Tuesday, August 18, 2009

We're making a Traincase...! Part 2

Note to new readers: part one is the post before.

Now that we have our actual traincase up, it's time to decorate. First, you want to put something that will keep the thing shut. I used an old belt and I hot glued it on.

For decorations, I used small beads and I made rosettes. I'll show you how to make them!

1. Cut out a approx. 4 in by .75 in of fabric. It doesn't have to be nice, it can be very messy.

2. Now, place a dab of hot glue on the very outermost edge of where you want that rosette to be. Twist an end of the fabric and stick it on. Keep twisting and gluing until you have a circle. You don't have to twist it to death. It looks better if it's a bit loose.

3. Keep twisting and gluing in circles so that it fills up the middle space. It can puff up a bit, but that's fine. Once you fill it up all the way to the center, then snip off any excess fabric.

4. see that little bit just sticking out? Put some hot glue in the center of the rosette and twist the end and stick it in it's place. Final result?

My final traincase box?



Lizzard said...

you are so creative!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much!