Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New clothes and stuff.

Yesterday, I went to Sears that was connected to the Paramus Park Mall. Obviously, I didn't find anything that I wanted, so my family and I walked out and we went to Old Navy. Normally. I am not a big Old Navy fan. Why? Well, I honestly find thier stuff a bit overpriced. Their clothing is cute, but for 20 dollars, I'd rather head over to F21 or H&M or even the thrift store and buy clothes with brighter, more colorful and crazier prints instead of buying a plain green dress. Also, I'm not too crazy about thier sizing. For example: Jeans. Thier jean sizes seem to be getting larger and larger and larger every year. Just a couple year ago, I fit into a pair of size 3 jeans, then I lost weight, so I became a size 1. Then just 2 years ago (still same wieght) I became a size 0. Now, I fit into kids 14. Yes, KIDS 14.

I don't know if I grew taller or something? Even if I did grow, I'd need to grow like 3 inches to shrink a size, and I'm a very petite 5 ft 3.75 inches. I haven't grown since my sophmore year in highschool.

I'm pretty embarrassed by being a size Kids 14 because well, I'm 16 years old and still shopping in the kids section? Not even adult section in Old Navy. Also, sometimes, kids jeans have all these sparkly rhinestones on them and I like my jeans plain and simple. No rips, or stuff. I take back the plain part. I like them to have nice embroidery, but not like printed on glitter butterflies. I like very embellished back pockets. I've completely veered off the original topic so let's go back.

I went to Old Navy and found a great pair of jeans. I love how they just skim the floor nicely instead of being 5 inches too long like most adult jeans are. Dark wash, boot-cut.

Hey, these jeans are pretty great actually. And they were buy one is 20$ and buy 2 is 28$! This is a great deal as compared to the adult jeans. Those are 29.95$ approx. and these became 14$ because my sister also bought a pair. I have saved around 16$! Look at the savings. I am shocked by this. Considering the economy, I will continue to buy kid sized jeans because with that extra money, I can buy other clothing in the future.

3 days ago, I bought new shoes from Payless for 10 bucks. They are a 3 inch heel wedge and by American Eagle. I really enjoy the extra height!

I want to start a new tag! What are you guys doing to save money during this recession? Name 5 things. I'm:
1. Buying Kid sized jeans that fit.
2. Only looking through clearance or heavily discounted racks of clothing.
3. Looking through goodwill or thrift stores.
4. No makeup.
Anddd 5. Waiting for movies to come out on DVD so I can rent them at the Pathmark or Stop and Shop Redbox vending machine like thing that spits out DVDs for a dollar.
I tag Cris, My-My Ganda and whoever else wants to do this!

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