Monday, March 26, 2012

Adore Me: A second look *Pic Heavy*

I was recently sent another coupon code to try out Adore Me again. After some hemming and hawing (especially after my unflattering review), I decided to try it out again, especially since Stephanie, the public relations person, told me that Adore Me has changed a bit. 

After looking on the new Adore Me website, I like the changes that have been made. First off, not everything is a thong. There are actually more details about what kind of underwear is included. I like that much much better considering how before, basically everything was a thong. Right now, I see mostly boyshorts and thongs. It's definitely an improvement. 

Shipping is fast like always. I ordered around 4 days ago, and I got it today. 

We see that there's a protective layer around the box, which is good. Last time, the box was crushed in travel. 

I got Kate. It's cute! Link here!

I believe they changed the label on the bra?

So you can see that I am pleased with the set. The underwear is still a size smaller than expected, so make sure to order up. Also, the bra feels a little more padded in the cup part. Maybe they changed manufacturers? I don't know. This time, I ordered the right size underwear and it's nice. It's comfy. 

The price level is still high for me. It's currently 40 dollars for the set. However, it seems *more* reasonable considering the fact that I actually like the sets this time around on Adore Me. 

Recommended: Mostly yes. If you have money to spend, then this would be good for you. The selections have expanded and I like that the most. 

Thursday, March 15, 2012

DIY: L.A.M.B Spring '11 inspired Dress

One of my favorite designers is Gwen Stefani. I think that she's one of the few celebrity designers that is taken seriously in the industry. I mean, let's face it. A lot of celebrity "designers" end up being like "Selena Gomez for Kmart" or "Jennifer Lopez for Kohls". While their stuff is "nice" and "commercial", you'll never really see them as style icons. 

After I saw this dress:

Courtesy of
I knew I had to make something like it. Obviously mine is longer and tighter fitting. If I could do it again, I wouldn't make it so tight. I'd make it looser. However, I'm not model sized, so I don't look that great in trapeze/shapeless shift dresses. Sorry for the crappy photos. I forgot my camera and I had to use my phone camera. 

Step 1: Make a tube dress from a t-shirt. If you want it to be trapeze shaped, make the inner layer trapeze shaped. 

Step 2: Using 2 yards of fabric, cut out large strips. These will be the tiers. This is a really basic tiered dress. All you do it sew it onto the inner tshirt layer, starting from the bottom. 

This is what it looks like after all the layers have been sewn on. 
Step 3: Make the shoulder ruffle. Use a sewing machine to make ruffles out of 3 long strips of cloth. Sew onto the dress and voila:


New Hair

I've been so friggin busy with school, but it's finally Spring break! I go back to school on Saturday though where I have a few tests and an essay waiting. I finally got the inverted bob cut I've always wanted. Be back tomorrow for a Gwen Stefani, L.A.M.B Spring '11 collection inspired dress. 

Friday, March 2, 2012

I'm a pretty shitty blogger

I've been so busy and now my camera broke! :( I'm really upset. Here are some last pictures

I got shoes from shoeDazzle. I'm just trying to strech out the toebox!