Wednesday, June 16, 2010

XX Chronicles giveaway winner!

Congrats to Angie, who has won my contest! Please respond in the next 36 hours so I have time to make your present. I have sent you an email, so please check your spam!

I will be back in a month or so with a great haul and storiess!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Quick Update: A hiatus until I get back from Taiwan

No worries, I will still annouce the giveaway winner kay? kay. I'm taking a break because I'm just feeling so uninspired lately to post you know? I haven't been wearing makeup and right now, I'm just wrapping up my year at school, taking pictures and making the most of my time left with them. It's SO SAD how I might not see them much again! >.<>

Well, just toodles for nowwww

Monday, June 7, 2010

Review: Got2Be Guardian Angel 425 degrees Heat Protect N' Flatten

So, I've been really lazy, just mooching around. I have been starting to prep for some placements in college, but you know, still. I don't really have school anymore so yeah. nice. Yay. EXCEPT, I'm going to be away all summer, mostly without internet access and my college advisor isn't going to extend the deadline to take the Biology placement! WHY?! It's not like I CHOSE to go away this summer?! Well, I still have a bit of time. I'm going to see what I can do.

Anyway, I'm back with a review. I actually got this a while back, but I only wash my hair like once every 4 days (becuase my hair is SO processed) so I iron my hair once every 4 days. It's not gross, I SWEAR! My hair is really dry, so it only gets oily after like a couple days anyway. ANYWAY, moving forward from my really strange and weird habits...

hohoho. pretty bottle.

What they claim:

Get the stick straight styles you crave with the got2b Guardian Angel Heat Protect N' Flatten Flat Iron Balm and Gloss Finish.
Be invincible with the got2b Guardian Angel formulated with proven 425 degree heat protection, plus a patented heat-activated polymer which forms a protective layer around the cuticle while delivering shine agents for a glossy finish. There's no more need to go any hotter.
This flat iron straightening balm moisturizes and insulates your hair from flat iron frying to provide long-lasting, sleek, frizz-free locks with luminous shine effects. Forget the styling sins of the past-your hair's flat-out invincible now!

What I Say:

Let's do this in an organized fashion. First off, the most important part: price. It's pretty cheap actually! Actually, its a mid-priced drugstore brand. Nexxus is 12 dollars, and Dove/Tresemme is like... 4. This is around 7 and sometimes, it comes with a mini guardian angel! Yay! More bang for your hard earned buck!

Smell: Lovely. I like the smell much more than the Dove. It's almost... summery and not hair product-ey at all!

Usage: I spray it on liberally before ironing my hair. What I don't understand is why they have three different products. One for blow drying, one for ironing and the other for curling. I mean, is it gimmicky? Someone tell me please! But after I use it, my hair feels much softer. Before when I used Dove, I didn't feel that my hair was softer than if i didn't use it. My hair feel much softer and healthier.

However, I do have my beefs (beefs?) with this product. It supposedly only protects up to 425 degrees and my iron automatically heats up to 430! Well, 5 degree difference isn't going to kill me right? plus, I only do one or two passes with the iron. Also, I don't really see much 'gloss' or 'shine effects'. I have to go to my Biosilk or Garnier smoothing milk to get some "shine".

Well, not much else to say about the product. Any questions? Tell me and I will answer! Would I buy it again? Yeah! It's good on the wallet, especially when it comes with the mini.


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Some randomness and any requests anyone?

Basically, I've hit a rut. Without primer, I've been doing mostly lip looks (which is good becuase I'm using product still). But my mascara even runs because it's so hot outside. Literally, yesterday, I was DYING. My eyelids are monolids and they kinda fold under each other so the part that's folded under is really oily. Ugh.

Well, just a quick update on my very boring life: I have to prepare for 3 placement tests in Carnegie Mellon (Math, Chinese and Biology) which sucks becuase now I can't slack off! AHHH! LOL I feel like a Junior.

I've been making bits and pieces of jewelry and stuff, but not for me to wear. It's for something that I'm not going to reveal yet. I'll get around to revealing my pieces that i've made so far later.

I'm so bored that I'll take requests! Anything you want me to do? Tell me!