Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Layout problems: I hate winzip

Just a quick thought: I hate my current layout. Oh well, I don't HATE IT, but you know, it's annoying. I want to change it, but hey man, I don't have winzip, and I'm really not going to buy it. So, does anyone know a way to open these files w/o winzip? Or even better, does anyone know how to make these layout things, know a good site, or whatever? If so, comment below, because I'm thinking of making a new contest of who can give me/make the best layout. It would be like this: Each person would email the layout screenshot to me then I will choose the best one! Then the person would send the layout to me (already unzipped) and then I would send them a fabulous prize! Obviously open internationally. I recommend that each person would send 2 just in case that people send duplicates. I probably would have 2 prizes: one for best layout and one for randomness

Let me know what you lovely ladies think becuase if no one comments, I'm not going to put up this contest!


1 comment:

BLIX said...

Wow I have no idea. Mine is soo generic I wouldn't know what to suggest for someone else's. Ha! I hope you find something tho!