Saturday, March 13, 2010

Review: Biore Deep Cleansing Makeup Removing Towelettes

I'm going to put this out there right now. I was a makeup wipe hater. Seriously. I thought of them as wasteful, not economical, and just pretty useless. The makeup wipes are HUGE and usually I never USE them all on a face. Usually I find that liquid makeup remover lasts longer, although you do need the buy the cotton pads, but they're cheaper than dropping 8 bucks on a pack of 30 every month right?

So why did I ever pick this up? I was really low on cash, it was on sale (2 dollars off) at CVS and there was a save 1.00 NOW so, I bought it for 5 bucks. It can tide me over right?
Right to Left: Eyeshadow with UDPP, L'oreal HIP eyeliner, MAC studio finish concealer, Almay Light Interplay Mascara, Sephora Brand Flashy copper eyeliner.
What It Claims:
Want a quick, thorough and effective clean that instantly dissolves dirt, oil, and makeup? NEW BiorĂ©® Makeup Removing Towelettes remove waterproof mascara better than the leading towelette, and with no nasty residue.

What I Say: HELL YEAH! This stuff POWERS through everything, seriously! I used to use Pond's cold cream and I usually need to like glob it on my face to get off my 100000 layers of mascara, but this, just pop it on for 15 seconds, and most of it comes off. I also like the toilet paper consistency of the wipe becuase i can kinda grab my lashes and wash the mascara off. Don't try this at home, or be careful! LOL you don't want to rip out your lashes. But I find that I still need a second makeup remover to get the stuff like eyeliner in my lower lash line becuase it's not really small enough. I like my q-tips there.

Also, I have pretty dry skin around my eyes so it gets pretty irritated if I have to do a lot of wiping and scrubbing. My skin was starting to burn with Pond's. For this, my eyeskin stung a tiny bit but it quickly went away. Also, my eyes felt CLEAN. It wasn't like "AHHHHHHH I'M BLINDED BY THE OIL!!!" or "AHHHHH MY SKIN IS FALLING OFF!" I felt okay just walking around without formally washing my face with a face cleanser.

I don't find the smell offensive, but some people might. I kind of like the Biore signature green tea ish smell. It smelled like the dual moisturizer, but the moisturizer was less chemically.

Pricewise, it's almost the same as the MAC bulk wipes which retail at 100 for 26.00. This is 30 for 8 dollars.
Quick Tips:
  • Cut the wipes in thirds. That's what I do to save!

  • The package says to use by 45 days, but I think that it's because the product will dry out. You can again maximize usage by storing it upsidedown so the makeup remover won't evaporate.

Will I buy again? Probably yes, if it's on sale. I wish that they made this in a liquid form because I stilll favor the liquid stuff, but this is a good alternative. Also, I still need a second makeup remover to get the bits in my lower lash line.



BLIX said...

I think I have tried these before but a LOOONG time ago. I love the smell of Biore products. I currently use a WalMart brand of towelettes and it is perfect for me and much cheaper than name brand wipes. They are equate Exfoliating Cleansing Towelettes, 60 for I think about $5-7. I like the way they smell too.
I also like to cut them in half to make them last longer. :-D

Y said...

niice! and WOW 60 for like 5-7 dollars?! I have to try that next! Thanks for the tip!

Dina (XYYan) said...

thanks for the review! this towelettes look great, will see if i can find any at here. thanks for your sweet comment btw :D

Anonymous said...

It WOULD be nice to try something that I'm not screaming from it dripping into my eyes. Sounds nice!

Y said...

@Dina- Yay! DO try to find them there!

@Janelle- It's SO nice to use this for once. I've ben loving it more and more!

Sara (The Makeup said...

Great review!! Thanks so much