Sunday, June 28, 2009

Tag: What I Love/Hate

So, the Beauty Brat ( was having a tagging thing and she tagged anyone with a blog, and so I decided to do this too! I tag whoever wants to do that.

1. Lips
LOVE: A really red lip. I really love red lips, like red lipstick, cherry stained lips, whatever. It also needs to be immaculate. I hate it when people have weird feathering lipstick. I don't know. It's kinda gross
Hate: No, it's not the feathering lipstick. I actually have a tie.I hate it more when people wear dark lipliner with something like clear gloss or with pink lipstick. It's gross! Please either use a clear lipliner or don't use it at all. Thanks. I also hate lip gloss. I know, I'm a wierdo. I don't like how you have to reapply. I'm too lazy to. xP

2. Face
LOVE: I love clear skin. I think that it's so great. Period.
Hate: ORANGE NESS. wtf. I hate it so much when people feel the need to spray-tan, fake tan or whatever themselves orange. It's gross. I know these people in my school who instead of coming in brown, they come in orange. It makes me want to puke.

3. Hair
LOVE: Long, lush, wavy hair that is soft, shiny, whatever. Just healthy and bouncy hair. I envy my friend who has just such thick hair. And it's so shiny too....
Hate: I hate it when people just don't care for thier hair and neglect it and let it just form numerous split ends. If you have split ends, CONDITION and just chop off your hair. Seriously. I know this one girl whose a close friend but she just has a million split ends. Like her hair was split ends. Yuck.

4. Eyes
LOVE: I love brightly colored eyeliner. I don't usually wear it because I'm too chicken, but I love it. I think that it's so much fun and it's just so happy!
Hate: There is this really nice lady at CVS I see all the time. She's so nice, except I hate how her eyeshadow is a pastel blue and just goes all the way up to her brow bone. I think that it is really unattractive.

5. Body
LOVE: Graphic tees and just anything with wild patterns.
Hate: Low rise jeans that fail to cover one's butt crack.


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My-My said...

This looks like fun! I'm thinking of doing this!