Saturday, August 29, 2009

Necklace Dupe<3

When I was reading People magazine in Espanol, I came across this very pretty necklace by Stella& Dot. It retails for 44$. You can find this at

Isn't it pretty? I loooooove it. But, it's also 44$. I can't afford that! So, I dug out some materials and made my own version for around 10$. Most materials I used for previous projects so actually, I spent a total of 0 dollars! It's not that difficult and I took maybe 30 minutes total.


1. You need needles, thread, jewelry plastic-ky thread, faux pearls, and a ribbon with a width approximately the size of the diameter of the pearls.

2. I didn't have a ribbon, so I cut some fabric. Now, cut out 2 pieces of ribbon and tie the ends in a bow. Then, tie 2 knots on each ribbon piece. They should be maybe... 4 or 5 inches away from the bow and should be symmetrical. I circled the bow and knots in the picture.

3. Now, sew your first pearl on as if you were sewing a button on. Don't worry about making it very tight. Now, start sewing your next pearl on. YOu should place it around 1 cm away from the first one. you want to leave enough fabric in between each pearl so that the fabric can wrap neatly around the pearls.

4. Now, when you get to around the halfway point of the necklace, PULL the thread and everything should bunch up like so. (see below picture). Now, tie a knot. And when you get to the end, you want to have maybe 2 inches of ribbon still left over. Do the other side.

5. Now, through each side, run a length of the jewelry thread though. It will reinforce the necklace. When you get to the end of one side, don't tie a knot. Keep running the needle and thread though the end of the second side and up. This will connect the two sides. Once, you're done, sew the two hanging ends together and chop them off.

Yay! Does anyone have any requests for me to do? If you do, you can always email me at chunkyxmunki (@) gmail (dot) com. Or, you can comment anytime!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Fck Trivoice International or whatever it is.

I am shutting down my previous email and using a new one to connect to this blog. Don't worry, nothing's changed, except for the fact that I am not subscribed to my favorite people anymore! Don't worry, I will follow everyone back again.

If you want to contact me: chunkyxmunki (@) gmail (dot) com.

What happenned?

Today, my dad recieves the Verizon bill. Theres the normal stuff, then theres this THING. It says

14.95 for using Trivoice International. WTF. what the HELL is that? I don't know. He calls Verizon and apparently, some FREAK entered my name, phone number, and email address in and signed me up.

My mom and I looked this thing up. Apparently, I'm not the only one being SCAMMED by this fake company. is an example. I swear, just GOOGLE Trivoice International, and there are so many stories of people being Scammed, ripped off. It's incredible.

So, i'm shutting down that email, moving everything onto this new email. I have people to contact, and whatever. But BE WARNED LADIES. Just letting you know that there's a creeper company out there trying to steal your money.

If before, I've followed you, but now, I'm not, sorry. I will FOLLOW YOU ONCE MORE okay? Kay!


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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ahem, Ahem, new miniskirt!

First things first, enter her blog for a MAC giveaway! She's so generous and letting you pick an eyeshadow, lipglass, lipstick and blush!!

And, I made my first miniskirt! I've made things before with a pattern, meaning I got those packets where there are actual predrawn patterns on a piece of paper. This time, I just have a book that kinda tells you how to draw it out, what the proportions are, but you're basically on your own.

I paired it with a necklace from Charlotte Russe and a tank top from H&M. yes, it's kinda wrinkly but it can be ironed out. Yes, there's some issues, but hey, whos scrutinizing? I mean, I notice because I'm a perfectionist and I get really picky about it. Does it look too childish? I hope not. I cut up an old vest to make the thick waistband.


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What I made today!

Hey Ladies! I just wanted to post what I made today for my sis. The dress was made from 2 different skirts, layered together.

I'm also thinking of making a miniskirt out of this fabric. I want to toughen it up with buttons, and a thick black waistband. I've started working on it and I'll post pictures of it tomorrow! Do you guys think that it's too childish? the pattern I mean.

Oh, in case you guys are wondering, I use a pattern book to make my stuff, or I just remodel old stuff into new stuff. This is the book I like to use for my miniskirt. Yes, it's in chinese, but I get my mom to translate it. I can also translate a bit myself. =)

I am by NO MEANS a pro. But if you guys have any questions about sewing, crafting projects, always feel free to contact me, leave a comment, whatever~


Saturday, August 22, 2009


Today, is NOT my b-day, but it will be in one month!! EXACTLY one month- Sept 22.

Anyway, today, I was making a new skirt for myself out of an old one. I shortened it, added black lace around the bottom and voila! New skirt! Then, I stupidly realized that well, I don't ever wear plaid. Or anything plaid-like. I don't even know how to wear stuff with plaid, so I decided, why don't I ask people on blogspot and make a contest out of it!

CONTEST: Tell me, how would you wear this skirt? Give me your advice! What would you wear it with? What kind of shoes, shirt, accessories, jacket? I want to know! This is open to ANYONE, even international readers.

Winner will recieve 3 pairs of brand new earrings plus other extras of course! One from Express and 2 from some asian brand.


1. Must be subscribed to me.

2. Please, Comment below!
3. Send me and email at Tell me your real name, username here, and repost your comment there. Please put the subject line as B-day Contest.
This contest will end on Sept 22, which gives a lot of time for everyone to enter! You don't have to, but it would be appreciated if you told other people about this. I would love to hear everyone's advice on how to wear this skirt.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

We're making a Traincase...! Part 2

Note to new readers: part one is the post before.

Now that we have our actual traincase up, it's time to decorate. First, you want to put something that will keep the thing shut. I used an old belt and I hot glued it on.

For decorations, I used small beads and I made rosettes. I'll show you how to make them!

1. Cut out a approx. 4 in by .75 in of fabric. It doesn't have to be nice, it can be very messy.

2. Now, place a dab of hot glue on the very outermost edge of where you want that rosette to be. Twist an end of the fabric and stick it on. Keep twisting and gluing until you have a circle. You don't have to twist it to death. It looks better if it's a bit loose.

3. Keep twisting and gluing in circles so that it fills up the middle space. It can puff up a bit, but that's fine. Once you fill it up all the way to the center, then snip off any excess fabric.

4. see that little bit just sticking out? Put some hot glue in the center of the rosette and twist the end and stick it in it's place. Final result?

My final traincase box?


Monday, August 17, 2009

We're making a..... TRAINCASE! part one.

Okay, so we are making a psuedo-traincase thing. I call this a pseudo traincase because it doesn't have a handle. Instead, it's more of a drawer to carry your makeup so when you travel, you have it all organized in a small box! I will be posting this in 2 parts because if I make this one post, it'll be really really long. OH, and i don't have pictures for the beginning few steps because my pictures were all deleted when my computer crashed! I took new ones though!

1. Get a shoebox. Then take the lid, and you know how theres the long part of the lid? Well, snip it so it's not connected to the short sides of the lid. This will make your "hinge" to connect to the actual BOX. Now, tape that long side that you snipped to the box.

2. Now, what do you want to do? Do you want to make another layer? I did. So, take a smaller box that fits in the shoebox, and measure how high you want to be elevated. Then, take cardboard and cut out rectangles to fit into the box so that the bottom layer will be divided and the smaller box will be supported. Now, you have 2 layers! Oh, and you should take this time to reinforce the box with more cardboard.

3. Okay, now what you want to do is to cover the box with fabric. You can use paper, or whatever you want. There is no real way to glue it, so you can just wrap it. It doesn't have to be perfect because we will be hiding flaws later. Also, don't wrap fabric on the inside because we'll be layering it with other stuff. It takes some creative thinking. to cover the whole box with one piece of fabric.
4. Now cut out cardboard pieces that fit into the sides, bottom, top of the lid, and sides of the lid. These don't need to be thick pieces. They can be just thin posterboard. Cover this with another fabric. These don't need to be covered on both sides. Any divisions that you do need to be covered on both sides. Also, cover the smaller box that you put in.

5. Before we glue these suckers in, think, do you want ribbon? trimmings? This is the time to put on any ribbon and such. To make the things that keep the lid from just flopping back, cut the ribbon in half, and glue them in, connecting the lid to the box at an angle. YOu can see this in the previous picture. And when you cut the ribbon in half, make sure to hem it so it doesn't fray. I used a satin ribbon.

6. Now, we can stick in our "inside"s. The stuff that we covered with fabric.

See how all the grossness is covered up? Now, we need to stick the separations in. Put glue on the bottom and then stick those babies in. Okay, now, you should glue the sides. see picture. THis will keep the pieces from falling.


Tomorrow, I will be posting part 2.


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

This has got to be the WORST movie ever.

Today, I think that I'm going to make a small detour and talk about something other than beauty related stuff. Today, my mom and I went down to Stop and Shop to rent a movie from the Redbox thing. Isn't that thing so convienient?! For those who don't know what it is, its like a vending machine where you can rent movies. Theres like a similar thing at Pathmark.

We rented The Day the Earth Stopped. I thought that it looked decent you know? There's a HUGE robot on the cover. The description says that its about these robots that have come to take over the world. For some reference. I love these kind of movies: Independence day, The day after Tomorrow, War of the Worlds, Dodgeball(fave movie, but not this genre). I was hoping that this would be good.

WRONG. I couldn't even watch the whole movie. I watched 30 minutes before just shutting it off in disgust. I have a pretty high tolerance for movies too. I watched Wall-e which was pretty boring. I can sit though pokemon-the movie, Digimon- the movie, barney, sesame street etcetc. You get the point? There are a lot of problems with this movie in general. Let me count the ways.

One: Characters. So, there's supposed to be these aliens right? They're 2 naked people. That's it people. A naked lady, and a naked man. Could it be even more boring? There's not distinguishing marks that screams ALIEN. When I first watched it, I thought that this was some sort of joke. Did I just pop in a porn video? I don't know. I mean, there was a naked lady in Terminator, but she was a ROBOT from the future. There was a naked lady alien in MIB II or I (I forget) but you know what? That was okay, because she DEMONSTRATED her alieness by swallowing a person whole.

We always imagine aliens to have powers and to kick some human ASS right? These aliens suck. Thier power is like whoosh. Blue energy comes out from thier hands. That's it. They don't shoot out tentacles, they don't fight at all. The man alien, was brought down by a couple of tranquilizers. When has an alien been brought down by some tranqs? The darts were like an inch long too. The woman was walking around naked in the middle of street looking like a deer in headlights. She's like a deafmute. Doesn't fight humans.

Want to know what thier power is? It's to reverse some electricity stuff. I mean, ew. Sorry, I know that this is science fiction, but the majority of the population don't have advanced degrees in physics or whatever. Why not have the power as like shoot tentacles out of thier ears? Or fireballs out of thier palms? Whatever. I'm over it.

Alright! Onto the human characters. They're boring. One-dimensional. Maybe it's because I've only watched 30 minutes. I don't know.

Plot: Is boring. It's like it started out in the middle of the movie or something. You know how first, they start you off with some background stuff, right? Like, in War of the Worlds, they don't start off with when Dakota Fanning and Tom Cruise are hiding out in the dude's basement waiting for aliens. No, they start out with some background info on Tom Cruise+ family. Here, they start off with men talking about capturing aliens, and they keep mentioning 666. I'm confused.

Theres no suspense at all for the aliens. There's no buildup! Sigh. I'm over it. Don't rent this. Really. The people at IMDB give this a 3.2. I give this a 1.0 for effort.


Saturday, August 8, 2009

Hello again~ back with a new swap haul!

hello ladies! Today, my family and I went to the New York Botanical Gardens. I had a pretty good time (excluding the burning sun and the fact that we got lost!) looking at flowers and stuff. Personally, I love flowers, and I also love to garden. I have my own small little garden in my backyard that is growing nicely. I also bought a baby cactus!

Isn't it cute?! Well, I mean I think that it's pretty cute. I need to move it into a larger pot later so it can grow.

My favorite flowers there:

The one on the left is a hybrid oriental lily and the one of the right is a hibiscus flower. How nice eh?

A swap haul came in today. The emory board was something I bought for 99 cents at Rite Aid, the nivea soap and boss hugo perfume sample was something I ordered. sorry, but not swatches today of the eyeshadow! my camera is sucking real bad today, so yeah. The LA colors palatte I'm pretty happy with. I mean it's a low end product so the pigmentation could be stronger. It kinda smells like baby powder too, but the colors are pretty and I'm excited to play with this.