Thursday, June 3, 2010

Some randomness and any requests anyone?

Basically, I've hit a rut. Without primer, I've been doing mostly lip looks (which is good becuase I'm using product still). But my mascara even runs because it's so hot outside. Literally, yesterday, I was DYING. My eyelids are monolids and they kinda fold under each other so the part that's folded under is really oily. Ugh.

Well, just a quick update on my very boring life: I have to prepare for 3 placement tests in Carnegie Mellon (Math, Chinese and Biology) which sucks becuase now I can't slack off! AHHH! LOL I feel like a Junior.

I've been making bits and pieces of jewelry and stuff, but not for me to wear. It's for something that I'm not going to reveal yet. I'll get around to revealing my pieces that i've made so far later.

I'm so bored that I'll take requests! Anything you want me to do? Tell me!



BLIX said...

You should try a waterproof mascara. That will prevent it from running even in hot weather. :-)

Why don't you have a primer?

Y said...

@Hmmm, I will try something waterproof. I don't have a primer b/c I ran out! I'm pretty busy lately with packing for college so I'm not able to buy some primer!