Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What I made today!

Hey Ladies! I just wanted to post what I made today for my sis. The dress was made from 2 different skirts, layered together.

I'm also thinking of making a miniskirt out of this fabric. I want to toughen it up with buttons, and a thick black waistband. I've started working on it and I'll post pictures of it tomorrow! Do you guys think that it's too childish? the pattern I mean.

Oh, in case you guys are wondering, I use a pattern book to make my stuff, or I just remodel old stuff into new stuff. This is the book I like to use for my miniskirt. Yes, it's in chinese, but I get my mom to translate it. I can also translate a bit myself. =)

I am by NO MEANS a pro. But if you guys have any questions about sewing, crafting projects, always feel free to contact me, leave a comment, whatever~



Askmewhats said...

Sewing is my Achille's Heel, that's one thing I totally cannot do! Great job!!! Yes you're not professional, but I won't be surprised seeing you doing it professionally! great talent!

~tHiAmErE~ said...


that's amazing!
i think sewing is such a nice thing to do, imagine a scrap of fabric is transformed into a nice dress!

how cool is that?!

you're awesome

Anonymous said...

To Askmewhats: Aww thanks! I think that I would love to take actual classes in college! And sewing definately takes practice. I used to be so bad at it!

To Thiamere: I know right?! I think that i got interested in sewing because its so cool how a square of fabric becomes a shirt or a skirt!