Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Swap Haul Fo'Sho and some pictures of NEWLY pressed pigments

So, I know that I'm not a gangSTAR, but you know. I try. So, the pigments that I pressed with my good friend Mika well... fell apart. They are like dead right now. They are kinda hard on the top part, but then like still soft underneath. I don't even know. I'm really lazy so I'm really NOT going to pull them apart to press them again because yeah. I'm lazy LOL. They're still usable.... kind of. Well, I'll press them later this week becuase I'm expecting some more pigments and those pan things to arrive. I'll be posting pics of those stuffles later this week as well as a HUGE eyeshadow overhaul. Meaning a reorganization for the win!

Just some tips for pressing pigments with Biosilk

Please do use Biosilk when pressing mineral makeup that does not have any natural binders in them. Sure, you can use Biosilk to press regular pigments, but do you know how expensive this stuff is? Its 35 dollars for like 12oz. Thats the size of a shampoo bottle. UGH. I will be posting a review next week on it when I use it in my hair kay loves?

1. Please wear disposable gloves. Like the ones that doctors have. You can get them at the drugstore. I mean ANYTHING. Plastic bags would be better than using your hands. You know why? Becuase Biosilk + pigment= stuff that wont come off with just soap and water. Seriously. I had to use so much Ponds Cold Cream, Rubbing Alcohol, to get it off my hands, the sink, my mixing tools, the SOAP BAR. This is serious stuff right here.

2. Use disposable mixing tools. I get it. I'm a cheap ass. Major cheap ass. I MAKE mini spoons out of aluminum foil. I take spoons and knives from McDonalds to use as spatulas to crush down lipsticks. Hey man, I'm not above taking those paper cups from McDonalds that they give you to hold ketchup or mustard from those huge pump dispensers. But DO NOT reuse. Why? They'll be a pain in the ASS to wash. See above note.

3. DO NOT. I repeat DO NOT try to press them with a quarter until the mixture is almost dry. Like when you touch the top, no pigment adheres to your finger. The whole mixture should feel like.. sponge cake. When you add the Biosilk to the pigment, you cannot add too much. This isn't alcohol pressing where you do some frosting or cake batter consistency. You want this to be like... wet sand.. or crumbly cookies. I tried to press it when it was wayy too wet. BAD IDEA.

4. If you are impatient like me, dry them using a hair dryer or the oven. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees Farenheit (spell check!). I'm in the USA so I believe we use farenheit unlike the rest of the world. When you're done mixing and preparing the pigments, turn off the oven and shove your pigments in there to let it cool. Once the oven cools down, make sure the pigments are dry enough and PRESSS!

5. Lastly, protect your work surfaces. Unless you like the look of finger stains everywhere, do protect.

Some pictures, then off to the fun stuff: swap pictures!
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