Saturday, April 23, 2011

OOTD (well on Thursday)

Hey ladies! Again, my deepest apologies for not posting for like, ever. It's been a really hectic week with my tests and stuff. And FINALLY my bf and I are on good terms and it's been really great in that department. For everything else (school), it's been really tough. I have finals in a week(ugh) and I have a physics (ugh) test Monday. I hate physics. I will be studying when I go to work. I mean I'm an usher so I basically work for like 2 hours, then I sit for another 2 just to make sure that no one causes trouble or help them find the bathroom. 

Anyway. I will resume more regular posting/ commenting once the summer hits. 

Mudd heels, skinny, jeans, shirt from TW, jacket from HK, belt from sister


Cris said...

Love the jacket. Good luck :).

Y said...

aww thanks cris!