Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Tutorial: Faux Pearl Necklace

Hello Ladies! I know that I haven't updated in a while, but I'm busy and I will probably update once, twice a week. Just the other day, I went to Pearl's (art store) and bought some faux beads and this vintage-like blue pendant. It is made by Blue Moon Bead. For the record, I LOVE BLUE MOON BEADS. I also like the Global brand because it's so ethnic like and I love it. But I just love Blue moon. They have such a good variety. You can also buy these beads at AC Moore. At AC Moore, they have a slightly larger selection of Blue Moon Beads.

First, you need to tie the pendant onto a jewelery wire thing. You can get a roll of plastic like thread at any craft store. I use that. So, take your desired length and fold it in half. I took maybe 2 ft or so because I wanted it to be a long necklace. Then, put the folded end through the hole. Then, take the ends of the string through the folded end. Pull tight.

Next, start adding beads. Add until you hit the place where you want the second string of pearls to start. When you hit there, stop, then take a second piece of string and tie one end to one side of the necklace. Start adding beads to that.

Now, once you have enough beads on the second strand part, tie it off onto the other side of the necklace. Don't worry about anything falling apart. We will deal with that later.
Keep stringing on beads until you are almost done. When you are about 7 inches or so away from the end of your necklace, tie a cream colored ribbon to each sides of the necklace. Both ends of the ribbon should be about the same length.

Now take the ends of the ribbon and tie them together. They should be sticking up. And when I say end of the ribbon, I mean the ends on ONE side of the necklace.

The ribbon still moves around on the plasticky thread so take that loose thread end( you can kinda see it in the above picture) and tie that off to itself. It's like if you wanted to tie something to a ribbon.

Now, tie the ends of the necklace together. Use a hot glue gun and glue the small bow together so that it lays flat and looks pretty.

Now, I labled all the places where I recommend that you put some hot glue to reinforce it so it doesn't fall apart.

And no we aren't done. Sorry, this is a HUGE post. But yeah. I have a lot of pictures. I'm going to condense this or else I am afraid that I won't be able to fit everything. So, I'm going to make some ruffles in the ribbon. First, make some ruffles with your fingers, hold them. Now, take a needle and run some thread through the ruffles. Then tie a knot away from the ribbon so that when you stretch it out it is the desired length.
And Voila! We are finished. Remember you can always eliminate any step you want if you don't want to use fake pearls, you can use any other beads.

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