Sunday, February 28, 2010

Just a Quick Tutorial: Puffed Sleeves on Shirts

So since today I was bored, my sister asked me to put on new sleeves on an old shirt. So, I decided to rip apart a different shirt and then make new sleeves from that.
What you'll need:
  • Sleeves. About 2x the hole that you need to put it on. See pictures
  • A shirt without sleeves. If it has sleeves, just rip 'em off.
  • Pins- to pin the sleeves and ruffles together
  • Needle and Thread- does this actually need explanation?


  1. The sleeves should look like this (see below) so that you can make the "puffiness" and "ruffliness".

  2. The shirt should be inside out and the sleeve should be right side out. Put them together as so (see below)

  3. Now, pin them together. As you are at the top of the sleeve, start pleating them, evenly.

  4. Sew. I suggest that you lightly handsew the pleated part then run it through with a sewing machine. It's easier that way
  5. Do the other sleeve. This is my finished product. I cuffed the sleeves so it looks cool! Happy sewing!

Toodles- and by the way, does anyone have any good places to get a layout, or anyone want to do a layout for me? I would really appreciate it. Also, if i get a new layout, does it mess up stuff i've added like the "reminder/contact info" box or the "hit counter" box"? Thanks loves

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