Saturday, March 20, 2010

New Hair Look?

Hey everyone! Sorry for not posting lately, but I've been busy- read- LAZYY. I've been meaning to do a post on a LIPOTD. How do you abbreviate lip of the day anyway? LOTD? Then what about Look of the day? Would that be Face of the day instead? You know, I hope that one day, these abbreviations will be set in stone. Or maybe they are, but I'm just unaware about that.

Anyway, I dyed my hair yesterday! I used Revlon Colorsilk in 03 Sun Blonde and sat outside in the sun for 25 minutes out of the 45 minutes you're supposed to do. This is the result!

I didn't know that it would be so red/blonde (no orange, becuase i hate the color orange >:[ ) I thought that it would be a chestnut color maybe? Well, then since I hated my eyebrows so dark and constrasty with my new hair, I cut them shorter so that they don't look so BLACK and so I could fill them in with some dark brown eyeshadow. I don't know though, I kind of want to lighten them a bit. Maybe a bit of hair bleaching cream on each eyebrow for 15 seconds to get them to be a dark brown? Anyone bleach their eyebrows want to email me or comment below with some advice? It would mean a whole tons.



Lillian Funny Face said...

Your hair looks very pretty :)

I bleached my eyebrows using regular facial bleach, for facial hair and stuff, so i just made it up and applied. It took a lot longer than it's supposed to on facial hair because brow hair is much thicker and courser. My eyebrows are naturally brown and went an orangey colour after about 20 minutes, then yellow after 30 then basically white. I'm afraid i don't think you could use bleach just to go brown, as it starts stripping all the colour out of the hair. You could bleach it lighter and then dye it a brown colour you like, or pencil it in with the colour you like, but i don't know what dyes are safe to use on eyebrows and if you only pencilled it obviously you would have to do it everyday or have far too light brows. My advice would have to be the expenisve option of getting it done professionally done, brow technicians will at least be able to tell you how best to go about it at home :)
Sorry i couldn't be too much help!

Askmewhats said...

that's a gorgeous hair look! :)

Y said...

@ Lillian- Thanks so much Lillian! I'm going to try that out, and keep researching! My brows are pretty short right now and so they're sparsy. I'll probably try this in 2 weeks or so!

@ Askmewhats- Thanks!

BLIX said...

LOTD is look of the maybe you could use lips OTD? I dunno!

I don't bleach my eyebrows. Trimming is easier to get the lighter look. Plus I don't like the idea of putting chemicals near my eyes that are harmful. Kinda scary. Hope you find something that works for you!

Y said...

You are so right Blix~ But I do hate trimming =/ I think that it's really time consuming