Monday, March 8, 2010

XX Chronicles 3rd Giveaway: Countdown to College notifications

I'm hosting this giveaway for a few reasons : to clear out my earring stash, and to make an informal countdown to College admission notifications (April 1st)! How exciting (Yes I am that much of a nerd)! Therefore, this giveaway will end on April 1st and on April 2nd a winner will be announced and I will also announce where I will be going to college! Yes, I make up my mind that fast considering I have a list of colleges ranked from most wanted to least wanted. Well, I'll only tell you guys if you are interested!



1. You must be a follower or else you will be disqualified.

2. Post a comment below saying 'enter me!' and tell me what you are counting down to! You don't HAVE to tell me, but do mention that you want to be entered =]

3. Please put all your entries into one comment. I have a spreadsheet running okay?

4. The prizes are basically your pick of TWO pair of earrings from the earrings listed below. There will be THREE winners. Please list the 6 you want in order of most want to least want. Winners will get thier choice of earrings based of first come first serve.

5. The winner will be emailed from chunkyxmunki(@)gmail(dot) and they must respond within 48 hours or else they forfeit the prize. Please check your spam mail! Please include your email in the comment area!

Extra Entries:

1. Repost contest onto your blog. It can be in the sidebar. (1 extra entry)

2. Repost any blogsale onto your blog. It can be in the sidebar. (1 extra entry)

3. Tell me if you want to know which college I'm going to. (1 extra entry)

4. You, family, friends, etc, buy something from my blog sale (5 extra entries + 1 more pair of earrings if you win). You don't have to include this in your comment below. Just when you are buying, make sure to include that this is for 5 extra entries and I'll add them into your spreadsheet. You can buy from the blogsales, or from my Amazon shop. Only domestic (USA) readers can buy directly from the shop, but if you are an international reader and you want something, just email me. These are the "extra prizes". If you win, and you qualify for an extra prize please let me know which one you want. Note that this only occurs once, so buying 10 things from me only gets you 5 extra entries and 1 more pair of earrings.

5. Add me on your blogroll (1 extra entry)

Toodles and good luck everyone!


makeupper said...
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Rena said...


I'm already a follower! 8)

1)dangling earring with three beads
2)light blue stone earrings
3)seashell earrings
4)starfish earrings
5)dark blue stone earrings
6)feather earrings

I've also linked your giveaway on my blog sidebar here:



<33 Rena

Beauty Vibes said...

Enter me please! I’m a new follower, what a fun giveaway! I’m counting down to Easter myself (like the other girl) I just love that time of the year :)

I like pretty much all of the earrings, so it was a bit hard to come up with a list. I think this order is pretty much what I’d like:

1. The feathers
2. The stars
3. The cherries
4. The blue stones
5. The butterflies
6. The green/orange earrings

And I do want to know what kind of college you’re going to, it’s always interesting to hear what people are going to do with their life !

You’re also on my blogroll :)

Email: SweetFantasyStar[at]hotmail[dot]com

makeupper said...

Oh duh, just realised I didn't include what earrings I'd like. xD
I'll delete my first comment and put everything here:

ooo! Enter me please! :D
I'm counting down the days til Easter - cause I probably won't be going away for the weekend again until then! :P

Earrings I LOVE in order (took me awhile to decide - they're all awesome!):

1. Feathers!
2. Butterflies!
3. Green/Orange earrings!
4. Blue Stones!
5. Cherries!
6. Stars!

Thanks and sorry about not including all this the first time :P

michelle said...

I'm a follower

enter me =)

I'm counting down to the days of our summer vacation

butterfly earrings
cherries earrings
starfish earrings
dangling earrings withbeads
feathers earrings
star earrings

I want to know which college are your going to

Brooke said...

Thanks for telling me about your cool giveaway!!!

I'm a new follower! Please enter me :)

1. Starfish!! so cute!
2. feathers :)
3. light blue - pretty!
4. shells/pearl
5. cherries :)
6. dark blue dangly


Fata Azzurra said...

enter me

Counting down to....summer holyday! :)

Let me know which college you are going to.

1. butterflies earrings
2. stars earrings
3. earrings with three beads
4. dark blue stone earrings
5. light blue stone earrings
6. starfish earrings


~Lisa said...

Enter me!

I'm counting down until summer vacation starts =]


I want to know which college you're going to

My choices:
1. Star & Chians
2. Cherries
3. Orange/Blue/Green Bead & Chains
4. Blue stone
5. Butterfly
6. Feathers

Janelle said...

Enter Me! I'm counting down to my gel nail summer course!


I'd love an email telling me which college you're going to (and GOOD LUCK!!!) :)

My choices:
1) Star fish earrings!
3) Butterflies
4) Stars
5) Feathers

Email I use:

Thank you!

Dina (XYYan) said...

Enter me! I'm counting down to the day i'm going for a trip :D

My choice of earrings:
1) Dangling earrings with three beads
2) Cherry lookalike earrings
3) Starfish earrings
4) Star earrings
5) Dark blue stone earrings
6) Light blue stone earrings


Thanks for the giveaway!

Red said...

Ok I'm an earring fanatic too so definitely enter me for this one! =) I'm counting down to when the strawberries are ready. I love strawberries, but I don't (usually) buy them from the grocery store. I have a little patch I grow, plus there is a local farm that allows visitors to go out into the fields and pick their own strawberries to buy.

The earrings I'd most like to have are:

1. Stars
2. Starfish
3. Orange and green
4. Dark blue
5. Shells
6. Light blue

I've added you to my blogroll & posted about your contest in the sidebar on my blog. And I'd love to know which college you're going to! =)

Vanessa said...

Enter me please
I'm counting down to Easter :D

1. Stars
2. Starfish
3. Cherries
4. Dangling earring with three beads
5. Light Blue
6. Butterfly

I put the link on my sidebar
I want to know which college you are going to :)
I added you on my blogroll