Monday, February 1, 2010

Some Lipstick Swatches and Quick Update

Happy Monday everyone! Usually, I'd be the first person to say "ew monday" but it's a happy monday because my school was let out early and also my swap from Canada came todayy! How exciting is that? I freaked out in the middle of my empty house and I was glad that no one saw me because it's kind of embarassing. I got a few brushes and 2 AVON lipsticks. I'll probably post pictures of the brushes later in the week because I'm lazy and I have a ton of stuff to still get to later.

Of course, I promptly depotted them into a small 5 gram jar because frankly, these tubes aren't small. I have a very limited space in my traincase and I'd like to keep things small so that everything fits nicely. I know that eventually I'll have to preform a whole moving process, but I'm going to delay that as long as possible. I mean, the jar only takes up 1/3 of the space and jars are stackable, unlike tubes.
Coming up soon: Physicians Formula Healthy Wear powder foundation review. I'm so embarrassed! I've had that stupid thing for weeks and I only used it today! LOL. Well, I'll get back to you on the end of the week.
And quick thought, has anyone been to CVS lately and seen the new PF cream liners? 3 for 10.99 is pretty nice. Although the jars look like the size of a Smashbox cream liner and the colors are basically repeated in the 4 eye color sets. If you get the brown and green eye sets, you'll basically have all the avalible colors. I plan to pick these up when they go on sale.


Lillian Funny Face said...

Continuous coral is gorgeous! I'm obsessed with coral lippies at the moment :)

Y said...

Thanks Lillian Funny Face! I love it too, but I'm not sure where I'd wear that to. Maybe a wedding? *shrug*

~tHiAmErE~ said...

continuous coral looks great!

i have to call my avon lady now!
thanks for the swatch

Y said...

No problem Thiamere!