Saturday, April 23, 2011

OOTD (well on Thursday)

Hey ladies! Again, my deepest apologies for not posting for like, ever. It's been a really hectic week with my tests and stuff. And FINALLY my bf and I are on good terms and it's been really great in that department. For everything else (school), it's been really tough. I have finals in a week(ugh) and I have a physics (ugh) test Monday. I hate physics. I will be studying when I go to work. I mean I'm an usher so I basically work for like 2 hours, then I sit for another 2 just to make sure that no one causes trouble or help them find the bathroom. 

Anyway. I will resume more regular posting/ commenting once the summer hits. 

Mudd heels, skinny, jeans, shirt from TW, jacket from HK, belt from sister

Monday, April 18, 2011

Review: Jafra Lash Maximizing Mascara

Hey ladies! I'm sorry that I haven't been posting in a while, but I've been so caught up in life, school, fights with the bf (we're okay now if you cared). I'm still not going to be posting ALOT but this is just to tide you over :). 

So recently I was sent some cosmetics by Jafra Cosmetics. I will be doing a series of reviews, slowly lol. Today is the mascara they sent me!
What they say: Sweeps lashes to their fullest potential. Volumizes, lengthens, curls with patented cotton extract. Vitamins B5 and E hydrate, condition. Smudge, clump, flake-resistant.

Product Packaging including the brush: The brush is huge and it's just too large. It's even larger than L'Oreal Voluminous mascara. It's ridiculous. I don't understand why companies think that bigger is always better. The brush would be better if it would be smaller and the bristles weren't so thick and plastic-like. 
Effectiveness:  Let's let the pictures speak for themselves. First is natural lashes, then curled, then one coat. I don't even want to do 2 coats. It's too easy to get mascara on your lids and the bristles don't really grab your lashes too well. 

 It does lengthen and volumize some, but it deflates the curl. It's a pretty natural mascara for me. I like it enough. 

Formulation: It's a really wet mascara and it takes a while for it to dry. It comes off super easily with a bit of makeup remover. Doesn't flake really but it does smudge with oily lids.
Price: Expensive at 14 dollars for 0.35 oz. 

Recommended: Meh, it's okay. It is expensive at 14 dollars. The results aren't bad, but they aren't really worth the 14 dollars. Just take the 4 dollars, and get some mascara at Target on sale. Put the extra 10 in the bank for later

Monday, April 4, 2011

Review: Reviva Lab Products *Super Long*

LOL that's what she said!

.. Sorry. Couldn't refrain. How can I? It's so glaringly obvious! Well, today I bring you a triple review of Reviva Lab products. This seems to be a new-ish skin care company. I have received these products for free, but my opinions are still 100% honest and by mememe. You can access their site here. You can click on their names to get to the product itself :)

What they say: Beautifully sheer, greaseless facial cream moisturizer that's also a beautifully effective SPF #25 protection against sun's damaging rays, wind, heat or cold. When you are outdoors, although you are not sun bathing, your skin still needs protection. But the usual suntan cream is either too heavy or it's not a beautifying moisturizer. So, here's a superb moisturizer that softens, makes skin look dewy fresh, leaves no oily residue and has a special sunscreen. Ideal daily use for the outdoor type, male or female. Light Cream Sun Protective Moisturizer provides many hours of protection. 

Lets get started with the nitty gritty. 

Price: I'm starting with price today, because I'm fickle like that. 11 dollars for 1.5 oz. Okay, that's not bad. It seems to be price-wise, a little more expensive than well known drugstore brands. 

Packaging: I have problems with this. I like the jar formation, but I don't like how it doesn't close all the way. Don't get me wrong, its closed, but when its all the way closed, the lid doesn't touch the bottom jar. It's like a few millimeters of space away. I don't like that. It's terrifying. Also, I hate the "Reviva Labs" font. I like my fonts to be more "sturdy" like so it looks more professional. Also, I don't like all the little flowers and the green decor. I'm more of a classic, keep it simple kinda girl. But this is all really personal preference right?

Smell/Texture: Super light in texture (yay) and it doesn't feel heavy on the face. My face feels super velvety during the day. I have been using this predominately in the day b/c of the SPF. It doesn't really keep all the flakies away, but it does keep them at bay. It smells like sunscreen. I mean there is no getting around it. However, you do have to like shove your nose into the product to get it. Super Super Super plus mania. Cans I have this in the body lotion form, k, thanks. 

Effectiveness: I don't know how much the SPF works because I'm not going to make little patches with this then go tanning. As much as I love blogging, I'm also not walking around with white patches on my face. Just saying. But, it says it has 25 SPF. I'll take that for granted. I haven't had breakouts (yay!) from this. I do have more dry skin, so it isn't the most moisturizing thing in the world. It's much better for normal/oily skin. Aka, it's good for my T-zone/cheeks (normal) but not as good for my eye bags and former acne-d place (super dry and gross flakes). 

Recommended: Yes. The price may be a little steep for some, but besides that, it is a good product. I like how it doesn't smell gross and disgusting, how my skin feels and such. yay for life. 

Price: 4 dollars for a lipstick tube amount. It's expensive considering how fast I go through these things. 
Packaging: Okay, really Reviva Labs? I love the lipstick thing, but there is no flat edge which I don't like. It's a pure bullet shape. I like to have a flat edge on my tub like things. Also, I don't like the whole Maybelline concealer stick packaging with like writing on the clear plastic thing. It cheapens the whole thing. Maybe just a more "chapstick" packaging would be nicer. Just saying. 

Smell/Texture: It smells like vitamin E oil. It goes on clear. It sinks in well. Nothing to say in this department. 

Effectiveness: This is a miracle product. I'm not even joking. Dear Reviva Labs, I can have a carton of this, k thanks because my left eye flakies are GONE. GONE. GONE. okay. Underneath my eyes, I have such dry skin. I honestly don't even know why. It's just gross there. So, one day, I woke up and saw that my skin there was flaking off. 

Not even just crepey. That would actually be a step up. But it was like a blizzard. It's like dandruff. It's gross. I can't even wear makeup because of it. So, I used the stick thing for a week, and it has healed. FINALLY. (note to reader who wanted my previous moisturizer, i will get it sent out this week!!!) It also doesn't give me acne. Also, it's good for your lips. Case Closed. 

Recommended: Go out and buy some now. Seriously. Now. 

3.  Organic Day Cream with Alpha Lipoic Acid

What They Say: An antioxidant complex featuring Alpha Lipoic Acid. Nourish and soften normal-dry skin and smooth, silkify skin texture ... all as you defend against future damage with our Alpha Lipoic Acid, Vitamins C, E and Green Tea Antioxidant Complex. Certified organic oils and a wealth of natural nutrients also help fight past damage as they contribute to a healthy glow. Benefits: Promotes elasticity and clarity; helps diminish fine lines and wrinkles; unique defense against future skin damage; for ultimate results supplement our day cream with our Alpha Lipoic Night Cream.

Price: Too expensive at 23 dollars for a few ounces. 

Packaging:  Again, same complaints for the jars blahblahblah as before. However, I like how this has this little smaller lid thing that covers the product (inside the big lid). Total approval. 

Smell/Texture: It has a really strange consistency. It's like a more liquid petroleum jelly. It smells like fake chocolate and I don't really like it. 

Effectiveness: It feels like it should be a super moisturizing cream (too moisturizing for the day), but its not. It feels light, doesn't clog pores, but maybe not moisturizing enough for the driest of dry skins. It doesn't heal flakies, but it does paste them down and keep them at bay once you have conquered them. I actually like this as a night cream because I like my skin to feel velvety at night :)

Recommended: If you have the money, I would think that you are going to spring for a department store brand. But if you want something natural, then I guess you can go for this. For us, normal, not so rich college students, skip this, and go for the other two products mentioned above.  

I hope you like these review :)