Friday, August 28, 2009

Fck Trivoice International or whatever it is.

I am shutting down my previous email and using a new one to connect to this blog. Don't worry, nothing's changed, except for the fact that I am not subscribed to my favorite people anymore! Don't worry, I will follow everyone back again.

If you want to contact me: chunkyxmunki (@) gmail (dot) com.

What happenned?

Today, my dad recieves the Verizon bill. Theres the normal stuff, then theres this THING. It says

14.95 for using Trivoice International. WTF. what the HELL is that? I don't know. He calls Verizon and apparently, some FREAK entered my name, phone number, and email address in and signed me up.

My mom and I looked this thing up. Apparently, I'm not the only one being SCAMMED by this fake company. is an example. I swear, just GOOGLE Trivoice International, and there are so many stories of people being Scammed, ripped off. It's incredible.

So, i'm shutting down that email, moving everything onto this new email. I have people to contact, and whatever. But BE WARNED LADIES. Just letting you know that there's a creeper company out there trying to steal your money.

If before, I've followed you, but now, I'm not, sorry. I will FOLLOW YOU ONCE MORE okay? Kay!


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