Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Perhaps I should start a new Tag?

Yayyy! It's FINALLY snowing here in the USA. I mean, it's supposed to snow up to 10 inches or something. I'm just glad that the weathermen finally got it right. Once, they said that it would snow like 4-6 inches and we go absolutely no snow. So, now, I'm bored, with a ton of homework to do. Obviously the logical thing to do would be to start a tag right?

Rules of the Tag: None! Everyone who is reading this is tagged. If you decide to do this, tell me! If you don't have a blog, post your answer to the tag in the comments below!

Question 1: How did you start getting in makeup?

Actually, this I'm not too sure about. When I was younger, I hated anything girly. I hated dresses, dressing up, etcetcetc. Then in sophomore year, I started getting interested in makeup, mostly for the pretty colors and basically because I started watching youtube videos LOL. Then, I think that it really started taking off after I went to camp and all my girl friends were using it.

Question 2: This isn't for everyone so be warned! If you don't use makeup, are you planning on doing so eventually?

Question 3: What's your "game face"?

Your game face, meaning what makes you feel your best? Me: Gold eyeshadow with some darker color in the outer vee, black liner, done and sculpted eyebrows (quick side note, I re did my brows! Now my sister tells me that I look "less intimidating" LOL), mascara fo' sho', perfume.

Question 4: What makeup thing are you terrified to do?

Tightlining. You know, eyeliner on the upper waterline of your lid? I've seen people do it and I'm just terrified. Possibly becuase you have to like grab your eyelashes and like flip your eyelid inside out. UGH. I'm not afraid of makeup, but this is just... no.

Question 5: This isn't makeup related, but you know. What's your favorite detailing accesory?

Sequins baby! I LOVE sequins. I'm currently doing a project. I'll post pictures once I'm done.


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