Tuesday, August 11, 2009

This has got to be the WORST movie ever.

Today, I think that I'm going to make a small detour and talk about something other than beauty related stuff. Today, my mom and I went down to Stop and Shop to rent a movie from the Redbox thing. Isn't that thing so convienient?! For those who don't know what it is, its like a vending machine where you can rent movies. Theres like a similar thing at Pathmark.

We rented The Day the Earth Stopped. I thought that it looked decent you know? There's a HUGE robot on the cover. The description says that its about these robots that have come to take over the world. For some reference. I love these kind of movies: Independence day, The day after Tomorrow, War of the Worlds, Dodgeball(fave movie, but not this genre). I was hoping that this would be good.

WRONG. I couldn't even watch the whole movie. I watched 30 minutes before just shutting it off in disgust. I have a pretty high tolerance for movies too. I watched Wall-e which was pretty boring. I can sit though pokemon-the movie, Digimon- the movie, barney, sesame street etcetc. You get the point? There are a lot of problems with this movie in general. Let me count the ways.

One: Characters. So, there's supposed to be these aliens right? They're 2 naked people. That's it people. A naked lady, and a naked man. Could it be even more boring? There's not distinguishing marks that screams ALIEN. When I first watched it, I thought that this was some sort of joke. Did I just pop in a porn video? I don't know. I mean, there was a naked lady in Terminator, but she was a ROBOT from the future. There was a naked lady alien in MIB II or I (I forget) but you know what? That was okay, because she DEMONSTRATED her alieness by swallowing a person whole.

We always imagine aliens to have powers and to kick some human ASS right? These aliens suck. Thier power is like whoosh. Blue energy comes out from thier hands. That's it. They don't shoot out tentacles, they don't fight at all. The man alien, was brought down by a couple of tranquilizers. When has an alien been brought down by some tranqs? The darts were like an inch long too. The woman was walking around naked in the middle of street looking like a deer in headlights. She's like a deafmute. Doesn't fight humans.

Want to know what thier power is? It's to reverse some electricity stuff. I mean, ew. Sorry, I know that this is science fiction, but the majority of the population don't have advanced degrees in physics or whatever. Why not have the power as like shoot tentacles out of thier ears? Or fireballs out of thier palms? Whatever. I'm over it.

Alright! Onto the human characters. They're boring. One-dimensional. Maybe it's because I've only watched 30 minutes. I don't know.

Plot: Is boring. It's like it started out in the middle of the movie or something. You know how first, they start you off with some background stuff, right? Like, in War of the Worlds, they don't start off with when Dakota Fanning and Tom Cruise are hiding out in the dude's basement waiting for aliens. No, they start out with some background info on Tom Cruise+ family. Here, they start off with men talking about capturing aliens, and they keep mentioning 666. I'm confused.

Theres no suspense at all for the aliens. There's no buildup! Sigh. I'm over it. Don't rent this. Really.

http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1290471/ The people at IMDB give this a 3.2. I give this a 1.0 for effort.



~tHiAmErE~ said...

i like end of the world type of movies!

it sucks when you watch a movie & have high expectations, but all of a sudden its just actually a flop...


Anonymous said...

Yeah! I know what you mean! I felt the same way when watching Inkheart with my sister. I liked the book, but the movie was just bad.