Monday, June 8, 2009

L'oreal Bare Naturale Eyeshadows...?

I would just like to say, right now, that I love L'Oreal. I think that this brand is one of the best drugstore brands out there. Yes, it may be expensive, but often times there are many sales, and it becomes surprisingly affordable

So, when my CVS was having a 75% off sale on these eyeshadows, I decided to pick them up.

As much as I love L'Oreal, I hate thier packaging choices. I don't understand why there is this pseudo-brush here. It makes the packaging bulky, and hard to just store in a purse. It's awful. Also, the sifter sucks. The powder is so fine, that when you go to knock some shadow out, it always flies everywhere, wasting product. This thing also isn't cheap. It's 10 bucks. 10. Freaking. Bucks.

Hello! We are not exactly in an economic boom atm! I have a nagging suspicion that most of those 10 dollars goes to funding that packaging. Its 10 dollars for 1.7 grams.... I believe. Something like that. You can always go to (My fave. place to get information and swatches) to check.

Going off on a slight tangent. L'Oreal, why must you make packaging so horrible? Let's count the ways

1. HIP eyeshadow duos. Those things are great. Great pigmentation, I have three. BUT.BUTBUTBUT, the stupid packaging is like an inch thick. You know why? Becuase the bottom 3/4 of an inch goes to one flimsy little sponge.... thing. It rattles around in there. Just ditch the sponge and the slim down the packaging and save us a couple bucks.

2. HIP Cream Liners/pigments. I love the cream liners. They are the best. But what's up with that shoddy excuse for a liner brush?! I understand that they want to cater to those who need one, but why not make a separate line? Save us some money, and just ditch that thing. It's going to be thrown out anyway.

Can you think of anymore? I mean there are some GOOD innovations out there. Take the Smashbox Halo Hydrating Powder for instance. It has this thing that you can twist to get the perfect amount of powder. The rest apparently stays pressed on the bottom. Now THAT is an example of good packaging

Back to the review. Let me say, I love this stuff. I find it to be incredibly pigmented for a drugstore product. It doesn't excuse the price. Well, if there were more, then the price would be excused, but I digress. I bought Bare spice, Bare Gold, and Bare Nude.
Going from left to right is Bare Spice, Bare Nude, and Bare Gold. The Bare Gold is a very interesting color. On my hand, it swatches as a salmon pink, but when i pop that in the inner corner of my eye, it's like a gold with a pink undertone. I think that's great for looks that are soft or neutral looks. I have HIP duo in gilded. It has a great gold color, but it's more of a yellow gold. I like that for more bright looks. Bare Nude is a nude shimmer color. Great for girls just starting with makeup. My favorite is Bare Spice. It's a nice taupe-y color. I love it

Overall, great product, Loose powder that is soft, blendable and finely milled.

And if you hate sifters like me, take out the sifter. Obviously it is easier said than done. It's so hard to pry those things out. I used a pair of scissors. Now, I need 5 gram jars and empty eyeshadow tins! Anyone on want to trade? I'm Pnkxsparklexstar. Trade with me!

Toodles <3

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