Monday, March 26, 2012

Adore Me: A second look *Pic Heavy*

I was recently sent another coupon code to try out Adore Me again. After some hemming and hawing (especially after my unflattering review), I decided to try it out again, especially since Stephanie, the public relations person, told me that Adore Me has changed a bit. 

After looking on the new Adore Me website, I like the changes that have been made. First off, not everything is a thong. There are actually more details about what kind of underwear is included. I like that much much better considering how before, basically everything was a thong. Right now, I see mostly boyshorts and thongs. It's definitely an improvement. 

Shipping is fast like always. I ordered around 4 days ago, and I got it today. 

We see that there's a protective layer around the box, which is good. Last time, the box was crushed in travel. 

I got Kate. It's cute! Link here!

I believe they changed the label on the bra?

So you can see that I am pleased with the set. The underwear is still a size smaller than expected, so make sure to order up. Also, the bra feels a little more padded in the cup part. Maybe they changed manufacturers? I don't know. This time, I ordered the right size underwear and it's nice. It's comfy. 

The price level is still high for me. It's currently 40 dollars for the set. However, it seems *more* reasonable considering the fact that I actually like the sets this time around on Adore Me. 

Recommended: Mostly yes. If you have money to spend, then this would be good for you. The selections have expanded and I like that the most. 

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