them all up.


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Incredible valentines giveaways from many people! click to enter and win fragrance, body cream etc!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Some Lipstick Swatches and Quick Update

Happy Monday everyone! Usually, I'd be the first person to say "ew monday" but it's a happy monday because my school was let out early and also my swap from Canada came todayy! How exciting is that? I freaked out in the middle of my empty house and I was glad that no one saw me because it's kind of embarassing. I got a few brushes and 2 AVON lipsticks. I'll probably post pictures of the brushes later in the week because I'm lazy and I have a ton of stuff to still get to later.

Of course, I promptly depotted them into a small 5 gram jar because frankly, these tubes aren't small. I have a very limited space in my traincase and I'd like to keep things small so that everything fits nicely. I know that eventually I'll have to preform a whole moving process, but I'm going to delay that as long as possible. I mean, the jar only takes up 1/3 of the space and jars are stackable, unlike tubes.
Coming up soon: Physicians Formula Healthy Wear powder foundation review. I'm so embarrassed! I've had that stupid thing for weeks and I only used it today! LOL. Well, I'll get back to you on the end of the week.
And quick thought, has anyone been to CVS lately and seen the new PF cream liners? 3 for 10.99 is pretty nice. Although the jars look like the size of a Smashbox cream liner and the colors are basically repeated in the 4 eye color sets. If you get the brown and green eye sets, you'll basically have all the avalible colors. I plan to pick these up when they go on sale.